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Provodnikov KO 10 Alvarado live round-by-round updates

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alt’s live round-by-round updates will take place on this page for tonight’s junior welterweight clash during which Mike Alvarado was dropped twice in the eighth round and dethroned by 10th-round knockout by Ruslan Provodnikov, who earned Alvarado’s WBO title at 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colo., a suburb of Denver.

Alvarado (34-2, 23 knockouts) was coming off a unanimous decision over Brandon Rios in March that was a rematch of a seventh-round TKO loss from October of last year.

In his last fight, also in March, Provodnikov (23-2, 16 KOs) scored a 12th-round knockdown during a unanimous-decision loss to WBO welterweight beltholder Tim Bradley.

Provodnikov out-landed Alvarado, 168-137, in overall power shots.

The HBO broadcast began at 9:45 p.m. ET/PT.

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Alvarado vs. Provodnikov

Refresh this page often for updates.

Referee: Tony Weeks

Judges: Denny Nelson, Levi Martinez, Robert Hoyle.

Fighters weighed in at 138.9 pounds. Alvarado re-hydrated to 157-to-148 pounds for Provodnikov. Alvarado initially missed weight, having had to drop from 141 pounds. Will Alvarado’s nine-pound advantage be a factor in the fight?

Freddie Roach is not here for Provodnikov, whose head trainer will be Marvin Somodio. Provodnikov enters the arena to Survivor’s “Eye of The Tiger.” Being lustily booed by the crowd.

Alvarado, who started boxing at age 20 after having been a two-time state wrestling champ, enters the arena to boisterous applause and cheers.

Michael Buffer: “LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!”

Again, Provodnikov roundly booed, Alvarado, alternately welcomed by his hometown crowd.


Round 1: Time to fight. “Let’s go,” says referee Tony Weeks. Provodnikov jabs, fires a right, is in hot pursuit. Provodnikov forciing action and crowding, landing to the body around Alvarado’s guard. Intermittent jab and two rights over the top by Provodnikov. Early on, blistering attack from Provodnikov, firing even handed. Left hook to the body and right to the head by Provodnikov. Two left hooks by Alvarado, but Provodnikov still is coming. Left uppercut by Alvarado and a right to counter a right by Provodnikov. Alvarado’s trying to move away but takes a left and a right. Alvarado comes back with a right and a left prior to the bell. Provodnikov, 10-9.


Round 2: Provodnikov’s overhand right was a telling blow in the first round. Provodnikov landed 22 power shots to 15 for Alvarado in the first round. More of the same in the second, although Alvarado’s jab and movement are more pronounced. Good jab and uppercut by Alvarado and then an overhand right. Hard right by Provodnikov to the body, but Alvarado’s movement and his jab are setting the pace. Good three-punch combination to the body by Provodnikov. Solid uppercut by Alvarado. Good pumping jab by Alvarado and a hard right that gets Provodnikov’s attention. Alvarado’s using his height much better to create distance with his jab. Nice right and left hook prior to the bell by Alvarado, 10-9, Even, 19-19.

Round 3: Alvarado out-landed Provodnikov, 19-10, in the second round. More of the same to start the third. Alvarado stands tall and jabs while firing the right from a distance. Overhand right by Provodnikov. Good ripping uppercuts from Alvarado. Hard right by Provodnikov and a brutal left uppercut by Alvarado. Alvarado’s standing and trading with Provodnikov, whose head swivels with a hard right. Two left hooks counter a right by Provodnikov. Another right by Provodnikov, but Alvarado’s gettiing off with both hands, switching occasionally to the southpaw stance. Alvarado, 10-9; Alvarado, 29-28.

Round 4: Alvarado out-landed Provodnikov, 25-17, in the third. Harold Lederman has it, 29-28, Alvarado. Alvarado continues to get off first behind his movement and jab. Alvarado lands a hard right and pumps the jab. Solid right uppercut by Alvarado swivel’s Provodnikov’s head. Solid left hook, up-jab, and left hook by Provodnikov. Another left hook by Provodnikov and another. Right-left by Alvarado, and a right by Provodnikov. Double-left and a right by Provodnikov. Alvarado’s standing in. Right and left by Provodnikov, who takes a right and then delivers three closing left hooks. Provodnikov, 10-9; Even, 38-38.


