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Tyson Fury asserts Deontay Wilder asked for a $20M fee to allow Fury-Joshua next

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However things play out for Tyson Fury, if he is directed to fight Deontay Wilder next, in accordance with the decision of an arbitrator, or if he instead goes forward with a plan to tussle with Anthony Joshua, it appears the tall Traveller isn’t losing much if any sleep over the fuss.

Fury, the 32 year old pugilist known for his ring generalship and loquacity, posted to Instagram some thoughts on recent developments, and indicated that he’s keen to get to fighting someone, fairly soon.

Will it be Deontay Wilder, as the arbitration head Daniel Weinstein recommended?

“What a joke Bronze Bomber has become,” read the message on the Fury IG account on Tuesday afternoon. “Asked for $20 million to move over,” he asserted, his text placed upon a post from Wilder, which shows him working out with new co-trainer Malik Scott.

That’s a reference to “step aside” money, a fee that could in theory be paid to the 35 year old Alabama boxer in exchange for his allowing, so to speak, Fury vs Anthony Joshua, which had been targeted for takeoff on August 14, in Saudi Arabia.

Yes, Fury thinks that fee is inflated, judging by his emplyment of the hashtag #joker in the post, which finishes with the promise-threat, “Looks like I have to crack his skull–again.”

Again is a reference to what happened last time Wilder took to the ring; it was Feb. 22, 2020, COVID was on the cusp of blowing up in America, and the Bomber ate a full menu of Fury incoming. Wilder wanted to keep going, but his now ex cornerman Mark Breland threw in a white towel, because he saw his guy getting pummeled too badly in round seven. “Your corner threw in the towel,” ref Kenny Bayless explained as Wilder protested the early ending.

I reached out to Bob Arum, the Hall of Fame promoter known for his longevity, his lengthy superiority in the realm and his irascibility. “Who cares,” he replied, when I asked about that $20M ask. “It is what it is.”

I asked the same of Wilder rep Shelly Finkel, and the longtime power broker said that he couldn’t comment on the matter at present.

The chops bust post appears in a series put out by Fury, in which he is getting R n R in Miami Beach, Florida, along with wife Paris, who is, as per usual preggers, and other various family and such.

Fury was getting some sun and he chilled with his cousin Tommy Fury and his trainer Sugar Hill, among others.

And all the while, he’s in high spirits as conjecture abounds as to the specifics of his next joust, bellowing his excitement level at soon returning to the squared circle.