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Adams says Boxcino experience will help him win this year’s tournament


It is d├®j├á vu all over again for Brandon Adams.

Last year, he fought his way to the Boxcino tournament final at 160 pounds where he would eventually lose to Willie Monroe Jr.

He finds himself in familiar territory after steamrolling his way to this year’s Boxcino Tournament Final at 154 pounds. Will he come up short against fellow finalist John Thompson or will experience be his biggest asset, which could win him the tournament?

Adams battles Thompson this Friday night in a 10 round bout at the Omega Products International in Corona, Calif. The bout, along with the heavyweight Boxcino tournament final between Alexey Fedesov and Donovan Dennis, will air at 10 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. PT.

Tomorrow’s ‘Friday Night Nights’ will be the final telecast in the 17-year run of the popular series.

Adams (17-1, 12 knockouts) stopped Alex Perez in the fifth round in quarterfinal action on Feb. 13. He followed that performance on Apr. 10, stopping Vito Gasparyan in the seventh round.

Thompson entered the tournament as a late-sub when original Boxcino participant Cleotis ‘Mookie’ Pendarvis came in over the weight limit against Ricardo Pinell in February. While Thompson has enjoyed the momentum of winning the first two fights, Adams believes it is his tournament to lose.

“(Thompson) did what he had to do,” Adams told RingTV.com over the phone. “He stepped it up. Replacement or not, his job is to win, not to lose. He’s your standard boxer. He’s going to try and keep me at bay and throw combinations.”

Adams may be the betting favorite when both fighters step inside the ring tomorrow night. The Los Angeles native has faced the better opposition between the two, and has the benefit of having fought in two Boxcino tournaments.

Whereas Adams’ lack of experience may have done him in last year, the amount of knowledge the 25 year old has gained in one year has been a godsend.

“There are similarities from this year to last,” said Adams. “I definitely stepped it up this year. I didn’t take enough initiative last year in the final. That lack of experience and fighting in front of millions was new to me.”

“But last year grew on me. I feel a whole lot better. I think I needed that bump (loss to Monroe) at that point. It made me understand that I can’t take boxing for granted. I have to work for (what I want).”

With the high stakes the Boxcino final has, including winning two regional title belts, Adams is looking to later this year and beyond. While he is competing at 154 pounds, Adams has expressed an interest in dropping down to 147 pounds and competing at that weight class.

Regardless of what weight class he will fight in, Adams believes he is destined for great things and winning the tournament is just the beginning.

“I’m my biggest enemy and I’m my worst nightmare. My goal is to be one of the top fighters of all time. Right now I could see myself as one of the top fighters at 154 pounds. It’s what I’m focused on anyway. As long as I continue working hard in the gym and fighting those experienced fighters, I’ll be fine.”

Adams finds inspiration from being a father to his year old child, but he is also grateful for his family and friends that have kept him grounded throughout his pro career.

It is a pro career that may have a bump in the road here and there, but one where bigger fights await him.

“The Boxcino (tournament) is closure for me. I thought I was going to win last year, but who would’ve thought I could be one fight away from winning this year’s tournament. I hope to be like Willie Monroe, where he got a fight with Gennady Golovkin.”

“Put me up on that center stage and I could win. It’s going to test me, but I believe I belong here.”



Francisco A. Salazar has written for RingTV since October of 2013 and has covered boxing in Southern California and abroad since 2000. Francisco also covers boxing for the Ventura County (CA) Star newspaper, Boxingscene.com, and Knockout Nation. He can be reached by email at [email protected] or on Twitter at FSalazarBoxing