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Canelo Alvarez enrolls in year-round, random testing conducted by VADA


Canelo Alvarez is now enrolled in year-round, random testing conducted by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), the Mexican star announced via Twitter on Tuesday.

The move comes after Alvarez was removed from the WBC’s middleweight rankings for failing to enroll in anti-doping testing within the allotted amount of time. Alvarez tested positive for the banned substance clenbuterol on February 17 and on February 20 following urine tests conducted by VADA.

He blamed the adverse findings on contaminated meat consumed in Mexico, but the evidence of the powerful bronchodilator in his system led the Nevada State Athletic Commission to hand down a six-month ban, scrapping his highly anticipated middleweight championship rematch with Gennady Golvokin on May 5.

“I want to let you know that I just signed the contract for (VADA) for year-round testing,” Alvarez said.

Previously, Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya said Alvarez wouldn’t begin testing until a contract was signed for his next fight, scheduled for September 15. But now, they’ve reversed course, setting the stage for a potential rematch with GGG on Mexican Independence Day Weekend.

“He did it for his fans,” Golden Boy Promotions president Eric Gomez told THE RING in a text message. “He has also been tested randomly by the Nevada commission, results coming out shortly.”

Alvarez’s inability to sign up for random drug testing in the immediate aftermath of his positive tests cast a cloud over any talks for a Golovkin rematch, as well as THE RING middleweight champion’s innocence.

However, he’s now being tested well in advance of his next fight, and in addition, a hair follicle test requested by the Nevada commission came back negative for any traces of clenbuterol last month.

The hair follicle test lent credence to Alvarez’s claim that he didn’t intend to cheat, according to former doping guru Victor Conte.

“This negative hair test for clenbuterol provides credible evidence that supports Canelo’s claim that his two positive urine tests were a result of eating contaminated meat,” Conte told THE RING last month. ” … In short, Canelo violated the strict liability rule that you are responsible for what is in your body no matter how it got there.”

Now, with one hurdle removed, it’s on the sides for both Alvarez and Golovkin to meet at the negotiating table and strike a deal for the encore encounter the boxing world is waiting for.

  • Canek

    Good for GOATnelo.

    • John Holliday

      You mean CHEATanelo.

  • Stephen M

    “Alvarez’s inability to sign up for random drug testing”. “Inability”? Why was he unable? I think the word you are looking for is “unwillingness”, which is funny if he has nothing to hide.

    • Mike M.

      He should have submitted the hair follicle immediately. Not almost 4 months after…when the test results are questionable at best. Would have avoided ALL of this,.

    • william ellis

      Hah! Congrats for a nice close reading. “Inability” indeed!

      • Stephen M

        I’m not sure that Mr Coppinger pays that close attention to details. It might just be a slip on his part. I guess for his sanity, he doesn’t read the comments either…

    • John Grady

      Excellent observation, Stephen… Golden Boy covered him by saying that he wouldn’t be tested until he signed a contract. This bought him time for the evidence to leave CA’s system.

      This all irritates me to no end – I respect athletes who are honest, even when that honesty comes only after it is clearly the case to anyone. That standard was exceeded long ago. I have nothing vs. CA and have defended his career many times, but this is a tough one to digest.

  • sean

    Why wasn’t he being tested for the last month? Why did he wait so long.

    • Jorge

      think he had surgery

  • Jersey Joe

    finally some good news on the subject

    • JV316

      hopefully the rematch is scheduled soon. the bad blood between them is off the charts now, this needs to be settled in the ring

  • James Otis

    An immature kid drowning in money and treated as a prima dona and managed/promoted by unethical money-grubbing lowlifes eager to game the system to keep their cash cow at the top of the sport hierarchy. I don’t trust anything these people say about Alvarez being squeaky clean and innocent as a newborn babe. And, I don’t blame Alvarez.

    • Juan Manuel Valverde

      All fighters will eventually be humbled. For some its sooner rather than later. Just wait for it

    • Jorge

      That means you trust no one and no fighters ever.

      • Gian Torres

        BINGO!!! @ “That means you trust no one and no fighters ever.”

  • Gian Torres

    Abel Sanchez’ fighter Cuadras(aka “Backne Boy”) was suspended for refusing to test recently. can’t trust Sanchez or any of his fighters.

