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Jorge Linares won’t fight Mikey Garcia next, but could rematch Luke Campbell in U.K.

Photo by Tom Hogan / Hoganphotos-Golden Boy Promotions


Twice, Mikey Garcia has been offered high-profile bout with Golden Boy fighters, but neither came to fruition.

After a proposed bout against Miguel Cotto fell by the wayside, now it’s a lightweight summit meeting with Jorge Linares that won’t take place — at least not next.

Golden Boy Promotions president Eric Gomez said Garcia turned down an offer to face Linares in early 2018. That’s likely because Garcia will make even more money for a rumored 135-pound unification meeting with Robert Easter Jr.

“It’s disappointing,” Gomez told on Friday. “I think it’s a terrific fight. They’re both the top lightweights. It’s a fight ordered by the WBC. We said let’s do it, Linares said ‘let’s get me that fight.’ It’s always disappointing when you can’t get these fights done.I have hope that sometime in the future we can get it done.”

So Golden Boy and Linares (43-3, 37 knockouts) will turn their attention to a rematch with Luke Campbell, whom THE RING champion narrowly outpointed in September.

Gomez said Eddie Hearn, who promotes the Olympic gold medalist, made a “significant offer” for Linares to travel to the U.K. for a return encounter. HBO is also willing to give Linares his own date, and if Linares fights Campbell (17-2, 14 KOs) again, it’s “very possible HBO will pick it up,” per Gomez.

“We’re going to meet with Linares at the end of the month,” Gomez said. “Linares has developed a really good following in the U.K. … There’s a tremendous amount of interest in the U.K. and Luke Campbell is well known.”

While Gomez has turned his attention to finalizing Linares-Campbell, it doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about Mikey.

“He’s a very good fighter and obviously there’s so many different fights you can do with him,” he said. “He can move up to 147, he can fight at 140. As long as he’s a free agent, I’m going to pursue him and see if there’s any big fights we can make with him.”

  • Phillip Mijares

    No way Linares deserves 50/50 against Mikey. Linares got payed 250k to fight Campbell in an empty Forum. Yet GB thinks that he deserves half of whatever HBO or Showtime would pay for the fight? Mikey would have brought in a bigger crowd at Forum if he fought Campbell. I guess GB only wants a 50/50 split when their fighter isn’t bringing in the money. Mikey should let it go to purse bid if GB insist on it being a 50/50 split.

    • WR

      FYI If the fight goes to purse bid both Champs still get 50/50 split

      • Phillip Mijares

        It would be a WBC mandated fight. The champion gets 70/30 split. Since Linares is the diamond champ he would get more than the 30% but Per WBC, the champion gets 55/44 against an interim champion. So Mikey would get a bigger split if it goes to purse bid. GB wanted to promote the fight so I doubt it happens if it goes to a purse bid. Funny how GB has no problem with Linares fighting on UK shows though.

        • WR

          Hmm But It’s a Unification fight WBC/WBA Linares is actually the WBA champ i figure 50/50 idk

          • Phillip Mijares

            The fight was mandated by the WBC since Linares is the mandatory. Linares was supposed to fight the guy MIkey beat for the title but got injured and decided to fight for the WBA. So the WBC mandated the fight against Mikey since Linares was named diamond champ.

  • Fist_ti_cuffs

    It’s likely that GB wants options on future fights. They are still attempting to use 1970’s tactics to secure fighters.

    • Phillip Mijares

      They didn’t want options, just the single fight but they wanted a 50/50 split when Linares is not a draw. He pretty much fought in front of 2k people, got payed 250k but GB wants a 50/50 split for him. MIkey is the one with the following in SoCal and would draw big crowds in any arena in California.

      • Fist_ti_cuffs

        Well I guess we now know who the A side is. I commend Mikey for his business acumen and knowing his worth. You do know that GB tried that shit with Mikey and Spence for the Cotto fight……right?

  • D. Gambino

    Let’s put Garcia/Easter and Linares/Campbell on the same card with winners fighting in the summer. Done.

    • Dee Money

      I hope so, I’d like for things like this to be the norm.

  • L P

    Linares has a big international following that can be tapped not just in Japan but in the UK where he made a name with Campbell I. Garcia is definitely the name in the US but Linares deserves a 50-50. That said, I’ll pay to see either of them fight pretty much anyone.

  • Teddy Reynoso

    Good that Linares finally got the message that Mikey is not interested in fighting him. It is not hard to see why. Linares is backward step for Mikey considering his past kayo losses to Carlos Salgado, Yeyo Thompson and Tony De Marco. Add to that his ducking Dejan Zlaticanin and his most recent struggling win over Campbell in a half empty venue in California. Mikey is in the lightweight only because he won a title there over the same Zlaticanin against whom Linares pulled out from a scheduled fight on account of alleged injury some time back. But Mikey has the ability to compete in the super lightweight and even the welterweight right now which cannot be said of Linares and other titlists at lightweight now. So quit this vain dreaming about Mikey wasting his time with Linares and other names at 135. He has bigger game to hunt above that class I think.

    • Dan Eban

      Right you are and add a string of participations ?! to Garcia future fights …M.G. Is anything than dumb

  • Carlos

    The Garcia – Linares fight would be the perfect undercard fight for Cinco de Mayo weekend 2018.