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Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor done deal for Aug. 26 at MGM Grand


The crossover fight between an all-time great boxer and UFC’s biggest star is official.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced via Twitter on Wednesday that he’ll fight Conor McGregor on Aug. 26, putting to bed a year of posturing between the braggadocious athletes.

Earlier Wednesday, Mayweather Promotions requested — and received — a license to hold a show on that date in Las Vegas, Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Bob Bennett told UFC President Dana White announced on ESPN’s SportsCenter the fight will be contested at 154 pounds at T-Mobile Arena.

Showtime Sports will televise the super fight on its pay-per-view arm.

“We are thrilled to bring this incredible event to a global television audience via Showtime PPV,” said Stephen Espinoza, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Showtime Sports in an email to “This matchup is unprecedented. There has been overwhelming demand from fight fans and it’s great to be able to deliver.

“As we’ve already seen this evening, Mayweather vs. McGregor has generated buzz that reaches far beyond that of the considerable boxing and MMA audience. Both Floyd and Conor are trend-setting personalities who’ve transcended their respective sports. They carry unmatched reputations for spectacle and athleticism, and together they will create a once-in-a-lifetime event.”

Espinoza is correct in calling it an unprecedented sporting event: a top boxer vs. a top MMA fighter in a boxing match. For that reason, the fight has been mocked by those in the boxing industry, including Oscar De La Hoya. McGregor is a skilled striker in the UFC, but how will that translate to boxing?

After all, Mayweather is perhaps the greatest defensive fighter who ever lived. And even at age 40 and coming off a two-year layoff, it would be a monumental upset — one of the biggest in sports history — if McGregor somehow found a way to win.

It might not be viewed as competitive, but boy, will it generate a boatload of money.

Mayweather and McGregor aren’t just the two most popular figures in combat sports; they’re a pair of the most recognizable athletes in the world. Period.

Chatter about the matchup has persisted for over a year, with interest among casual sports fans trending upward all the time.

Mayweather (49-0, 26 knockouts) will come out of retirement and go for his 50th win, which would pass Rocky Marciano’s hallowed mark.

While Mayweather is chasing history, McGregor, 28, will be lacing up the gloves in a boxing match for the first time, pro or amateur. He’s an accomplished UFC athlete (the Irishman has won title at lightweight and featherweight) and McGregor has become enormously popular. He’s fought on PPV five times, with his last four eclipsing the one-million mark.

Mayweather, who hasn’t fought since a shutout of Andre Berto in September 2015, is the richest prize fighter of all time. “Money” pulled in close to $300 million for his mega fight with Manny Pacquiao, and his PPV shows against De La Hoya and Canelo Alvarez both surpassed 2 million buys.

The Notorious One will certainly have his work cut out for him, in his pro boxing debut no less, but win, lose or draw, he’s guaranteed to earn far more money than he’s ever dreamed of and ever could hope to grab in an octagon.


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  • Chris Stans

    Saw a vid of mcgregor sparring…this is gonna be comedy gold for the idiots that buy it

  • maxx

    Unfortunately this freak show will take the casual fans eyes off the real mega fight due to happen on 9/16, what a pity.

    • Orca

      Yup and that was no accident. The sport is only this year starting to recover from his last big fight debacle. Boxing really seems to have found its feet again this year. It would be a shame to ruin it.

      • Sean Kusel

        Such a shame.

    • Da True GOAT

      What real megafight on 9/16? Only in Golden Boy’s eyes and to all bunch of whiny crybabies in this site that are deceived into thinking that these two hype job products facing each other would be the real deal. I wouldn’t buy Canelo vs GGG even if its sold at 1 cent.

      • Ted Mendez

        You get the award for Biggest Idiot on Ring’s Comments Section! Well deserved.

        • Da True GOAT

          And I can see your pea sized brain nicely from that angle haha.

      • maxx

        We are all entitled to our opinions.

  • Orca

    This is a circus masquerading as a prize fight. It’s Thunderlips vs Balboa. The upside is we get Golovkin Canelo shortly after it to restore order to the sport.

  • Raymond Strang

    Something about this whole everything just makes me sad. If it is FMJ last fight, really, is this the way to do it…? Pitiful. As for the posturing yet to come from both boxers and wild claims by nit-wits on social media, what a let down for what has so far been a classic boxing year for fans.

    • Sean Kusel

      I don’t even consider this a boxing match, it’s a glorified sparring match/exhibition. Try not to let it take away from the fact that 2017 has possibly been the best year of boxing in the past 10 years.

  • John Newman


  • Jamil Salvo

    i see an upset!. An upset for the people who will buy it. LOL

  • RayK

    At least, at lleeeeast, it looks like it’s gonna be boxing on the undercard.

  • Fritz

    WrestleMania 2017
    Mayweather vs. McGregor

    • Ten Count Toronto

      Undercard: Roy Jones Jr vs. Jose Canseco?

  • Al Del

    what a joke! the best part of this fight is going to be the press tour, the face off and the shit talk! and that’s about it!

    • JV316

      that stuff should at least be hilarious, i have to admit i will watch the lead up for the laughs

  • Al Del

    i hope McGregor cracks that fool on the face off! that’s about the only time he’ll be able to get a hit.. and i hope Floyd cancels the fight right after getting cracked! Or that McGregor gets pissed off in the and ring and says “Fuck it” and throws a knee and or throws a leg kick swiping Floyd’s legs underneath him..ha. =)
    But i’ll have to catch it on the highlights if so cuz i aint watching this garbage!

