Friday, March 24, 2023  |


THE RING Magazine to be mailed with protective plastic wrapping


Dear Readers,

A typical comment among non-subscribers to THE RING Magazine I met during my visit to the International Boxing Hall of Fame this year was this: “I would subscribe if you mailed the magazine in a plastic cover.”

In other words, readers, who love to collect the magazine, preferred to buy it on a newsstand – where it would likely be in more-pristine condition and have no address sticker on the cover – than risk any damage during delivery.

Well, we’ve acted upon your suggestion:

Beginning with the September 2013 issue, which will be mailed out in early July, all magazines sent to your homes and businesses will be covered in plastic to protect it during the delivery. And the address sticker will be on the plastic, not the magazine.

Please note: Magazines on newsstands will not have the plastic wrapping.

THE RING hopes the change will encourage our readers – and those who would like to be – to subscribe the magazine.

To subscribe, simply click here or click on SUBSCRIBE in the navigation bar above. You can also subscribe to our digital edition or purchase the current or past issues of the magazine on our subscribe page.

And you can save money if you act now. Include the following promotional code for a $25 discount on a one-year subscription: 53MRTW.

Thank you,

Michael Rosenthal