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Berto thinks Porter might be the more spent fighter despite youth

Photo by: Ed Diller/DiBella Entertainment

One of the running themes in the WBC welterweight title eliminator between Shawn Porter and Andre Berto on Saturday is the idea that Berto is the old veteran facing a young lion in Porter.

But Berto, 33, flipped that notion on its ear when he suggested that perhaps Porter, with his pedal-to-the-medal, aggressive approach to his fights and training regimen, has more wear-and-tear on him than his 29 years may indicate. “I know he’s the type of kid that trains almost year-round,” Berto told reporters following the final press conference on Thursday for a bout that will take place at Barclays Center on Showtime. “He has a lot of miles on his body, especially being a young kid. He doesn’t stop. Even between fights, he’s banging away at his body. He’s sparring every other day. He’s doing a lot, so as we get older we just have to get smarter. It’s a young man’s sport but you have to play smart after a while.”

Porter admitted he’s aware of the perils of overtraining, given his appetite for training and style in the ring and he’s worked with his father and trainer, Kenny to make sure he’s fresh on fight night. Porter also said he may ease up a bit on Saturday and box more against Berto that some may expect. Porter referenced the big shots he took in his fight with Keith Thurman in a close loss last June as lessons learned. “Do I want to get hit like that again?” he said. “No I don’t. So, I’m prepared to win this fight, go after him and make sure I don’t get hit like that again. I’m not sure if that changes my approach totally.”

He acknowledged that improving his defense and fighting at a more measured, smarter rate has been a priority since the bout with Thurman.“I do push the pace and the tempo so much that there are times when I hit a guy and I keep going,” he said. “I’m learning that you don’t always have to go-go-go. After you hit a guy, create that distance, let the judges know I got him and he can’t hit me back.”

Porter said that boxing Berto is the key to victory. But Porter also smiled and laughed when he was asked if he’s trying to provide a false impression of his fight plan only to resort to his aggressive tactics. “I could very-well be using a Jedi mind trick,” he said to laughter.

  • Mitchell Nelms

    Berto is gonna get knocked out in the second round.

    • Fist_ti_cuffs

      Wrong again.

      • Mitchell Nelms

        Great, another superb post.

        • EternallyILL

          Berto didnt look worn out in his last couple of fights, and he has the fastest hands of any welterweight out there, I can see his hand speed being a problem for porter. Porter knows that if he uses his smothering aggressive style against berto, he’s gonna lose because berto will always get there first. not saying that Berto will win but if he doesnt let Porter dictate pace, he has a good chance.

    • ceylon mooney

      dont think so. but i like the enthusiasm. itd be pretty wild.

      what round he run over malignaggi?

      • Mitchell Nelms

        Malignaggi has a good chin, Berto is as worn out as my socks.

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  • Floridastorm

    I like both of these guys. Decent fellows who just happen to be good boxer/punchers. That being said, my take is that Berto has the better overall skills and also punches harder than Porter. When Berto hits you it could be lights out. Porter takes quite a while to wear you down and then you get KO’d by aggression. Porter got knocked down by both Thurman and Broner, so he is vulnerable. Berto only got KO’d once and that was by Soto Karass, in the 12th round ,the type of fighter that wears you down. I think if Berto doesn’t knock down or knock out Porter then possibly Porter will wear him down for a late stoppage or decision win. At any rate, this will be a very entertaining fight to say the least.