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Dougie’s Mid-week Mosley-Mayweather Mailbag

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Dear Doug,
You know more about boxing than I ever will, but I just can't see Mosley winning on Saturday. I don't think he's quite got enough dimension in his game to work out the Mayweather riddle.

Either way, if you do prove me wrong (pray, God, I am!) I promise to send you over a bottle of my favourite local (Lake District) beer – Coniston Bluebird.

Best wishes. — Rob, Cumbria, UK

If Mosley knocks him out will you send me over a case? LOL.

I don't have a problem with anybody picking Mayweather to win this fight, because I view it as an even-matchup, but it bugs me when I hear fans (and boxing writers) say things like they just CAN'T see Mosley win or adapt or box or do whatever. That's such an absolutist viewpoint and I don't think it's realistic at all.

At this level of the sport — and we are talking about two pound-for-pound-ranked veterans — anyone's got a shot to win. Mayweather is not fighting a journeyman. He's not fighting a shot fighter. He's not fighting an undersized boxer or an average talent. Nobody should say that a fighter as talented, experienced and hungry as Shane Mosley has no shot to win this fight.

If you (not you specifically, Rob, I'm talking to fight fans and boxing people in general) think Mosley is one-dimensional, you're lying to yourself. If you think he can't fight boxers or “Black fighters,” as some morons have had the gall to state publicly, you're just being silly.

A fighter does not win most of more than 200 amateur bouts (and go 96-3 in open-class bouts) and 46 of 52 pro bouts while picking up five world titles in three weight classes without beating a few boxers and “brothas” and without the ability to adapt in the ring.

I mean, honestly, how much dimension did Jose Luis Castillo have in his game when he gave Mayweather hell for 12 rounds?


I like your writing style and dedication to the sport, HOWEVER, while I am not surprised that you are picking Mosley to win, your pick is clouded by your disdain for all things Mayweather. There is a blue print for beating Mosley. There isn’t one for beating Money. I am surprised that someone with your boxing acumen doesn’t see that.

You remember what Vernon Forest did to Mosley? You will see a repeat of this, probably sans knockdowns. Mosley dominates fighters that stand in front of him, which is something Floyd won’t do for any extended period of time. The one rangy, disciplined fighter he did fight (Forest) he got dominated, twice. Winky was more defensive than rangy, but just as disciplined and he dominated Mosley, twice. Mosley never made adjustments in either fight and was dominated in the same fashion.

Nazzim Richardson is the wild card, but I don’t think that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Mosley is what he is, a very good fighter who isn’t quite elite against a certain disciplined style that his conquerors possessed, as does Floyd. The fight will be interesting, but too much MONEY is always a good thing. — Wiley

No disrespect Wiley, but it sounds like you're just repeating what you heard Mayweather and his family and flunkies say on 24/7.

My “boxing acumen” (LOL) is the reason I’m picking Mosley to win. My prediction has nothing to with any disdain for Mayweather. If that were the case I would have picked someone else to beat him by now. But I haven’t. And that’s because I respect Mayweather’s skills (if not his careful self-management). It’s also because I respect Mosley.

Yes, I remember well what Forrest and Wright did to Mosley (and I disagree that Shane didn't make adjustments in the rematches, which were more competitive than the first fights). I don't believe that Mayweather can do what they did. Not because I think Mayweather isn't as good as those two excellent boxers — he's better in a pound-for-pound sense — but because I don't think he's as big as they are and it's obvious that he has a different style.

Mayweather does not have the range that the late Forrest had with his jab and he does not commit to his right hand the way the Viper did (nor does his right hand have the power Forrest's did). I do not believe that Mayweather is as effective at 147 pounds as Forrest was. I know Mayweather isn’t as effective at 154 pounds as Wright was, and neither was Mosley. Shane just found that out the hard way — by actually getting in the ring with Winky. It says here that if Mayweather fought Wright at junior middleweight the same thing that happened to Molsey would have happened to him. Wright was way too big, strong and technically proficient for Mayweather to cope with. Mosley was durable and game enough to make their first bout competitive for five rounds. I don't even think Floyd could have done that.

