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RING Ratings Update: Tim Bradley and Amir Khan are out


We did some housecleaning after a slow weekend, as three fighters were removed from Top 10s because of inactivity or a move up in weight.

Tim Bradley (No. 6 last week) and Amir Khan (No. 7 last week) drop out of the welterweight ratings because of inactivity. Bradley hasn’t fought since he lost to Manny Pacquiao in April of last year and has no fight scheduled; Khan last fought in May of last year, when he was stopped by Canelo Alvarez, and has nothing set.

They were replaced in the 147-pound Top 10 by Lucas Matthysse and Luis Collazo, who enter at Nos. 9 and 10 respectively.

Matthysse returned from a 19-month layoff and stopped Emmanuel Taylor in his first fight as a full-fledged welterweight last month. Collazo bounced back from a KO loss to Keith Thurman by stopping Sammy Vasquez in February.

In the flyweight division, Amnat Ruenroeng (No. 4 last week) drops out because he has moved up in weight. He is replaced by Andrew Selby, who enters at No. 10.

Note: RING heavyweight and lineal champion Tyson Fury hasn’t fought in more than 18 months, which means he  could be stripped of his title, but the Editorial Board has not made a final decision on his fate. That is expected to come soon.

There were no other changes in the RING ratings this week.

  • The Black Mamba

    Fook Amir Khan, I’m glad he’s out of the rankings. Only wants money fights and is not competitive at the highest level at all. I’m curious how he wants to reenter the welterweight division right now; he won’t fight Spence Jr., who would eventually knock him out, Thurman is out due an injury, and the Pacquiao fight collided a few months ago. There are no title fights for him in sight and even the Brook fight lost momentum as Special K suffered two losses in a row and requires surgery on his eye.

    • Chris Stans

      Unless that last ko ruined his durability, he has options. He could rematch Peterson and Garcia is ripe for the picking imo. As far as title holders go he could probably decision pac now and I wouldn’t be surprised if he squeaked by with a decision vs Thurman

      • Giuseppe

        Khan beating Garcia would 100% trigger an Angel Garcia OD. Bring it on!

      • ceylon mooney

        would like peterson and garcia rematched. dont think haymon will let garcia rematch happen cuz garcia needs another win, and, unless he becomes
        a different fighter, hell lose the rematch.

    • ceylon mooney

      yea man spence would KO him but hed still beat “some time” keith thurman…is haymon gonna serve up his favorite punching bag guerrero against him for a comeback fight?

      • The Black Mamba

        I think Thurman has a lot more ring IQ than people give him credit for. As he made his name and knocked out some gatekeepers, he looked like a raw puncher with an iron chin who is willing to trade with everyone in front of him.
        The bouts against Porter and Garcia were revealing, though. He stays out of the way, picks his shots, uses his legs. In many ways he looks more like the one fighter he criticized a lot (Mayweather).
        If he was going to fight Khan, which I highly doubt, he probably would be much more aggressive than in his last outings.

        • ceylon mooney

          i c what ur sayin. i think hed have to be more aggressive
          to beat khan.

      • Dan James

        That Spence Thurman is a toss-up. I believe Thurman would have beaten Brooks had they met, because Thurman has an edge in power, both punching and mental. Therefore Spence will have his hands really full with Thurman. Let’s face it ……Brooks was tagging Spence at will. Spence was just more durable and relentless.I was rooting for Spence regardless.

  • Will Arbuckle

    1 months out and he is still rated…. Wtf.. Took two guys out for less time…. Not sure I understand that move my friends

  • stetee83

    It’s ok, guys. Khan is looking to fight again in November. No rush

    • Dan James

      Nov 2019?

      • stetee83

        He’s waiting for a big fight ha ha

  • ceylon mooney

    u guys remove alvarez from the rankings at 160 yet? hes never once fought a fight at tht weight class.

    • Antonio Castro

      you keep mentioning that, but middleweight is above 154 with 160 the limit. He fought 5 straight fights in the middleweight division prior to his last 2 fights.