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Jim Lampley, HBO Sports enter new multi-year agreement

Jim Lampley for HBO

The voice of HBO Boxing is going to be heard in living rooms for at least a few more years.

The network announced Monday that Jim Lampley has entered into a new multi-year agreement with HBO Sports. The four-time Emmy Award winner has been with HBO since he was the blow-by-blow man for the Mike Tyson-Tony Tubbs heavyweight title fight from Tokyo in 1988.

“For nearly three decades, Jim has been the most prominent television voice in boxing,” said Peter Nelson, executive vice president of HBO Sports. “His work is universally recognized as the standard in the sport and we are thrilled to know he will continue in this high visibility role for years to come.

“Jim’s high journalistic standards, historical knowledge of the sport and enthusiasm for sharing the backstories of the fighters who enter the ring enriches the broadcast experience for the HBO audience.”

In addition to his role as host and blow-by-blow voice of “World Championship Boxing,” “HBO Boxing After Dark,” and HBO Pay-Per-View telecasts, Lampley, 68, also hosts the magazine-style studio show “The Fight Game With Jim Lampley.”

“I’m very lucky to have spent nearly three decades working in HBO’s unique culture, and grateful for the chance to keep doing it,” said Lampley, who was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2015. “It’s always been my natural home.”

  • Wade Wilson

    Jim’s nothing without Larry. I can’t believe some of the things he has said without him!

    • Filc Eldnar

      That’s funny. Larry Merchant was a distraction with his circuitous attempts to philosophically analyze fights that generally led him right back to what was obvious for everyone else. The day HBO announced his “retirement” was greeted by a resounding “thank gawd” by fight fans across America.

      • Wade Wilson

        Larry was well established long before he started with HBO. What you say about the response by fight fans to his retirement clearly hasn’t been expressed by the people commenting here. Larry was arrogant in many ways but he knew far more than those out there now. I know of very few fight fans, knowledgeable ones anyway, who would agree with you.

        • Filc Eldnar

          Perhaps when Larry was younger he was better at translating one of his profound thoughts into a verbal sentence but by the time I became aware of him on HBO he was torturous to listen to. I don’t claim to be a true aficionado of boxing because I’m not into sports trivia generally. I can say I’ve been an avid fan of boxing since I was 14, in 1965, when I used to listen to live action broadcasts of Muhammad Ali fights on my transistor radio late at night in my bedroom. I’ve heard or seen thousands of boxing broadcasts since then and Larry just never cut it for me. No doubt he has his fans and I say cheers, but I’m still glad HBO got rid of . . . er, I mean ‘retired’ him.

          • Wade Wilson

            Larry really did go into semi-retirement and you can tell that they didn’t get rid of him as he comes back for the big fights. Near the end some thought he was drunk but I think he was just getting old (I believe he’s 86) and the demands were getting to him. Been following since Ali? Then here’s a good one to look for: When you see that iconic picture of Ali standing over Sonny Liston in the second fight look between Ali’s legs past the photographers. That amazed looking, open mouthed young man right in between is Larry Merchant. Larry has always said that that’s not the ONLY reason he thinks it’s the best fight photo ever.

          • Wade Wilson

            Larry really did go into semi-retirement and wasn’t pushed away. You can tell in the fact that they have him back for the big fights. Near the end some thought he was drunk but I think he was simply getting old (I believe he’s 86) and the demands were catching up to him. Still, he knew the game better than just about anyone else out there today. You mentioned Ali fights, here’s a good one: Look at the iconic picture of Ali standing over Sonny Liston in the second fight and take a look between his legs beyond the photographers. That open mouthed, shocked young man is none other than Larry Merchant. Larry has always said that that’s not the ONLY reason it’s the best fight photo ever!

  • D Johnson

    Best in the business. I definitely miss Larry though.

    • Antony916

      Larry was the best

    • Wade Wilson

      Larry was the brains.

      • JV316

        yeah, larry was the philosopher

      • D Johnson


    • JV316

      lampley with larry and emanuel is probably my favorite lineup


      Larry insulted TBE though. That was so not cool. Larry was lucky Floyd was merciful.

    • Filc Eldnar

      Larry Merchant was/is a bore behind the mike. Long winded with very little insight beyond the obvious. Give me Max Kellerman all day long over that windbag.

      • Joe Ordanio

        Max is very knowledgeable and a true boxing historian , however I think he’s a little intimidated when interviewing some of the fighters in regards to criticizing their performance. He does tip-toe lightly around those situations in many cases.

  • Electro Funk

    Jim is all class and heart. My favorite lineup was Jim, Larry, and George. I miss the spats between Larry and George! Favorite George line ever? “You don’t know boxing Larry, you just SEE it….”

    • Wade Wilson

      Not that the third men were bad but I liked it best when it would be just Jim and Larry. That happened every now and then.

    • Filc Eldnar

      Larry as in Larry Merchant? The best thing HBO ever did for their boxing broadcasts was to “retire” that doddering gas bag. He was so lost in his own thoughts half the time that he couldn’t express any of them clearly. It drove me nuts.

      • Wade Wilson

        In your opinion.

    • Wade Wilson

      My favorite George line when he was insisting that Larry Holmes’ round body type was better than Evander Holyfield’s during their warm weather fight because of the extra water. Then at the end Holmes threw up in his corner and George said that proves he had plenty of water to spare!

    • Emeka Nnaji Jr.

      LARRY??? You should be ashamed for even mentioning that man.

      • Young Winter

        Larry reminds me of the guy that just never laced up a pair of gloves. Larry just came off to me as a snob. Bernard ripped him pretty good in post fight interview with Karo Murat. I won’t miss him.

        “You never give me a fair shake…They can put somebody else up here to give me an interview. HBO need to fire you. You don’t know shit about boxing. You ain’t shit…All of these boxing experts—how can you be a boxing expert if you never had a fight before?”—Floyd

    • Joe Ordanio

      To which Larry replied something to the effect “George, I’m a trained observer.” Agreed, sometimes the best scraps were outside the ring between George and Larry! Congrats to Jim, looking forward to many more years of his expert commentary!

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    Pacquiao vs Margarito

    “Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang” – Jim Lampley

  • Oc

    It wouldn’t have be the same without Jim, I’m happy he decided to stay on. Himself, Max and Roy are the best commenting team HBO ever had, I reckon. Jim, Larry and Steward were fantastic as well.

  • Ramreiz Manuel

    wife beater Lampley

  • Jay

    He offers the worst analysis in the sport.

  • Standing8

    “Kazahk thunder!!!”