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Jean Pascal UD 12 Lucian Bute live round-by-round updates

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Jan has a live round-by-round update of tonight's 175-pound bout during which former light heavyweight champ Jean Pascal (29-2-1, 17 knockouts) won by unanimous decision over former IBF super middleweight titleholder Lucian Bute (31-2, 24 KOs) at Bell Centre in Montreal.

Pascal won for the third straight time, having also scored a unanimous decision over Aleksy Kuziemski and a fifth-round knockout of George Blades since losing his WBC title via unanimous decision to Bernard Hopkins in May of 2011.

Bute was coming off a unanimous-decision victory over previously unbeaten light heavyweight Denis Grachev in November which followed a fifth-round knockout loss to Carl Froch that cost him his IBF 168-pound belt in May of 2012. A subsequent injury to Bute’s left hand forced the postponement of the Pascal bout.

Incidentally, former champion Roy Jones Jr., who worked HBO's telecast for the 10-round draw between heavyweights Mike Perez and Carlos Takam on Saturday, was in the corner of Pascal against Bute.

Pascal said he brought Jones in due to his past success with southpaws, and that Jones was part of his training camp.

HBO’s broadcast begins at 10:15 p.m ET/PT.


Pascal vs. Bute

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Referee: Michael Griffin

Judges:  Claude Paquette, Pasquale Procopio and Jack Woodburn had it, 116-112, 117-110, and, 117-111, respectively, for Pascal. has it for Pascal, 116-112.

Bute enters the arena and the ring first to a boisterous crowd and the tunes of U2's "Where The Streets Have No Name" Pascal enters to a smattering of boos.

Ring announcer Michael Buffer for the introductions: "Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!!!"

With his shirt off, Bute looks trim but dry.  Crowd is chanting "Bute!" Pascal also looks somewhat dry.


Round 1:  Round 1 begins. Bute pawing with his right jab, as is Pascal with his left. Pascal goes to the body, Bute comes with a left over the top. Another right by Pascal to the body. Pascal's hands down. Each is standing his ground but few punches landing. Decent jab by Bute, right to the body by Pascal. Pascal grazes another right to the body. Crowd's chanting Bute's name. Right by Bute. Left hook by Pascal. Left jab and right by Pascal. Pascal, 10-9.

Round 2: Pascal had a 6-4 edge in blows landed in the first round. Won it on aggression. Good straight left by Bute and another. Right to the body for Pascal and a left to the body by Bute. Right jab by Bute. Double-left cross for Bute. Bute has picked up the pace. Pascal misses with a high right after landing to the body. Right to the head by Pascal. Right jab by Bute. Pascal lands three right hands during a flurry all to the head. May have shaken Bute. Pascal is applying the pressure late in the round. Pascal steals the round with the late action. Pascal 10-9; Pascal, 20-18.


Round 3: Harold Lederman has Pascal ahead, 20-18. Pascal continues to hold his hands low and dare Bute to approach. Decent jab and a grazing left by Bute. Hard right by Pascal. Right to the body and then to the head by Pascal. Another right by Pascal and a counter-left by Bute. Left by Bute, right by Pascal. Right by Pascal, jab by Bute. Left uppercut and left cross by Bute. Left to the body by Bute. Another left counter by Bute after the Pascal right. Bute's best round. Bute, 10-9; Pascal, 29-28.


Round 4: Lederman has it, 30-27, for Pascal. Bute had an edge in blows landed, 10-8, in the third round. Pascal sneaks a hard early right in after controlling the early action. Counter-right by Pascal after the Bute jab. Hard right by Pascal. Jab by Bute. Another jab by Bute. Jones telling Pascal to counter the jab. Bute lands another jab and is having a decent round. Hard right and double-left by Pascal. Another right and a four-puch combination to the body all by Pascal. Pascal closes with a good volley to steal the round. Pascal, 10-9; Pascal, 39-37.


Round 5: Pascal out-landed Bute, 18-8, in the fourth round, and, 13-4, over the last part of the round. Bute controls the first part of the round with his jab as Pascal appears to be conserving energy. Good uppercut and a jab by Bute. Pascal lands a right to the body, but Bute has controlled the round. Left to the body by Bute during a clinch. Uppercut by Pascal and one by Bute. Bute has kept the fight in the center, but takes about six right hands during a clinch as the round ends. Bute 10-9; Pascal 48-47.

