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Campbell Hatton says being son of former champ brings added scrutiny to boxing career

Campbell Hatton poses in front of the stage before making his pro debut. Photo by Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

Popular Manchester prospect Campbell Hatton is now 2-0 and excited to progress rapidly through the professional ranks.

Hatton, 20, boxes again at Fight Camp on July 31 after points victories over Levi Dunn and Jesus Ruiz in Gibraltar and Manchester respectively within a busy six-week period.

“I’ve had a couple of weeks to recharge the batteries because we’ve been at it for a long time, we had the debut in March which was meant to be the 6th [it ended up being the 27th] so we had a good long run for that and then it got put back with Dillian Whyte coming back from Portugal [delayed with Covid restrictions] and then we went straight in to training for my next one so we ended up going straight through for three months,” said Hatton.

“We’ve had a couple of weeks to recharge the batteries but I was dying to get back in it. You soon get sick of hanging about and now I’m ready to go.”

Son of the great Ricky Hatton and trained by his famous fighting uncle Matthew, Campbell has been under the microscope from day one and there have been positive parts to that but some negativity, too.

“It is hard because any mistakes I make are magnified and people are dead happy to tell you where you’re going wrong, aren’t they?” Campbell continued. “But it’s been dead positive as well, it has been really good and I’ve had some great support off people so it has its positives and negatives. It’s just like that extra bit of drive. I know I’ve got to be on my game when I box, so I make sure I am. Any normal person doesn’t feel the need to open their mouth, do they? People who are quick to jump on you and give you hate live sad lives so I’m not bothered.”

Hatton has signed endorsements with clothing company Superdry, he’s already had a documentary made about turning pro, he’s had well-wishes from A-listers, been on the pitch at Manchester City and he’s signed to Anthony Joshua’s management company.

“It’s been crazy,” he admitted. “I’ve loved every minute of it. I love my boxing and all the stuff that comes with it so I am in a really good position.”

He’s hoping to have at least six fights in his first 12 months as a pro, and hopes for more if possible.

“Over the last couple of years there’s been enough time wasted where people have sat around and waited for things to get going again,” Hatton added. “Now I’ve had two already in a short space of time and I want to have as many fights as I can and get as much experience as possible.”


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