  • NeverReadTheComments

    Look how many clowns write about this “farce”.All this goofys who now cursing this fight all be watching

    • Al Del

      Only the press tour I’ll watch.. the shit talk will be exciting i’ll say that much…ha..

  • Turner Wednesday

    Conor easily wins…the trash talking. Mayweather easily wins the “boxing” match.

  • Jim Parkinson

    There are exactly two good things that could possibly come from this:

    1. The undercard. Badou Jack vs. Nathan Cleverly is rumored and that would be fun. So would Gervonta Davis against somebody good.

    2. Maybe it’ll force GBP to drive down the price of the Canelo-GGG PPV, because you just KNOW they want to charge $100.

    That’s it. Two things.


      Agreed to you this time

  • Fist_ti_cuffs

    So, Pac vs Horn or Canelo vs Chavez, Khan or Kirkland is ok, but not this? I beg to differ……so we’ll wait to see what the fans say (ppv numbers) when they meet. I think it’ll do between 2-3 million and be surprisingly more entertaining than people think. I know it’ll be better than Canelo’s last fight.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      Not a real comparison, absolutely NOBODY is buzzing about Pac vs. Horn, Arum is basically alone in his bubble thinking this is interesting or relevant.

      And those Canelo fights were indeed oversold mismatches but even if Kirkland & Chavez were train wreck, hot/cold mental cases, at least they had each scored a few wins against decently competent pro boxers.

      This is more like a Major League Baseball team putting Michael Jordan in it’s openning day lineup.

      • Fist_ti_cuffs

        Clearly you got my point. The same guys that hate this fight will turn around and defend those bouts. Based on internet jargon alone, this fight will sell well regardless of what the so-called hardcore fans on this site think. It’ll definitely be more exciting than Pac or Canelo’s last fight.

        • Ten Count Toronto

          Only thing I’m mildly excited about is to find out wheather it was White or Mayweather who caved in more on the purse split from totally oposite starting points.

          • Fist_ti_cuffs

            You already know the answer to that.

  • Ten Count Toronto

    Nobody I know will buy it. If we can watch it somewhere for the price of a soda and a shared basket of Nachos, we might be willing but not a dollar more than that.

    Now if they made it a tripple header with co-featuer Thurman-Spence and something like Easter-Linares or Joacobs-Charlo, that would be different.

  • Michel Desgrottes

    Oscar gonna cry, lmfao at this already pulling promo away from ggg and canelo, all the major outlets are talking about this

    • Stash One

      thats not a bad thing, Oscar dangled that carrot for far too long for my liking.

    • FreeWilly

      He probably has soiled his fishnets already. Instead of promoting Canelo vs GGG, he busy crying like a big girl on fishnets:). If I was him, I’d piggy back on this promotion and support it and hope the attention of this spills into GGG bs Canelo.

  • Stash One

    Cant understand the hate, in boxing Floyd is not relevant (he’s retired & not coming out of it) so whats wrong with him taking part in an exhibition match ? thats all this is, you either watch it or you don’t either way it doesn’t stand for anything other than a bit of fun, can’t see the harm.

    • Stephen M

      Well, you probably have a point: hate is too strong of an emotion for this. Still, it’s not a friendly exhibition match with the proceeds going to charity. It’s a money grab where they are going to hard sell it as something it is not: a competitive fight. And hey, if you are well informed and have a 100$ to waste, enjoy.

      • Stash One

        I will definitely watch it & I definitely won’t be paying for it, it’s not like i’ll be missing some other fight to watch it, chances are there will be nothing better on TV that day anyway.

  • BobbyPFalcon

    There seems to be a consensus that this farce will take away from GGG-Canelo, and I think that’s a bit misguided. GGG and Canelo will get talked about plenty during the build-up to this fight and MMA bouts will get more exposure as well. Both sports will benefit. I wonder how deep Floyd will take McGregor before he decides to take him out. McGregor will get walked into a perfect punch as soon as Floyd knows he’s gassed. Round 4 or 5 sounds about right…

    • Stash One

      when did Floyd last take someone out ? McGregors definitely got a chin, think its more likely McGregors punching thin air for 12 rounds.

      • BobbyPFalcon

        McGregor’s not a real boxer, and he would get easily KO’ed by most upper level boxers that possess decent power. Mayweather can crack that hard if need be. McGregor will walk into a Mayweather punch when he’s gassed – see the Hatton bout for an example of what’s coming to McGregor…

        • Stash One

          that was 10 years ago, have not seen much from Floyd since then showing he can crack. not sure his hands are up to it.

          • BobbyPFalcon

            Hatton gave Mayweather hell because he possessed the footwork to pressure Mayweather. McGregor simply does not have that skillset. It won’t take much for a 40-year-old Mayweather that has never stopped staying in shape. Thing is, part of me wants McGregor to win, but he’s getting KO’ed. Mayweather will happily break his hand on McGregor’s orbital bone – especially after the trash-talking that will no doubt hype this fight…

  • Expatriot American in Europe

    Mayweather vs. McGregor is boxing porn that I would be embarassed to witness, too perverse for me. As usual, I say “Shame on you Floyd, you are great disappointment as a boxer and a traitor to the sport.”

    • Stephen M

      I agree but in the other hand he is right up there with great promoters and businessmen like Donald Trump.

      • Expatriot American in Europe

        Trump is a great disappointment and a traitor to America!

        • Stephen M

          Then we agree on adjust about everything! But they are both very good at promoting themselves to those proverbial suckers…


    I just hope Conner lose his patience and broke Floyd’s arms


    If this type of fight is possible, then I wish Floyd to fight Chuck Norris. Let’s see what he’s got.

  • John Swan

    Fight is not at the MGM Grand.