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Could a win put Shawn Porter in the Mayweather Sweepstakes?

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There’s a lot at stake for Shawn Porter when he faces Adrien Broner in the main event of the Premier Boxing Champions card that takes place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Of course, there is that whole “Battle for Ohio” thing that has been talked about as Porter and Broner have an extensive history being as though they are both from The Buckeye State.

But that’s just a pride thing.

The one thing that hasn’t really been discussed are what doors will open for Porter should he take out Broner in spectacular fashion on Saturday night in front of what will likely be one of, if not the most watched PBC on NBC broadcast. Although Broner has become a household name courtesy of his extracurricular activities that have less to do with boxing, Porter hasn’t quite taken that leap into the limelight.


A victory over Broner will most certainly do that for him. He has the proverbial deck stacked against him and it was demonstrated at Thursday’s press conference when Floyd Mayweather, Errol Spence Jr. and Adrien Broner were joking with each other on the other side of the podium. Broner and Spence are Mayweather’s friends who the pound for pound best boxer in the sport has pegged as the future. They also just so happen to hover in the same weight class as “Money.”

Which also means that they are also in the same weight class as Shawn Porter. So when asked Porter if he ever considered that he is also looking at his next two opponents sitting across from him, the 27-year-old former titleholder sat silent for a moment as a light bulb appeared over his head.

“I didn’t think about that until you asked just now,” Porter said, his eyes squinting as if he was beginning to visualize the future that could be in front of him should he get past Broner.

After all, Mayweather has made a habit out of facing opponents who beat fighters he was friendly with. When Robert Guerrero and Victor Ortiz beat Andre Berto – whom Mayweather spoke highly of once upon a time – Mayweather chose them as his next opponents. It wasn’t until Marcos Maidana defeated the self-proclaimed “little brother” of Floyd Mayweather, Adrien Broner, that the Argentinean popped up on the radar of the five-division world champion.

So who is to say that if Porter beats up on Broner that Mayweather wouldn’t select him for his farewell fight? It’s not all that farfetched given the history. And considering that Mayweather has suggested that Errol Spence Jr. should face Keith Thurman in his next fight, if “One Time” isn’t available, then maybe it will have to be “Showtime.”

After running through his thoughts, Porter opened up on the possibility.

“I could definitely see a fight with Mayweather next but not so much Errol Spence,” Porter said. He didn’t dismiss Spence because he didn’t think he was a great talent but figures that Spence still has more work to do in the ring before he could punch his ticket to an evening with Shawn Porter. “Spence still has more to do but I was in the same position he’s currently in when I was up against Devon Alexander. Spence would be a great fight though.”

As for Mayweather, Porter knows that now that the monkey is off of Mayweather’s back to face Manny Pacquiao, his next opponent is completely up in the air. Although Amir Khan has been in the running for what has felt like an eternity, his performance against Chris Algieri wasn’t the kind that sold anyone on the fact that he’d be competitive against Mayweather. Porter is well aware that a definitive victory over Broner could find him leapfrogging the Brit. And Porter believes he has just the style that could give Mayweather one of his toughest fights since Miguel Cotto.

“I think a fight with Mayweather makes a lot of sense,” Porter said. “I think I am a worthy opponent for Mayweather and I would give it my all. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen him in a very tough fight. Not since Miguel Cotto I think. “

Although many would argue that Marcos Maidana should also fit into that conversation as tough fights Mayweather recently had, Porter thinks he is a better combination of boxer and brawler than Maidana and has the right formula to keep Mayweather guessing. And if he serves a dish of relentless punishment that he has promised to Broner, he figures that Mayweather might want some of that too.

“Nobody is going to leave it in the ring against Mayweather like I would,” Porter said. “I guarantee you that.”