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Roc Nation eyeing June 24 return for Miguel Cotto against Kamegai

Photo by: Chris Farina/Top Rank

Roc Nation president Michael Yormark said his company is eying a return for four-division champion Miguel Cotto on June 24 with Japanese contender Yoshihiro Kamegai one of the leading candidates to face him.

“We’re hoping that Miguel is going to get back into the ring in June,” Yormark told on Monday before a press conference to formally announce a rematch between Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev on June 17 in Las Vegas on HBO PPV. “We’re having conversations with Peter (Nelson) and HBO. We’re trying to look at a couple of fights down the road, get him back in the ring in June and then hopefully a big fight in the fall and we hope to have something resolved and announced in the next 10 days to two weeks.”

Yormark confirmed that June 24 is the target date but the bout may not take place at Barclays Center, as has been reported. Of Kamegai, a junior middleweight with a record of 27-3-2, 24 knockouts and losses to Alfonso Gomez and Robert Guerrero, Yormark said he’s “being strongly considered.” Cotto was scheduled to face James Kirkland on Feb. 25 on HBO PPV in Texas but the card was called off after Kirkland suffered an injury in training. Cotto has vowed to retire at the end of 2017. “The cancellation was disappointing with Kirkland,” Yormark said. “We need to make sure to find the right opponent for Miguel to get back in and get some of the rust off and then we’ll look toward a big fight in the fall. We haven’t specifically settled on a fighter for June 24 but we’re getting really close.”

  • AllAboutBoxing

    Why…and for what…???

  • Ignacio Ortiz

    Kamegai is tough come forward fighter and Cotto is on the back end of his career and I think he has a tough fight ahead of him is not an easy challenge for an older smaller Cotto. I would like Kamegai in this fight if it is made but I’m glad this isn’t a PPV fight for sure.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      Guy eats a lot of punches though, he’s not that much fresher than Cotto despite the ages. But at this stage of his career the energy & pressure might give Cotto some flashbacks of the Margarito fight.

      • Ignacio Ortiz

        Ten Count Toronto that’s true but Kamegai has been more active recently and Cotto will have sat for 19 months by the time this fight happens and at age 36 that’s alot of rust to accumulate and that’s to Kamegai’s advantage.

        • Ten Count Toronto

          Well Kamegai is certainly got more of a shot than Delvin Rodriguez eve did, it’s not horrible fight if it’s free.

          • Ignacio Ortiz

            Ten Count Toronto exactly he’s a bigger stronger harder hitting fighter than Rodriguez who was done by the time he faced Cotto. I’m not so sure this is they type of fighter you face with alot of rust on you to be completely honest.

  • WhiteHorse

    That cancellation saved Roc Nation millions in losses.

  • jah

    better if its vs JMM. i dont if its just me but i badly wanna see this fight

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  • Francisco Canales

    Roc Nation needs to step there game up & secure a top name there negotiations suck & it shows there soft in the Boxing World…