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Bob Arum: Manny Pacquiao could fight Terence Crawford or Vasyl Lomachenko in fall

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Manny Pacquiao hasn’t scored a knockout since 2009 when he took out Miguel Cotto in the 12th round, and at 39, he’s on the downslope.

But there’s still plenty of big fights looming out there for the all-time great, and his next opponent could return him to the knockout column.

Pacquiao is set to face faded action fighter Mike Alvarado on April 14 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas in Top Rank’s first pay-per-view foray on ESPN. Terence Crawford will fight in the main event against Jeff Horn in his welterweight debut, a possible precursor to a long-discussed meeting with Pacquiao in the fall.

This will be the Filipino senator’s first fight since a controversial decision loss in a welterweight title fight to Horn in July.

“Would I like to see him get (a knockout)? Yes, of course. Because then that would build up his next fight in the fall,” Top Rank CEO Bob Arum told RingTV.com. “But again, you know, he’s a smaller guy fighting these welterweights and he’s certainly not as fast as he used to be and so his knockout ability, I think, has been diminished over time.”

So if all goes according to plan, Pacquiao could challenge Crawford for his old welterweight title in the fall in a classic passing-of-the-torch fight. Pacquiao is now 39 and past his best days, while Crawford is THE RING’s No. 2 pound-for-pound fighter.

But it could also be Lomachenko, one slot behind Crawford on that list, who grabs the opportunity of a lifetime. Even at this juncture, Pacquiao still holds name value and just sharing the ring with him should increase the visibility of the athlete.

Whomever grabs the chance, Arum believes that it will “absolutely” be either Crawford or Lomachenko who fights Pacquiao in the fall.

“That’s going to be up to Mr. Pacquiao,” Arum said. “I’m going to be like Switzerland having both of these guys. Both can make good money fighting Pacquiao and I’m going to let Manny, assuming everything works out in April, make the decision.”

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  • Lion king

    Pacman vs Crawford makes sense, Loma is too light, or Pacman vs D Garcia

  • Ten Count Toronto

    Ultimately I just want them to get it over with either way. But the Crawford fight would be better for boxing. Lomachenko has more options for meaningful fights in the 130-140 range and there is a better chance of cross promotional fights getting made with Lomachenko because of his willingness to be flexible with money.

    On the other hand, there is virtually no chance of Crawford fighting any of the Haymon weltherweight any time soon, so after the Horn fight, Pacquiao is by far the next best opponent we’re liely to see in the ring with Crawford for some time to come

    • ceylon mooney

      ida luvd to see pacquiao-crawford back bullshit arum gave us bradley-pacquiao 3, back when thats what all us boxing fans were callin for, but, now, i feel bad for what crawford will do to pacquiao. i imagine it bein ugly like mayweather-gatti.


        Pac better make a reservation at a local hospital. Crawford gonna send him there and then after some thoughts Pac will check himself in to a retirement home! But is Crawford vs. Pac even legal? Seems like #ElderAbuse

        • Fist_ti_cuffs

          It’ll never happen. Freddy has been steadfast in his assertion that Bud is all wrong for Manny. I would rather see a diminished Pac fight against the smaller Lomo in what could be a fascinating fight.

          • D. Gambino

            If Pacquiao fights Crawford or Loma the result will be a loss where people will be calling for Pacquaio’s retirement.

            The more I think about it and compare Loma, Crawford’s and Pacquiao’s skill set right now, I actually think that Pacquiao would have a better chance against Crawford than he would against Loma. I still feel Crawford wins.

            Sad to say but Loma’s speed and footwork would embarrass today’s Pacquiao. I don’t feel it would even be close. Pacquiao would be whiffing on a LOT of punches.

          • Angel

            yeah it would likely resemble De Lay Hoya vs Pacquiao

          • Fist_ti_cuffs

            Your are really tripping. Bud is truly all wrong for Pac. He has a reach, height, size, youth, explosion, speed and freshness advantage over Pac. Lomo doesn’t share all of those same advantages, and the biggest advantage that Pac has over Lomo is that he knows he can’t hurt him. If Freddy said no to a Bud fight…..it was for a reason. I pick Pac to beat Lomo by the way.

          • D. Gambino

            I’m not saying Crawford won’t beat Pacquiao as I definitely feel he will. I’m just saying Pacquiao matches up better with Crawford than he does Loma. I’d give Pacquiao a better shot a beating Crawford than I would Loma (slim shot).

            I said Loma would dominate Rigondeaux and that it wouldn’t even be close before the fight and many people laughed at that statement. I’ll say it now: Loma would dominate Pacquiao and it won’t even be a close fight. It’s a mismatch.

          • Fist_ti_cuffs

            We clearly disagree!!!!!

          • bradman

            And Loma has stated he has no interest in facing Pac whatsoever. Typical Bob Arum bluster at work here and not much else. If this was 2009-2011, Loma-Pac would be an incredible matchup. Now, it would just be an embarrassment for Pac.

