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Robert Easter calls Mikey Garcia’s reasoning to turn down fight ‘lame excuse’


When Mikey Garcia bypassed lucrative fights with fellow Golden Boy Promotions boxers Miguel Cotto and Jorge Linares, it was believed he was headed toward a lightweight unification fight with Robert Easter.

After all, both Garcia and Easter compete under the PBC banner, and it shaped up as a high-profile bout that would be a financial windfall for each man.

Instead, Garcia is preparing for a junior welterweight title challenge against Sergey Lipinets on February 10, while Easter readies for a lightweight title defense vs. Javier Fortuna on January 20.

When pressed, Garcia said facining Lipinets made more financial sense than a meeting with Easter.

“That’s just a lame excuse to not fight,” Easter said during a media conference call Thursday. “I don’t produce enough fans? What does Lipinets – no disrespect to him – but come on now. Everybody knows that is not true. I have fans all over. My fan base is big.

“Like I said, man, it don’t matter if we fought in a room with nobody. It shouldn’t even matter. If the money’s good and the contract’s good, then we should fight. I wouldn’t care about fighting in front of nobody, because I know what I’m gonna do.”

Easter (20-0, 14 knockouts) routinely draws large crowds in his native Ohio, and is a bigger name in the sport than Lipinets. There’s also no doubting Easter would present a far bigger challenge to Garcia.

Sure, Lipinets may be the natural 140-pounder, but Easter is 5-foot-11, five inches taller than Garcia, and he’s a rangy puncher who can also move.

He’s impressed so far, and sooner or later, if he keeps winning, the demand will grow for a fight with Garcia.

“If I was that much an easy fight, the fight would’ve been made off the offer they gave Mikey,” Easter said. “It would’ve been made. It just didn’t make sense, all these excuses. I don’t make no excuses. I’m coming to fight and they know that.

“I wanted the fight. It was serious on my side. I don’t care where, how much, none of that. I wanted the fight.”

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  • Gian Torres

    Robert Easter, Garcia wants to win a title in his 4 division vs Lipinets. You haven’t beaten anybody good in your 1st division. Stay in your lane little homie!

    • AngelMorningstar

      Don’t be stupid kid. To be great you have to dare to be great. Not stay in some dumb ass lane.

  • Stephen M

    So Garcia goes for a belt against a guy I’ve never heard of instead of taking a fight with Easter, a fight I’d be real interested in. Funny way to become a ppv star.

  • Fist_ti_cuffs

    Easter is right on this one, but I get it from Mikey’s perspective and legacy. Sooner rather than later these two need to square off.

    • left hook

      I was gonna say the samething, I think Mickey is chasing legacy.

    • D. Gambino

      I do think Fortuna has the skills to trouble Easter (but I don’t see Fortuna winning). I’d like to see Easter call out Linares as well but Easter will get his chance soon enough provided he keeps winning.

      Someone should get Campbell on the phone to fight Easter next.

  • acti vate

    Miguel Cotto, really? And “Garcia said facining Lipinets”? Come on man.

  • ceylon mooney

    ” There’s also no doubting Easter would present a far bigger challenge to Garcia.”

    naw. easter no problem for garcia. sergei maybe easier, but easter is no problem. id still MUCH rather see him fight easter, tho.

  • Kiowhatta

    It’s hard to argue with Easter’s reasoning. If Garcia’s such an incredible fighter who can’t lose, then surely he’d be confident enough to fight him?

  • Mark Schoeman

    I think the list of fighters Mikey won’t fight has surpassed the actual number of fights he’s had….

  • Joey Junger

    Maybe Garcia, despite in some ways being the anti-Broner, has some Broner-esque tendencies. He doesn’t care about successive wins in a division, but wants to cherry pick the weakest link in each division, and then get out without making a bunch of defenses. Then when or if things fall apart, he can do the whole “four-division world champ” spiel, as if it mattered. I’d rather see someone do a “Bum-of-the-Month” tour and slay mandatories at one weight than this. Easter’s right.

    • monsterUcreated

      I don’t think Maidana, Grenados, Garcia and Porter qualify as “weakest links”.

      • Joey Junger

        Mikey wants to be remembered as an all-time great. That means maximizing risk. He’s done it in the past, but do you think Lipinets is as big a risk as Easter? Mikey has wiped out some good fighters, and some very good ones. I would like to see him against another top-flight guy, a Crawford or a Lomachenko.

  • Black Oracle

    Why can’t he fight Easter afterward? Easter you know its about the money…..clearly Garcia wants eat as much vegetables as he can before he gets to the meat and potatoes. And lets be real Easter….you aint exactly steak….you are potatoes. Let that dude live off his Broner domination….then he can get to you or Jorge.

  • Luca Blight

    Garcia is full of shhit.

  • Rude Boy

    Garcia suddenly became a cherry picking diva overnight!

  • Black Oracle

    Mikey Garcia understands the business…..why should he fight these elite guys without it being properly promoted? His patience paid off when he got the Broner fight….that fight got him national exposure. What you non fighters don’t understand is if you don’t get the right spotlight on you for fighting elite guys you will burn yourself out or worse…not get the proper respect or money for beating elite guys. Take Easter for example….He isn’t exactly elite, but a fight between him and Garcia is very important to the sport, so it deserves the proper spotlight…..Let Garcia Knock out a few beltholders so the casuals can be impressed, so they can actually take interest in what Mickey does next. And Easter is doing the right thing by saying Garcia is ducking him, so people start looking at Easter as someone that can beat Garcia……Its all about promotion. But if you call yourself a real boxing fan and can’t see through the promotion and are calling Garcia a ducker….you need your boxing credentials revoked. I always have wanted to see Garcia and Jorge….I think that’s easily a fight of the year candidate. But I can understand why it wasn’t made sooner, because the boxing media doesn’t show enough respect to Linares. So if Im Mikey, Im thinking fuk dat….Linares is an elite dude, so even if I beat him, I won’t get the respect that is deserving of someone who can beat Linares, and if I lose to him, Im automatically a bum or overrated by so called fight fans, because Linares doesn’t get his proper due for being a master boxer. So Garcia needs to keep building his popularity, keep padding his resume with belts and knockouts, in order to help the promotion for an Easter or Linares fight. This is Floyd Mayweather business 101. Remember Maidana people? Before Maidana fought Broner coincidentally…..He got dominated by Devon Alexander….Really? Devon? He isn’t even worth mentioning anymore….but some how he snaked his way into a Floyd fight, and after Maidana beat Broner the Fake news Media was touting him like he was a Modern Day hands of Stone. Are you fukin kidding me? But that’s how promotion and marketing works….and Garcia understands that…..Too bad many so called boxing fans don’t