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Arum said he has another deal for Pacquiao and Horn in July

Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Promotions
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A deal is in place for Manny Pacquiao to once again face Jeff Horn sometime in July in Australia, Bob Arum told a small group of reporters on Wednesday morning in Manhattan. But whether Pacquiao agrees to the fight or waits until the fall is still uncertain, as is a future opponent, which Arum suggested could be Adrien Broner, whom Arum called an “intelligent guy” or Terence Crawford.

“We have a deal in place (with Horn), hopefully it will be in July,” Arum said. “But I’m waiting to hear back. It’s up to (Pacquiao). He may decide to take off until the fall and then fight an American kid like Broner or Crawford or somebody like that.” Arum said that several dates are in play in July, which will be whittled down as the Australian rugby dates are determined so as to avoid any conflicts with an arena.

Arum was complimentary of Broner, calling him an “intelligent guy.” Arum was in talks for Broner to face Pacquiao but was turned off by Broner’s exorbitant demands. But he has a solution. “His argument is what he’s worth on pay-per-view,” Arum said. “And my argument is — maybe he’s right or I hope he’s right. Because I’m more conservative about it — so fight for a guarantee plus an upside. So that’s the question. It’s one thing for a guy to say, ‘I’m worth X million dollars.’ And then put all the burden on the promoter if the promoter really isn’t confident that he’s worth that. So that’s what we’re trying to work out. That’s what we’re looking for in the fall.”

Arum said talks for a potential fight with Amir Khan are dead — unless they pick up again for a bout in the United Arab Emirates. “Khan made sense in the Mideast if they were coming with money, which I never believed they were,” Arum said. “But other than the Mideast, an American opponent like a Broner or a Crawford would do a lot more business.”