It's silly to compare Mayweather with these rangy 6-foot-tall technicians. It's even sillier to regurgitate Floyd's “There's-no-blueprint-to-beat-me” mantra. The blueprint is in his first fight with Jose Luis Castillo, a bout that he was lucky to win. It's in his victories over Zab Judah, Oscar De La Hoya, and even his knockout of Ricky Hatton. Floyd’s a defensive marvel but he’s not untouchable.

If you don't have a sharp boxing mind, you won't see that fact, and if a fighter doesn't have a strong will and self belief he won't be able to take advantage of that fact.

Contrary to popular thought, Mosley does have a sharp boxing mind (and trainer Naazim Richardson only enhances it). Mosley's will and self belief is as strong as any fighter who has ever laced on a pair of gloves. That’s why I’m picking him to win on Saturday.


I've read that the FMJ has declined to pay the sanctioning fee to the WBA, making this fight a non-title fight.

Do you take him at his word that belts don't do anything but collect dust, or do you think he has some ulterior motive? — gopal rao

The only motive Mayweather has in declining to pay the WBA's sanctioning fee is his need to save his money, which is probably a good idea. After Mosley beats him how many more big paydays is he going to have?


Hello Doug,
Hope you’re ready for this Saturday's ultimate showdown between Mosley and Mayweather. For some reason I keep thinking this fight will play out like Judah vs. Spinks II.

Mayweather will box circles for the first half and then Mosley’s strength and power will start wearing down Mayweather. Much like Castillo was able to put his hands on him, Mosley will get through that guard and land the equalizer. Mayweather will start running, Mosley will pursue with a killer instinct and go for the kill, winning by TKO.

Mayweather, like Spinks, had the better footwork and defense versus Judah, but Judah had better power, and more cajones, like Mosley. It’s possible that Mayweather escapes like Spinks did against Judah in their first fight. But not without getting his head bashed in before the final round. Well I don't know, those are 4 different fighters with different styles.

We will see.

In Mayweather’s last fight he was picking on an honor student from Junior High. Now he's gotta deal with a college student with a master's degree.

I cant wait.

Enjoy the fights. — Jorge, San Diego

I will. I can’t wait, either.

Mosley and Mayweather are more complete fighters than Judah and Spinks, which tells me that their matchup won’t be as cut-and-dry as the two southpaws’ bouts, but I see what you’re getting at. Mosley and Judah have similar mentalities (they have killer instincts, although Judah generally doesn’t keep his late into tough fights like Shane does) and Mayweather and Spinks are defensive specialists who are happy to outpoint an opponent.

I’m not predicting a knockout in Saturday’s showdown but if there is one I think Mosley will score it.


I’m crossing my fingers on a Mosley victory. I'm still somewhat skeptical about Mosley in general even though I'm a fan and will always respect him for taking on the best. Although he crushed Margarito, there are questions surrounding the fight whether Margarito was in the right state of mind entering the fight after what happened in the locker room and if Mosley had one more left in him because he certainly hadn't looked that great in his fights before that.

Yes it could have went either way with Cotto, but against Mayorga, Vargas, and the few before he didn't look like he still had it. It's also a year and three months since he's fought. I hope he's still got it and either way I do give Floyd credit for finally taking on someone who the fans think is competitive and can win. Any word of how he's looked in training? Your predictions? Part of me feels like Mayweather will run and do his usual and frustrate Mosley completely to a boring decision and the other part feels like we may see Mosley KO him. I guess that's why you got to love boxing because when good fights are made its a coin toss. About time for Floyd. — Michael, NYC

Yep, it’s about damn time. No need to cross your fingers. Mosley has the talent, the experience and the toughness, and he’s put in the work with the right people to get the job done.

Here’s my problem with everybody (and it really does seem like 90% of the boxing world brings up the Margarito fight as a reason Mosley won’t win on Saturday) putting an asterisk by Shane’s last fight. NOBODY was saying that Margarito was tailor made for Mosley BEFORE the damn fight.

