Sunday, March 26, 2023  |


De La Hoya saddened by Hatton, Mayweather crises


LOS ANGELES – Oscar De La Hoya said on Tuesday that the recent personal crises of Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayeather Jr. might be cries for help.

Hatton was caught on video snorting cocaine and has reportedly checked into a rehabilitation facility. Mayweather went on a racist rant aimed at Manny Pacquiao, after which he apologized, and was later arrested on felony larceny charges after an argument with his ex-girlfriend.

“My reaction is that I wish all the best for them,” De La Hoya said. “Maybe it’s a cry for help. They definitely, especially Ricky Hatton, needs help. ÔǪ He’s going to self destruct. ÔǪ I would tell him, ‘I want to help you. I’m your friend, I’m your father, I’m your brother.’ He’s in a world right now, if he continues, he’s going to self destruct. He could die. So he needs help.”

De La Hoya obviously has to be careful what he says publicly about Mayweather because they have a working relationship. Still, he seemed to have genuine compassion for his former rival.

“Maybe it’s a cry for help too,” De La Hoya said. “One never knows. Maybe he has his own problems. ÔǪ Ricky Hatton is a good guy. I truly feel Floyd Mayweather is a good guy too. He can be a nice guy. I’ve seen him in action. He can be nice.

“Sometimes it’s a sign someone needs help. I can just say I wish the best for anybody in that situation because it’s sad.”