    • DJFitz34

      It’s more likely he ducked the testing cuz he messes around with hard recreational drugs between fights. He’s in rehab now, hopefully he can refocus himself & get his career back on track.

      • Gian Torres

        Recreational drugs don’t give you backne tho.

      • TNT

        If a guy can take something that harms their health then why not take something that will help him in the ring?

        • Jeremy, UK

          Because taking something that will help him in the ring gives him an unfair advantage over an honest pro that isn’t cheating. It is no different to putting something in the gloves to make the punches harder.

          • TNT

            Are you serious?

            My post asks a rhetorical question in response to the previous post. Basically, if a professional athlete takes some form of narcotic then it is safe to assume he will also take some form of PED. It goes without saying that it is unfair to take PEDs.

          • Jeremy, UK

            Right! I thought that your comment was a little strange! I hadn’t read it properly.

          • TNT

            😂It happens to me at times

            On to Canelo’s preference for special beef. It is upsetting that far too many athletes across different sports are cheating by taking PEDs. In boxing such an unfair advantage can cost someone his life.

          • Jeremy, UK

            Indeed. Yet other sports give stiffer penalties. That’s the trouble with having so many “freelance” governing bodies (enterprises) – rather than one recognised body that actually can govern.

          • Andy T

            Totally agree

      • Cousin Strawberry ( Cheech)

        Yep. Hope he beats the demons inside and comes back and fight. Good luck Cuadres

    • Tudor Pascanu

      This only makes McWilliams Arroyo’s victory even more impressive. Yet nobody’s talking about it unfortunately.

      • ceylon mooney

        he did great. big surprise to me. didnt think he was THAT good.

      • Gian Torres

        McWilliams Arroyo would be dumber for not roiding than boxing’s 2 biggest dummies of this millenia, JM Marquez and Cotto, both victims of Pacroid. Arroyo would be dumber because JM Marquez and Cotto came out of an era when most fighters weren’t cheating but Arroyo’s from an era where so many roiders are getting caught and many more roiders are not getting caught… and then you have Cuadras with the backne and Arroyo doesn’t try to even the playing field?

    • Will Arbuckle

      What an idiotic comment

      • Gian Torres

        I’m using the same measure used for Canelo…
        “Canelo cheated for one fight so he cheated for them all” approx. =

        One of Abel Sanchez’ fighters cheated so all his fighters cheat.

  • AngelMorningstar

    Sure now he knows he won’t piss hot.

  • Don Badowski

    “He did it for his fans”. Incomplete sentence.
    “He did it for his fans’ money, because he know if Golovkin refuses to fight him, he and Golden Boy will both be looking for honest work. I love my job!”


    “He did it for his fans”. Ooh, how generous and caring of him!

    • Will Arbuckle

      Kinda funny, after he f#$ked his and triple gs fans on May 5th. Can anyone say damage control. Let’s see how he does without the clen in his system in the rematch, if he does not fight Spike in Sept instead

  • ciobanu catalin

    Good for him, i mean he has been looking fit as ever and ready to defend that middleweight title lately… Man, how much a healthy veggie diet can help a professional athlete … Good for you cinnabon https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5d92032c31e9bd4bc9b490117c704ede1cfa8bda5f6239aea5757ba8f58d53a5.jpg

    • Cousin Strawberry ( Cheech)


    • ceylon mooney


    • Gian Torres

      Abel Sanchez’ fighter Carlos Cuadras got suspended for not taking a roids test and got the freakish backne. FYI.

  • sean

    Where was he for the last month or more? Was he running through a cycle?

    • John Holliday

      Cheatanelo was hiding in the hills waiting for all his PED’s to wash out of his system. NO DOUBT about it. The guy’s a cheater, period.

      Golovkin should require the fight be in Madison Square Garden or Atlantic City, NOT VEGAS where Delayhoya has far too many friends among the judges.

  • chickenstock

    He is a stubborn shit. But after the hair test and now this, fine. Carry on. I don’t like him and hope ggg rolls back the years and ices him… But he has now done what everyone asked for.

  • Ten Count Toronto

    Another victory for fan activist cyberbullying

    • Stephen M


  • John Swan

    This is a good step forward, however from what transpired last week we know the Ring would have kept Canelo as champion even without commitment to year round testing.