          • Fist_ti_cuffs

            Naw, it’ll be a good fight because Pac is the larger guy and he’s not averse to mixing it up against someone he doesn’t believe can hurt him. I am one of the few people that thinks that Pac would win this matchup. No need to fear though. As soon as Horn hands over the title to Bud, Pac will fight at least twice more with Horn. Just watch!!

      • Ten Count Toronto

        It’s nothing like Mayweather-Gatti, Pacquioa in 2023 will still be better than Gatti . However it is very late in the day of Pacquiao;s career. Even 2014 would have been kind of late. But this year is still better then next year. Especially if it;s in October so at least he’s not training after a full day at work. And it’s still better than messing around with his fighing weight for the first time in 8 years (even if 140 would have been a better weight all along) and Crawford will still be less of a speed shock than Lomachenko.

        But mostly it’s because even at 39, Pacquiao will probably be the best fighter we’ll get to see Crawford with , probably until fall of 2020 at the earliest.

        • ceylon mooney

          im not comparing pacquiao to gatti. im comparing the matchup. im saying that crawford pacquiao next year will be like mayweather-gatti where eventually a master boxer at his peak with a good mean streak has his way with a faded popular fighter whos willing to take take a savage beating.

  • PrinceGian

    “Pacquiao could challenge Crawford for his old title” Crawford has to win the title first.

    • ceylon mooney

      i think its easy work for crawford.

      • Fist_ti_cuffs

        At this point it doesn’t even matter. Bud just needs to finish the fight to earn the win as he is Top Ranks new cash cow. I do believe that Bud will easily outbox the larger Horn, but if Horn gets reckless like Rios this past weekend………it could end really ugly!

        • Charlie U.

          Except as talented as Bud is, outside of Lincoln, Nebraska, he is no “cash cow”.

          • Fist_ti_cuffs

            With the way the WW division is stocked full of marketable talent, he will definitely become a ppv star with fights looming vs Garcia, Porter, Thurman and Spence. The only thing he needs to do is get out of that TR contract or he’ll be fighting the Horn’s and washed up Pac’s of the world for the foreseeable future..

        • bradman

          Loma is Arum’s cash cow. What were Bud’s PPV numbers again against Postol?

          • Fist_ti_cuffs

            Bud’s ppv numbers will come now that he is at 147 and has a ton of marquee talent to fight against. I’d like for you to name any 130 ppv cash cow that’s ever existed? I’ll wait. -_-

      • D. Gambino

        I agree Cey. Horn won’t know what to do. It’ll be Crawford/Postol all over again.


    Don’t bet on it! Manny’s gonna train part time again and lose to Mike Alvarado!

  • Andy T

    It would be interesting to see if Loma could make Pac Man chase shadows

    • D. Gambino

      Loma would dominate Pacquiao. Won’t even be close.

  • Colnef

    Surely there is too much of a weight difference for Pacquiao versus Loma to be a realistic fight?

    • Charlie U.

      Isn’t that what we said with Oscar and Pacquiao? At this point, I think Loma embarrasses Pac. His work rate would overwhelm 2018 Manny.

    • D. Gambino

      Pacquaio said he can make 140 with ease. Hell I think the most he’s weight was 145 and change right?

  • Robert Archambault

    Pacman fighting Loma is as likely as Pacman fighting GGG. Actually, I think GGG is closer in weight to Manny than Loma is. Arum is getting really desperate to keep Pac’s name in the news. It’s time for him to retire and stick to politics.

  • Homer

    I have a hunch that after Pacquiao will not want Crawford, that Loma’s dad will say no to Pac at a full 140 (he’s a smart guy), and then Pacquiao will again call out Matthysse after beating Alvarado. I guess we’ll see..

    • Rick

      Honestly I’d rather see Pac vs Mathysse at this point. It would be much more competitive than the other two fights. They’ve both slowed down enough to where they would be right in each others face for 3 min every round.


    Manny – you aint nothing else to prove.

    Hang your gloves and start training at the octagon, just like Floyd.


  • jimi

    i think Lomo is a total looser for not wanting that fight – needs to show he can move up
    there will never be another chance like THIS
    pac is one of the biggest stars in boxing ever dude! – and not dangerous any longer – so go and get it lomo, or stop waisting our time SMH
    Pac moved up from 107 to 154!!!!! – wanna be great or just good ?

  • Kiowhatta

    I don’t want to see Pac fight Loma, it would be embarrassing. Pacman v Matthysse yes, or a junior welterweight all action fighter of a similar level. Put him in with a young top class fighter and it will be the reverse of Oscar DLH v Manny.
    Manny is just lost. He became disillusioned with politics, and now doesn’t know how to retire. He’s just going through the motions, it’s written all over him.

  • Colin Mc Flurry.

    Manny, it’s over don’t let that Shyster use you.

    • Rick

      Ha, it’s a little late for that.

  • jebib

    I’m not sure either match would be competitive.