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Abel Sanchez weighs in on Ward-Barrera impasse

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Andre Ward took to Twitter Saturday to launch an uppercut at the guy he maybe could be fighting March 26, Cuban born Sullivan Barrera.

You are not getting rich off me, Ward told Barrera.
“@sullivanbarrera Only time I’m gonna respond to you buddy. You can call us JC Penny, we ain’t got no money for you. Not getting rich off us”
Sort of a strange dig, being that a purse of $350,000 or thereabouts isn’t Mayweather money.
I checked in with Barrera trainer Abel Sanchez to check his pulse, get his thoughts on this fight if indeed Team Ward and Team Barrera agree to a clash.
“I think that all the Ward talk about ‘pound for pound,’ greatness, calling out fighters without any intention of following through, now that he has made the move to 175, all that talk should be backed up,” Sanchez said. “Barrera has 17 fights, he is no killer, yet, if Ward is afraid to fight Barrera, who can he fight to make the statement that he belongs at 175 or that he is worthy of a Kovalev fight?”
It is Barrera’s theory that Ward fears his arsenal but is using money as an excuse to dodge.
“I have had him since March 2014, his Cuban amateur background has been a good foundation, and he is a guy willing to try new things, so I am trying to incorporate my style into his background,” said Sanchez. “He works hard, never complains, always is willing to come to camp early, pays attention.”
In short, a superb pupil…
Maybe Ward has noted that in six fights with the Gennady Golovkin trainer, Sully has scored six KOs…
“We work a lot on balanced and level shoulders, he is still learning my method of punching from your feet up,” the trainer said.
Nobody really is a favorite over Ward; Barrera certainly has a chance but this is two steps up, I think.
“I would say that Sully has a lot of pluses, Ward’s inactivity and not having a big punch makes it interesting, plus a small Paul Smith was able to hit Ward, so how will 12 rounds of pounding affect him? If your thoughts are correct, and Barrera has a limited chance to beat Ward, what is Ward’s reluctance? Barrera is a legit 175, if Ward beats a legit 175, he can shut a lot of haters up and the Kovalev fight becomes even bigger!”