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Guillermo Rigondeaux’s manager tells Bob Arum to stop disparaging his fighter

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Guillermo Rigondeaux's manager fired back at Bob Arum's most recent criticism of the fighter, whom Arum promotes.

Irishman Gary Hyde blasted Arum's choice of Joseph Agebko as Rigondeaux's opponent, and had some other choice words for the Top Rank CEO in a letter obtained by on Tuesday.

Arum told BoxingScene that he doesn't blame HBO for not wanting to televise Rigondeaux's fights, saying Rigondeaux promised to try to knock out Joseph Agbeko in their HBO fight, but the Cuban never came through on his promise.

“But once he hit (Agbeko) a couple times, ‘That’s it. I won the fight,'" Arum said. "And nothing (expletive) happened for the next nine rounds. It’s very sad, because he’s so good."

"I have a problem,” Arum added. “And you can’t really blame the network. The rating for the (James) Kirkland-(Glen) Tapia fight was almost double Rigondeaux’s rating. People walked out. If people don’t want to watch, what do you expect a network to do? I don’t care how good we say he is, which he is.”

Here is the letter to Arum in its entirety.


Dear Bob,

I read your comments once again trashing Guillermo Rigondeaux.

Let me remind you that it became clear to us well before the bout that Joseph Agbeko was, to use a euphemism, " troubled ". We asked, through Mr. English, that an opponent likely to be more competitive be used. The public does not know this. But you do.

All Joseph Agbeko did was to try to survive, perfectly predictable under the circumstances, as we both know.

Now you are once again trashing Guillermo Rigondeaux for following the direction of Top Rank and of HBO in fighting an opponent who did not want to be there and who simply wished to survive.

Tell the public the truth. Tell them that we knew full well that Agbeko was an inappropriate opponent and that Mr. Rigondeaux's representatives said so. Tell the truth and blame those who went forward in light of the advice to select another opponent. Tell the public who made the decision to use Agbeko, who made the decision to keep him in light of unmistakable signs as to the likelihood he would simply fight to survive (at best) and stop trashing the fighter you promote.

We look forward to Rigondeaux's next bout. It is time that Top Rank schedule same.

Gary Hyde