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Could Monroe or Rosado be Canelo’s May assignment?

Photo by Naoki Fukuda

Photo by Naoki Fukuda

He is now the sacred, king cash cow of the realm and, thus, his place in the game is on an elevated plane.
Canelo Alvarez, premier redhead, the current pride of Mexico’s fight fans and RING middleweight champion will glove up next in May and there is heightened interest shown in the particulars.
I reached out to Eric Gomez, an executive with Golden Boy Promotions, to get some clarity. What’s the next play for the man who bettered Miguel Cotto in such impressive fashion, and left the Vegas ring with the RING and WBC belts around his waist?
“We are meeting Team Canelo this weekend,” Gomez told me. He and GBP boss Oscar De La Hoya will go to Mexico Friday to sit and talk turkey. The foe for the May tangle will be on the table. We’ve heard that Willie Monroe Jr. and Gabe Rosado are on the short list. True?
“Monroe, Rosado, anything is possible. But everybody at 154 and 160 will be considered. There is no frontrunner,” Gomez said. “Probably the short list will be minimized and then it will come down to dollars and cents.”
Indeed; this is the boxing BUSINESS. Canelo rooters are committed consumers and are apparently willing to pay a premium to follow his progress. Thus, this next tangle will likely screen on a pay-per-view basis.
Gomez asked that all critics note Canelo’s track record in choosing stiff foes, not being a dodger type. “Mike, you know us better than that. People getting upset with names popping up…I ask people to judge us on our past. Look at the names on his resume!” insisted Gomez.
In other words, let’s be patient and not prematurely get those panties in a bunch. “You know we like to give fans what they want,” he said, in summation.
Got it…Consider undies not in a bunch then. We should know more by early next week then.
Michael Woods is the sacred, king cash cow of the Brooklyn boxing beat and, thus, has access to only the finest, wedgie-proof unmentionables New York State has to offer. No undies in a bunch here, Woods fans.