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Guillermo Rigondeaux: I’ll produce a masterpiece against Vasyl Lomachenko


Guillermo Rigondeaux is a decided underdog, but he doesn’t care.

He’s been there before, when he was set to face reigning fighter of the year Nonito Donaire in 2012. All Rigondeaux did was teach Donaire a boxing lesson over 12 rounds.

Rigondeaux is set to face another Top Rank darling in Vasyl Lomachenko on December 9 in New York (9 p.m. ET, ESPN).

The showdown between two-time Olympic gold medalists is heavily anticipated, but Rigondeaux is being given little chance by many to come out on top. After all, he’s giving up nine years in age and moving up two weight classes for the opportunity.

The Cuban is unfazed by the challenge.

“It is going to be a masterpiece. People should anticipate a masterpiece,” Rigondeaux, 37, said through manager Alex Boronte on a conference call Wednesday. ” … I am not worried at all.

“The one that has to worry is Lomachenko. I am fine and I will do what I need to do when I get in the ring. I don’t worry too much what people think. I have my power every time I step in the ring.”

Despite the extra eight pounds, Rigondeaux says his power and speed have not been affected at all in training.

And if that’s the case, Lomachenko perhaps should be worried.

After all, Rigondeaux is a master of distance and timing. He’s regarded as the best defensive fighter in the sport, and even at 37, he’s yet to show his age in the ring.

“I wanted to fight him when he was at 126 (pounds),” Rigondeaux said. “And we tried and we tried and we tried and he wouldn’t step in the ring with me. Now he is at 130 and wants to step in the ring with me because he believes now he has the advantage over me.”

  • Chris Stans

    I want the underdog to win, but I can’t picture it happening

  • Abraham E. Hernández

    If Rigo is avoided now, nobody will fight him ever again should he pull off the upset.

    • Jordan Raphael-Biggs


    • Tudor Pascanu

      He will get to be way more financially attractive proposition should he win


    Go and figure out why he’s “low reward”.

  • WillieSmalls

    Let’s go Rigo!!!

  • Dave O’Connor

    I still reckon there is going to be a rematch next year.

  • Jade Hughes

    50/50 fight for me.But I give the edge to Loma, I think he’ll wear him down and win UD or late stoppage.


    Lomie will help Rigo retire to a nursing home.

    • Tudor Pascanu

      How can you talk like that about Rigo – a man that left his family, faced death in coming to America spent his entire (bar his first seven years) perfecting his craft and faced a ton of adverity while practicing one of the most brutal sports. It seems that you regard him to be no more than a video game carracter wich shows you to have none

      • Johnny Albo

        welcome to 2017, idiots would rather have a funny comment with a few likes than engage in any type of meaningful back and forths. and this is coming from a loma super fan. Rigo deserves respect.

        • Tudor Pascanu

          I’m a fan of Loma since he was an amateur and I find many similarities between his style and Roy Jones’s. What bothers me is this lack of empathy- a sign of a lack of humanity in a “humanitarian” time which I think has little to do with IQ.

      • Mauro Hermida

        You are playing the smallest violin ever. What does what he went through have anything to do with him getting knocked out? He is at a disadvantage and not a small one at that. Also, Lomachenko didn’t face adversity? Everyone faces adversity to some extent. Rigo is what he is…a boring counterpuncher. A lot of people want him to lose so they don’t have to hear about him anymore. That’s how it goes with boxing fans.

        • whatupdoe

          You have to be extremely stupid to honestly believe that Rigo is boring.

  • Giuseppe

    Loma by controversial SD. There will be no rematch. Arum doesn;t even really want to do this one. If Rigo beats Loma, he is truly haunting old Bob. Rigo is in superb shape and i dont think age will make a difference. The diff might be Loma’s weirdness.

    • Gerry McCabe

      Nice analysis, I agree. El Chacal is the best defense boxer today. He has under-rated power and will offer Hi Tech his greatest challenge yet. The bout will be nasty, and though he may win, Lomachenko will face some tactics and moves that will bother him greatly. Cuts, fouls, knockdowns, and maybe even some trouble with the referee’s performance could mar this bout.

    • ceylon mooney

      fuck bob arum.

      controversial split decision sounds good.

      im rooting for rigo but i cant count on it. how you tim & counterpunch a guy who changes his timing mid-combination?

      • Tudor Pascanu

        Bob Arum – the boxing genius that had Pavlik to be the best MW since Hagler

        • ceylon mooney

          heh heh heh…yeah but wasnt he exciting? he had his moments thats for sure.

        • Rick

          Bob Arum has probably made more money than any fighter over the years just by talking silly shit.

      • Tudor Pascanu

        Loma will not be able to pull those moves on Rigo. He wil get tagged from the first round and we will see a much more conventional Loma. That is if Rigo punches will be hard enough at the weight-I hope (since Im rooting for Rigo) they will-Donaire was 142lb when Rigo broke his face and made him conventional and tentative

        • ceylon mooney

          oh man he was that heavy on fight night? damn.

          no doubt rigo hits harder than lomachenko. a few flush shots will really hurt.

          • D. Gambino

            I disagree Cey. I feel that Loma has the power edge here. Let’s not forget who is going up in weight in this fight. Rigo’s power will be much less at 130. Secondly, Loma doesn’t normally sit down on his punches because that’s not his style.

            In my mind, the only way Rigo sees the final bell is if he’s on his bike the whole fight – which I suspect will be the case. Rigo will try to stand and fight but once he gets a taste of Loma – he will be in full run mode.

          • Mauro Hermida

            Loma DEFINITELY has the chin edge.

          • ceylon mooney

            i odnt see that– rigos flash knockdowns dont count for nuthin.