Round 6: Lederman has Pascal ahead, 50-45. Pascal lands a right, left, right combination early. Pascal lands a couple of nice up-jabs. Pascal lands a right to the head, two lefts to the body, a right and then another left before Bute moves away. Solid shots. Good jab by Pascal. Two rights around a left by Pascal. Bute's left eye is closing. Pascal lands an uppercut and then a right hand counter after a Bute jab. Jab by Pascal. Two right hands by Pascal during a clinch. Left by Bute, right by Pascal. Pascal, 10-9; Pascal, 58-56.


Round 7: Lederman has it 60-54 for Pascal.  Pascal appears to be setting the trap for a big punch. Bute fires and is successful with a combination. They trade jabs. They do so again before Pascal comes with a hard right to the head and then another. When Pascal fights, Bute retreats. About five right hands by Pascal and two left hands. Pascal digs down and fires a right, left, right combination. Jab by Bute. Left cross by Bute. Right to the body by Pascal. Two jabs and a third jab all by Pascal, who dances away. Easy round for Pascal. Pascal, 10-9; Pascal, 68-65.

Round 8: Pascal had an advantage in power punches of 13-5 in the seventh round. Lederman has it, 70-63, for Pascal. Bute's moving forward behind the jab as Pascal allows. Right to the body by Pascal. Lead left by Bute. Hard right by Pascal drives back Bute. Jab by Pascal, left by Bute. Jab by Pascal. Counter-right by Pascal. Right by Pascal after a head-swiveling left on the inside. Bute GOES DOWN  as the punch is thrown, but referee Griffin rules it a slip. Hard right by Pascal and another. Two jabs by Pascal and a left hook. Right by Pascal. Pascal 10-9, Pascal, 78-74.

Round 9: Lederman has it, 80-72, for Pascal. Pascal starts with the double-jab.  Pascal's jab and movement could set up Bute for the right. Right to the body by Pascal. Two jabs by Bute. Hard right by Pascal after the jab. Left hook by Pascal. Two lefts by Bute, one of them to the body. Right jab and straight left by Bute, but he takes a hard right and a jab. Right to the body by Pascal, who drives back Bute. Hard right to the body and then another to the head by Pascal. Pascal, 10-9; Pascal, 88-83.

Round 10: Pascal landed 15 power punches to four for Bute in the ninth. Lederman has it 90-81 for Pascal, who rocks Bute with a right hand and rallies behind it. Pascal drills Bute up the middle to the head and body during the middle of the round. Accidental clash of heads. Blood from Bute. Bute tries to force the action but takes three jabs. Bute's bleeding from around the left side of his face. Counter-right by Pascal. Two straight lefts by Bute. Right by Pascal. Three right hands land for Pascal just prior to the bell to steal the round. Pascal, 10-9; Pascal, 98-92.

Round 11: : Lederman has it, 99-91, for Pascal, having given Bute round 10. Pascal's back to fighting frrm a distance. Bute's activity gives him the edge behind his jab, right hook and the occasional left. Pascal digs in, however, and lands a right and two lefts. Jab by Bute. Bute's having his best rally in the corner, landing lefts and rights. Pascal clobbers Bute with two right hands and rallies, himself. Bute comes back with a left Jab. Bute, 10-9; Pascal, 107-102.


Round 12: Fighters landed 19 blows each in the 11th round. Bute's hammering Pascal in a corner with lefts and rights to the head. Pascal's taking it, but he's getting punished. Pascal turns the tables and dishes punishment on Bute. Bute's back to pursuing Pascal with several lefts and rights with Pascal's hands down. One minute left. Bute's still coming forward pressing the action. Hard right to the body by Pascal, hard left by Bute and several blows that follow. Bute closes strongly. Excellent close by Bute, who landed 44 punches to Pascal's 20 in the 12th round. Bute, 10-9; Pascal, 116-112. has it for Pascal, 116-112.