    • Will Arbuckle

      Indeed. Read my comment above. Sellouts

  • Justin Kells

    and hasn’t lost his ring champion rating, lost credibility here guys

    • Stephen M

      Yes. Doug has stated many times that the owners of the magazine forced their hand.

  • Stash One

    Now that he knows he’ll piss clean, and a ginger hair test doesnt mean shit…from 2010….

    “German table tennis player Dimitrij Ovtcharov, who tested positive for the drug in August 2010, was cleared by his national federation in October because he provided his hair to be tested, further supporting his claim that the positive came from ingested meat.

    “Clenbuterol sticks at least 20 times better to dark hair than to blonde,” Detlef Thieme, director of Germany’s WADA-accredited lab in Kreischa, told AP. After Ovtcharov’s hair test was negative”

  • Mark Schoeman

    I just don’t get the uproar/sanctimony on all this. If Canelo is a cheat, he just made it that much more likely to get caught if he continues cheating. If Canelo is not a cheat, he just went a long way to proving it. Either way, the proof will unfold as we move forward and THEN, we can react accordingly.

    • Stephen M

      I don’t see an uproar. That was last week when he got to keep the belt.

      • Mark Schoeman

        I DEFINITELY don’t get the uproar over a belt either…I meant the whole thing.

        And I’m in the not a Canelo fan, yet enjoy watching him fight camp. I don’t care whether his moves were ahead of the PR game or behind. The scrutiny is going nowhere. So he misses a test, flunks a test, then we pop him…but as much as I like Ring, respect the panel involved with the rankings, etc, I really don’t care about belts at all. They started as promoter creations and that’s all they really are.

        GGG could bin all his belts today and he’s still the best at 160…in my view, others are free to pick their own #1, so I don’t know why belts matter to fans.

        • Stephen M

          I agree with you, and nobody, not even the Ring panel, thinks Canelo is the champ at 160. He beat the man, who beat the man, who beat the man. That has some kind of ( quasi magical ) historical significance to some.

          Anyway, in my view there are three things. The first is that the Ring editor gave his word that Canelo would be stripped. So, he reneged on a promise or a contract. Some people don’t like that. I’m one of them.

          Thing two is that the belt is a symbol, and symbols can be powerful things. You just have to think of symbols like the Cross, an American flag or a swastika. Powerful symbols. Obviously the Ring belt is not at that level but for some it is very important.

          And three is that some people hate seeing double standards. And they hate seeing the privileged and powerful getting special treatment. Which is definitely the case here.

  • Michel Desgrottes

    i would like to see him pursue the WBO title

  • Fist_ti_cuffs

    What, no in depth report from Dr. Thomas Hauser?

  • Cousin Strawberry ( Cheech)

    So they said Clenero got tested for clenbuterol on the hair test and came back negative. But They didn’t say if they tested for other banned drugs. To me Clenero will always be a cheat imo.

  • Oc

    We’ll take this as a good step in the right direction. Respect to Saul and his team for playing this card.

  • Reggie Woodard

    I’m hoping/wishing this fight gets made for September..

  • Will Arbuckle

    It’s too bad the Ring owner nixed stripping this guy, not sure I could remain working for this mag, kinda selling out there values the board that puts the ring ratings together…..try not to look in the mirror folks, you may not like the sellouts looking back at you. That being said the follicle test is pointless that long after the first failure, and is not an exact science to begin with

  • ozzy

    This creep was taken off the WBC list because he refused to do what every WBC champ & the top 15 ranked fighters are supposed to do. He has reconsidered and agreed to the testing, however a few questions still need answering: (1) How was Canelo allowed to get away with this all this time? (2) Why did it take Canelo getting caught with clenbuterol in his system before the WBC piped up?

    As for the rest of the above article, the hair testing sticks out for me. When was the sample of hair taken? Apparently the cut-off for the most common drugs is 90 days, who knows what it is for clenbuterol but we are a good way down the line from mid-to-late Feb now. Despite what Victor Conte says, other experts have mixed opinions on whether the hair follicle test is reliable for clenbuterol.


    Now start negotiating with BJS team.

  • belikemike sameaslife

    way too late to be reliable, if I may say