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David Lemieux’s manager on Golovkin fight: It’s ‘when,’ not ‘if’

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Gabriel Rosado (right) takes a big left from David Lemieux during their entertaining shootout on Dec. 6, 2014, in Brooklyn, New York. Photo by Tom Hogan / Hoganphotos-Golden Boy Promotions

Gabriel Rosado (right) takes a big left from David Lemieux during their entertaining shootout on Dec. 6, 2014, in Brooklyn, New York. Photo by Tom Hogan / Hoganphotos-Golden Boy Promotions

He has that fan-friendly style, that Captain Caveman manner of seeking to destroy from the second he steps in the ring, and that makes David Lemieux a personal favorite of mine, when I’m wearing my fan hat.

Thus, it leads me to ask: When is Lemieux (34-2, 31 knockouts) fighting again?

He looked intent on removing Hassan N’Dam’s head from its shoulders when they faced off on June 20 in Montreal, and he tried his damnedest to do so. Four times N’Dam went down, but the kid from Cameroon is stubborn and brave and he kept on getting up. Lemieux, age 26, won a UD 12.

I checked in with Lemieux’s manager, Camille Estephan of Eye of the Tiger Promotions, to get an update on when the caveman is going to start a-clubbin’ again.

First off, Estephan told me he was quite pleased with the kid’s showing vs. N’Dam. The old knock on him was that he ran low on gas – but his tank was ample in Montreal, and he “showed he can throw bombs for 12 rounds … and those bombs are nuclear,” Estephan said. “That’s the style people want to see. He’s in the ring to hurt people.”

Indeed he is … and there’s another guy cut from the similar cloth, who goes about it in a slightly more contained way … Gennady Golovkin. It would make sense for those two locomotives to play a game of chicken, see who would blink, and crumple, first? Right?

“We’re not ducking anybody,” Estephan told me. “Golovkin, Cotto, Canelo, we want to knock all those guys out. But of course the financial arrangements have to make sense.”

Lemieux is promoted by Golden Boy, so Oscar De La Hoya and Camille and a couple others will be seeing what page they will be getting on in the coming weeks and months. Right now, Lemieux is vacationing. Estephan told me that Oscar post-fight told him how impressed he was was Lemieux’s jab. So … will we see how that jab does at repelling Golovkin next?

“I have been speaking to HBO, and it’s not a matter of do we want the fight or not, it’s a matter if the financials make sense. If the financials are right, David will knock all these guys out at some point.”

Estephan said Lemieux will fight again before the year’s end, October or November. He will keep an eye out on a still-to-be-completed eliminator bout between Tureano Johnson (18-1; age 31) and 14-1-1 Irishman Eamonn O’Kane, age 33, who holds the IBF intercontinental strap, that could factor into the next step for Lemieux.

“The key for me is, Lemieux is on a roll, to keep him active … the right fight comes along with anybody, we’re going to do it. We are very confident. But we’re not going to rush anything.”

If you had to offer an educated guess, do you think, Camille, we see Golovkin-Lemieux next?

“This is the fight a lot of fans want to see. If it makes business sense we’ll do it. It’s ‘when’ will it make business sense, not ‘if.’ We’ve talked about the fight with HBO in the past, it didn’t make sense; we want to build it up to be as profitable as possible for David.”

Golovkin promoter Tom Loeffler told me he is keen to make Golovkin-Lemieux, and would present it as Golovkin’s first pay-per-view scrap.

So, will we see that next? “If I had a crystal ball I would tell you, Mike, but at this stage I really don’t know,” Estephan said, “I will say this: With a lot of other fighters being asked to fight Golovkin, it’s a NO. We are not a NO. This I will say … Lemieux will be keeping people on the edge of their seats for many years to come.”

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