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Holt’s statement regarding his post-fight drug test

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Kendall Holt’s statement:

April 8, 2013 – “I am pleased to announce that according to laboratory results I am not under suspicion of having taken a banned substance in connection with my bout against Lamont Peterson.

“We have received an email from Dr. David Eichner, Director of the WADA accredited Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory that my results ‘do not suggest doping.’

“As explained to me, ‘intact HCB’ indicates the use of that banned substance. A confirmatory test reflected that I did not have ‘intact HCB’ and thus doping was ruled out in my case.

“There is an atypical finding for ‘non-intact HCB,’ which, as explained to me, is naturally produced. That finding will be explored further by my physicians.

“This explanation, too, was provided directly by the Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory located in Salt Lake City.

“I requested a full WADA drug screening at the time of my bout with Lamont Peterson. Under the circumstances I am very glad that I did because it not only provided protection against drug cheating but also alerted me when I finally got the proper information of the need for further medical testing.

“I look forward to returning to the ring at 147 lbs.”

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