Round 5: Alvarado out-landed Provodnikov, 21-19, in the fourth, but Provodnikov had an edge in power shots, 16-15, in the round. Provodnikov is firing hard punches and appears to have the edge early in the fourth round. Provodnikov’s applying good pressure and landing the left well. Solid riight to the body and left to the had by Provodnikov, who takes an occasional left from Alvarado. Decent up-jab by Provodnikov. Double-jab and right by Provodnikov. Alfarado pawing with the jab, but Provodnikov appears to have the edge. Right and left to the body by Alvarado. Right by Provodnikov. Fighter’s touch gloves at the bell. Provodnikov, 10-9; Provodnikov, 48-47.

Round 6: Lederman has it, 48-47, Provodnikov. Alvarado has the early lead with blows to the head and body. Right uppercut and right cross and another right to the chin — all by Alvarado. Leaping left hook by Provodnikov, who lands five consecutive left hooks. Right by Alvarado. Body shot by Provodnikov. Jab, jab by Provodnikov. Nice right by Provodnikov, who takes a double-left and then a left hook from Alvarado. Another left and a right by Provodnikov, who is taking Alvarado’s jab well. Right and left by Provodnikov prior to the bell. Provodnikov, 10-9; Even, 58-56.

Round 7: Alvarado’s busier behind his jab, and, hooks off the jab well. Switching to southpaw has helped him tremendously as he fires nice rights and cuts Provodnikov over the right eye. Rights and lefts from Provodnikov. Great exchange left and right and left all by Provodnikov, who is bleeding from the nose. Left hook by Provodnikov, who closes with a vicious volley of rights and lefts. Provodnikov, 10-9; Provodnikov, 68-65.


Round 8: Lederman has it, 67-66, Provodnikov. Provodnikov’s closing the distance and hammers ALVARADO TO THE CANVAS BEHIND A BODY SHOT AND A RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT!!!! IN ALL, PROVODNIKOV THREW 25 UNANSWERED PUNCHES. Alvaradao rises, but takes a blast of left and rights to the head and three vicious lefts to the body. ALVARADO’S DOWN AND UP AT WEEKS’ COUNT OF EIGHT FROM ANOTHER SERIES OF RIGHTS AND LEFTS!!!! IN ALL, ABOUT 11 UNANSWERED BLOWS. Alvarado rises, but takes a left hook. Alvarado’s trying to fight Provodnikov off. Tremendous courage by Alvarado in fighting back. Left and right by Provodnikov, who takes the same from Alvarado. Provodnikov, 10-7, Provodnikov, 78-72.

Round 9: Lederman has it 77-73. Provodnikov continues to pressure and trade with Alvarado, who tries to remain on the move. Hard right by Provodnikov. Alvarado’s doing well to jab, but can’t hold off the smaller man. Right and left by Provodnikov. Right to the body and to the head from Provodnikov. Hard right by Alvarado, who moves away. Right and left by Provodnikov, who stalks and attacks. They trade right hands. Alvarado is tough. Provodnikov, 10-9; Provodnikov, 88-81.

Round 10: Provodnikov continues to stalk Alvarado, who trails, 87-82 on Lederman’s card. Decent right by Alvarado, who has been told by his corner he needs a KO to win. Alvarado’s taking some hard body shots while attempting to get off his jab. Hard right by Alvarado, but Provodnikov’s still coming. Another right from behind an Alvarado jab. Left hook by Provodnikov. Hard right by Provodnikov, right and left and right. ALVARADO’S GETTING HAMMERED ON THE ROPES. Three rights and a left to the head, all by Provodnikov. Alvarado’s stumbling around and very much in trouble. Provodnikov, 10-9; Provodnikov, 98-90.



Photos by Chris Farina, Top Rank

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