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Shots fired: Bob Arum snipes at Mikey Garcia for Errol Spence loss

Top Rank CEO Bob Arum. Photo by Top Rank
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Now, we all know, or should know, that celebs often or usually don’t do their own social media.

They usually have a person or persons to perform that function…

And yes, you’d think Bob Arum isn’t glued to his Twitter and you’d assume that all the tweets that go out on hisĀ @BobArum Twitter account are not authored by the 87 year old Bobfather,

But this one, this one screams pure Bob, and, in fact, I am told by Top Rank PR ace Evan Korn that Bob authors ALL THE Tweets…

What pugnacity! What an admirable level of pugnaciousness for an 87 year old being, no?

For those with head in clouds, Mikey Garcia wasn’t able to land all that much on Errol Spence, and had difficulty winning a round on March 16 at AT&T Stadium in Texas. Mikey, who was a late surge pick by many smarts, tasted the early power of the Texan and chose to defend more than throw. And that is what Arum is referring to in this tweet, as he mocks the Top Rank alumnus for not giving it his all to do more than survive on Saturday.

Amir Khan, who fights Terence Crawford on April 20, is the type to go out on his shield, Arum implies, and not see going the full 12 as a victory.

So, what are your thoughts, RING readers…you on Team Bob on this one…or would you rather the Bobfather rein in some of that energy?