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Fight Night Program – Week of Nov. 11-15

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The weekend is approaching, and from Friday to Sunday it will be “fight-o-clock” somewhere in the world. Every Thursday, The Ring will bring you the most up-to-date information on the most relevant fights you need to see in this week-at-a-glance, one-stop enhanced fight schedule. A quick checklist for the cognoscenti, a useful nuts-and-bolts guide for the boxing neophyte is what we’re aiming at.

Here are this week’s most relevant fights:

Friday, November 10 – 2300 Arena, Philadelphia  

LeAnna Cruz vs. Tania Walters – women’s junior bantamweight – 8 rounds

Oshae Jones vs. Samantha Pill – women’sjunior middleweight – 8 rounds

Sonny Conto vs. Detrailious Webster – heavyweight – 6 rounds

Where to watch it: BXNGTV


Saturday, November 10 – Brighton Centre, Brighton, England

Harlem Eubank vs. Timo Schwarzkopf – junior welterweight – 10 rounds

After the tragic death of his father, Eubank has recruited his uncle and former champ Chris to boost his skills and his morale ahead of this important crossroads fight. Should be an emotional and professional turning point for Harlem.

Also on this card:

Tommy Welch vs. Jonathan Vergara – heavyweight – 8 rounds

Lerrone Richards vs. Mickey Ellison – light heavyweight – 8 rounds

Roman Fury vs. Bradley Davies – cruiserweight – 6 rounds

Ebonie Jones vs. Jamillette Vallejos – women’s featherweight – 4 rounds

Where to watch it: DAZN


Saturday, November 11 – Newcastle Arena, Newcastle, England

Shabaz Masoud vs. Jose Sanmartin – junior featherweight – 10 rounds

Originally slated to be part of the Catterall-Linares card, this intriguing bout should be a stern test for the unbeaten Masoud against a very experienced, upset-minded Colombian foe.

Also on this card:

Mark Dickinson vs. Grant Dennis – middleweight – 10 rounds

Ewan Mackenzie vs. Ishmael Davis – junior middleweight – 10 rounds

Calum French vs. Jeff Ofori – lightweight – 8 rounds

Where to watch it: DAZN


Saturday, November 11 – Salle Ampere, Vendome, France

Marie Connan vs. Ayelen Granadino – women’s flyweight – 10 rounds

Bilal Kanouni vs. Nika Nozadze – super middleweight – 6 rounds


Saturday, November 11: Kingston, Jamaica  

Donovan Ruddock vs. James Toney – heavyweight – 6 rounds

Yeah, well… it’s a boxing match (of the “exhibition” variety, so in vogue lately) in an unusually slow week, so here it is. It would have been a compelling bout in their absolute prime, but they are so far away from that ideal scenario that it’s not even funny. Let’s hope everyone survives to enjoy their ill-gotten gains and that they don’t spend it all on one place.

Where to watch it: FiteTV


Tuesday, November 14 – Montreal Casino, Montreal  

Steve Claggett vs. Miguel Madueno – lightweight – 10 rounds

Claggett is rapidly becoming a fan favorite in Canada and has significantly improved in his most recent trio of bouts under a new and very capable trainer. But with a 93% knockout ratio, Madueño will not be a walk in the park. Could be the fight of the week.



Also on this card:

Steven Butler vs. Ivan Alvarez – middleweight – 10 rounds

Imam Khataev vs. Fernando Galvan – light heavyweight – 8 rounds

Luis Santana vs. Cristian Bielma – junior welterweight – 8 rounds

Mehmet Unal vs. Jaime Lopez – light heavyweight – 8 rounds

Where to watch it: ESPN+


Wednesday, November 15 – Whitesands Events Center, Plant City, Fla.  

Guido Schramm vs. Johan Gonzalez – junior middleweight – 10 rounds

 Justin Pauldo vs. Jerry Perez – lightweight – 10 rounds

Where to watch it: ProBoxTV


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