          • Floridastorm

            How hard does he hit? Only 1 KO in his last 7 fights. Lomo made his last 3 opponents quit on their stool. Totally destroyed them. Rigo is an accurate puncher but he doesn’t hit harder than Lomo.

          • ceylon mooney

            two in his last 2 fights, and he didnt do a lot of punchings. one punch busted dickens jaw, KOd moises flores, donaires face, that giant japanese dudes face…

    • Tudor Pascanu

      Unfortunately that is a fery highly probable scenario. Lets hope tho that Rigo can do what he did to Donaire (who was 142lb, and a darn good fighter) – anything less he losses a politcal/marketing decision

      • Floridastorm

        Donaire is no Lomo. He’s a very good fighter but a completely different style than Lomo. Donaire was much slower in hand speed, movement, and his defense was lacking. If Donaire hit you it was a short night. But, IMO, he lacked the fundamentals to defeat Rigo. Also, it still was a close decision win for Rigo and Donaire was never in trouble of being KO’d.

      • Cousin Strawberry ( Cheech)

        Donaire is no Loma. Big difference.

    • Tudor Pascanu

      We have seen some recent marketing driven decisions- Golovkin-Canelo and Kovalev-Ward 1 (and i might ad Kov-Ward 2 where Ward wich I’m nor regarding to be anywhere near Rigo’s class deliverd some ball combination punching never seen since Golota Bowe. In fact that where the only combination ward deliverd).

      Oh and speaking of Canelo (Can’telo if you dig) I checked some punch stats from past bouts – Canelo “won” 3 boxing matches in which he was outlanded

  • ceylon mooney

    mike, its not an extra 8 pounds. rigo is often in ring at 126, and loma is in ring at the early 140s.

    • Tudor Pascanu

      He was talking about the extra eight pounds that Rigo has gained for the fight, not about the weight difference betwin them come fight night.

      • ceylon mooney

        u sure? i think he meant the 8 pounds between their weight classes.

  • Al Del

    interesting fight.. both have never scene anyone like each other.. so to compare Donaire to Loma or Rigo to anyone in the amateurs or the olympics that Loma has faced is besides the point!

    I give the edge to Loma for obvious reasons.. size and youth.. and although Rigo is a master boxer and can control distance.. it ain’t like people haven’t seen a master boxer before.. there’s always been a classic boxer/puncher match up before.. Loma on the other hand is ambidextrous, unorthodox and orthodox at the same time.. something never really scene before & can’t really simulate or train for.. So at the end of the day it’s about who’s going to make the adjustments and take the risks and just think that adjusting to Loma is going to be harder than adjusting to Rigo..

    • TNT

      It isn’t at all about risks. It is about size and youth–they both matter. As good as Rigo is, Loma is also good and has both size and youth on his side. Rigo might be able to overcome these formidable obstacles (I believe you give Loma way too much credit, as stylistically it is Rigo who is the greater of the two pugilists) but he really will need a concentrated masterpiece to do so–and I do expect to see Rigo on the floor in this fight. He’ll have to weather a storm if he gets caught.

  • TNT

    Win, Lose or Draw: WAR RIGO! RIGO, RIGO, RIGO!!!

  • Chris Smith

    He’s lying through his teeth about being avoided at 126. He’s on camera saying “What weight is he? 126. What weight am I? 122. There you go”. Also, didn’t he agree to everything and Lomachenko did too and then he came back and asked for more money? Again, that’s on video too. Those videos are easy to find. Instead he passed on the fight and opted to go on the undercard of Cotto-Canelo and then he declined and opted to fight Jazza Dickens for $75k.

  • Apolloelite888

    I for one am just happy that this fight got made. The best vs the best for once. Cannot call it. To have this and Canelo VS GGG in the same year is cool. Hopefully this will be better than the Middleweight’s produced. But who is p4p #1. Terence Crawford for me.

  • Floridastorm

    First of all Rigondaux is not only smaller than Lomo he’s 37 years old and is not a big puncher. He has only 1 KO in his last 7 fights. He’s also been on the deck a couple of times. Lomo, IMO, has quicker hands and I believe more punching power and of course Lomo’s movement in the ring is like no other fighter. In Lomo’s last 3 fights all quit on their stool after being punched silly. I can’t see anyway that Rigo wins or even survives until the 12th. I can actually see Rigo being KO’d.

    • D. Gambino

      You see the same fight I’m seeing. Well said!

  • Cashtime

    I really hate fighters that wait till an opponent is ready to be taken before the meet in the ring. Ray Lenard Hearnes 2, Roy Jones Hopkins 2, and sooooo many more but this one is one of the worst. But on the positive side this is an historical matchup, a dream fight which should have taken place long time ago as RIgo suggested. One thing for sure, Rigo IS NOT CHANGING HIS STYLE and neither is Lomo. Lomo will be offensive which will play into Rigo’s style. Whether or not it will be enough remains to be seen, but I am predicting right now that this will be an amazing fight. Not boring at all but a classic.

  • Nixtradamus

    Rigo should win. If ‘legendary’, ‘all time great’ Loma lost to fvcking Orlando Salido, he aint’t all that, biatches!

    • Cousin Strawberry ( Cheech)

      Salido came in heavy and fought Dirty, ( ala Ward)…Salido dont want that rematch cause he knows it will be a Better Loma.

      • Mauro Hermida

        Regardless of what happened, losing to Salido is no big deal. The guy has been a top contender most of his career and won a belt or two. He has been a very good fighter. Loma got beat regardless of the excuses. No shame in that.

  • Baron Kazama

    rigo is such a liar

  • Mauro Hermida

    Let the running…I mean masterpiece begin.

    • Cousin Strawberry ( Cheech)


  • Cousin Strawberry ( Cheech)

    Loma is going to box circles around Rigo, the boring counter puncher. I see him getting dropped. Hope Rigo makes it interesting.