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Juan Francisco Estrada: I can beat Srisaket Sor Rungvisai with good movement

Juan Francisco Estrada (Photo by Chris Farina)

LOS ANGELES — Juan Francisco Estrada has a dream.

He wants to be the next boxing idol from Mexico, following in footsteps of an all-time great like Julio Cesar Chavez and now Canelo Alvarez.

To achieve his goal, he knows there’s far more to accomplish, and that begins with his next outing.

He challenges Srisaket Sor Rungvisai for the WBC 115-pound title on February 24 in the second installment of Superfly on HBO, and the matchup shapes up as one of the best on the calendar in the new year.

“I think to get (to my dream), I need to win this fight and win that championship, make as many defenses as I can, maybe unify some titles, and I think I’ll get there eventually,” Estrada told through veteran publicist Ricardo Jimenez, who translated.

“I think all of us want to be part of the best fighters in the world and I think little by little I’m getting there.”

Estrada (36-2, 25 knockouts) scored a victory over Carlos Cuadras in September on the first Superfly card to earn the title shot. Now, the former two-division champion is matched up against Sor Rungvisai, the Thai fighter who ended Roman Gonzalez’s reign as the pound-for-pound best fighter in the sport.

Sor Rungvisai is ranked No. 10 on THE RING’s pound-for-pound list, and Estrada knows just how big of a challenge he poses.

The 31-year-old is strong, possesses big power and is as durable as they come. Estrada, 27, believes his opponent had the perfect style for “Chocolatito.”

“Everybody knows that he’s a hard puncher so you have to be smart in there, good boxer, good movement, and I think like that I can beat him,” said Estrada, who dropped a close decision to Gonzalez in 2012 at 108 pounds. “He’s fighting the best fighters in the world. He fought the best pound-for-pound and now he’s going to fight me.

“I think that they’re going to be great fights. When you get to this level, all fights are tough, but I think we’re capable of making a great fight.”

“Gonzalez had his time, he was winning some great fights and he made it to that level, but now it’s my time to make it to that level. Let’s see if he comes back, we can have another shot at it.”

  • Teddy Reynoso

    There is no disputing what Gallo says about his capability to neutralize strong aggressive opponents with good movement and highly cerebral mode of fighting. That’s very evident in his wins over Brian Viloria, Milan Melindo and Carlos Cuadras. However in Srisaket, he will be up against a bigger, stronger, tougher and more persistent foe who can apply relentless pressure and sustain his energy through the later rounds. That may upset Gallo’s strategy of stopping and standing to fight only when it is to his advantage, making his opponents do most of the work in order to tire them and take over when they get tired in the latter rounds. This ploy might not work as well versus SSR.


      This sounds mini Pac-Marquez. I got Estrada by effective counters.

      • Ten Count Toronto

        Your predicted outcome is very plausible though I’m not seeing many similarities between Srisaket & Pacquiao Maybe more like Barrera-Juarez 2 ??

        • OLATARD

          Maybe… I really like Estrada reminds me of Marquez.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      “Advantage Srisaket.” Yes, slightly. Assuming she shows up the same hunger and sense of mission he had against Gonzalez.

  • Chris Smith

    I can’t wait for this fight. I think Estrada will pull it off and cement himself as one of the absolute best in the sport. He’s an excellent boxer and has a ton of heart so he can fight his way out of trouble if he finds himself there. He’s also fresh and entering his prime.

    It will be difficult and whoever wins will be at the top of their game. I saw an interview with Estrada where he noted that Rungvisai is open to the body often and Estrada is a very underrated body puncher. I think if he starts working there early and successfully he’ll win via comfortable decision 117-111 type scores.

  • Lion king

    I think Rungvisai is overated if he beats el gallo then Cuadras then he can be in the top 10 p4p.

  • Ignacio Ortiz

    I’m hoping to go to this fight because this fight is probably one of the best fights made this year so far and I hope Estrada brings his A game and is ready to fight for 12 rounds because Sor Rungvisai is a strong and tough fighter who won’t be pushed around Estrada needs to be on his toes and sharp with his boxing skills in order to win this fight.

  • william ellis

    Too close to call with any confidence. But Srisaket lost to Cuadras by 8th round TD back in 2012, and I thought he clearly lost the first fight with Gonzalez, although he was competitive. Meanwhile, I scored the Gonzalez-Estrada fight a draw. I lean towards Estrada, but it is up really in the air. Should be a great fight.

  • Ten Count Toronto

    Srisaket will certainly see more movement, angles and defensive responsibility in the Estrada fight than he did against Gonzalez (which was basically zero movement, angles & defensive responsibility…). There won’t be the convenience of fighting a smaller man who is dead set on fighting like a bigger man.

    Srisaket can probably be boxed and Estrada is a more flexible all round boxer than Gonzalez was. But as Teddy says, it will be even harder to get away with taking minutes off to rest or think the way he did with Cuadras.

    Also, where Cuadras gave ground when Estrada wanted to come forward, Srisaket will stand his ground. Where Cuadras was flinging and slapping, Srisaket will punch with full commitment. Where Cuadras spun away or merely clinched, Srisaket will walk Estrada back, sometimes with forearms,elbows or forehead in Estrada’s face.

  • Floridastorm

    Cuadras fought the best fight of his career against Gonzalez and lost a close decision. He then took on David Carmona who then took him a tough 10 rounds where Cuadras looked only a shell of his former self. What Estrada defeated was a washed up Cuadras and, even then, it was a razor thin decision. If Srisaket hits Estrada with as many clear shots as Cuadras did the fight will be over quicker than the fight against Gonzalez. 3 out of Srisaket’s 4 losses came in his first 5 fights 9 years ago. so they are irrelevant today.