And now everyone wants to play Sigmond Freud and say that Margarito was mentally defeated before the fight because his trainer was busted trying to load his gloves. OK, fine. Here’s what I’d like to ask of you wannabe psychologists: If you’re going to explain Mosley’s success against Margarito on the Mexican mauler’s mental duress going into that fight then please cut Shane some slack for his shaky performances against Vargas (in the first fight) and Mayorga because he was under some serious psychological stress with his ex-wife’s constant drama.

Hey, it’s only fair.

Me? I give Mosley full credit for whupping Margarito’s ass. And I blame his less-that-impressive performances vs. Vargas and Mayorga on the fact that those bouts took place at junior middleweight and the dudes he fought entered the ring weighing 170 pounds.

I’ve never liked Mosley at junior middleweight. I like him a lot at welterweight.

I LOVE him against Mayweather.


Dear Doug,
I wouldn't mind your thoughts on this.

I have read several columns suggesting that if Mayweather beats Mosley, that he will be in a rarefied group of the elite fighters comparable to Robinson, Louis, Ali and others. Now I do think this is going to be a very good fight and one which might be frustrating for Mosley in the beginning. I really can't decide on this, but am trending towards Mosley because Mayweather has not fought anyone of Mosley’s ability so far. Some points against Mosely: He is 40; he looked good against Margarito but did not do so well before him. But the same things can be said about Mayweather: He fought a blown-up featherweight and admitted that Marquez was too small for him.

Anyways, what will it do to Mayweather's legacy if he wins? I don't think it does much. Because if it did, should we not say that Cotto belongs up there with Robinson and Louis, because Cotto beat Mosley 3 years ago when Mosley was younger? Is that not a more significant achievement than what Mayweather would achieve if he were to beat Mosley?

All the best. — Brij

Mayweather will get more credit for beating Mosley than Cotto did because A) Mosley’s stature is higher now than it was three years ago, B) Mayweather is undefeated and will have extended his unbeaten record to 41-0, and C) a lot of boxing writers just like to kiss Floyd’s narrow black ass.

Somebody recently wrote that Sugar Ray Robinson would have struggled to win a narrow decision over Mayweather in an article published by THE RING. If people believe that before the Mosley fight, what do you think those same folks will say and write if he beats Mosley?

There will be some folks who believe Mayweather is the best boxer of all time.

Whatever. People said that about Roy Jones Jr. after he beat John Ruiz. I can’t stop them. It’s their opinions. Not mine.

What a Mosley victory will mean for me is that Mayweather will become a real fighter in my view for the first time in five or six years. Mosley is the highest-ranking elite fighter that Mayweather has faced that actually belongs in his chosen division. Hatton was in most P4P lists, but he was a junior welterweight who fought Mayweather at welterweight. Marquez was in everybody’s P4P top 3-5, but he was a lightweight who fought Mayweather at welterweight. Mosley is a top 5 P4P player who is a top-ranked welterweight fighting Mayweather at 147 pounds.

A Mayweather victory on Saturday will mean that his top 2 pound-for-pound placement and top 3 welterweight ranking will be justified, in my opinion.

And it will enhance his overall legacy. How much depends on how he beats Mosley, if he can. I’m not sure that he can.


I am extremely excited for Mosley V Floyd. I'll be cheering for Shane but it's pretty hard to pick anyone against Mayweather. Then again this is the first legit lb for lb welterweight Floyd has ever fought. Marquez and Hatton were undersized, Baldomir and Judah? Pfffft. This is Sugar Shane baby, this is a whole different beast. I have to give Floyd credit for FINALLY fighting a top welterweight. He likes to claim he's better than Ali, but guess what, Ali didn't duck anyone EVER. If you call yourself the GOAT, you can't retire when your potential opponents are tough, or require ridiculous drug tests of your opponents.

I just have to reiterate what everyone is saying about Brother Naazim. I love his no nonsense attitude and his unorthodox training techniques. I always wish Miguel Cotto had him in his corner on that night in July '08, who knows how different things would've been. You've gotta like a trainer who doesn't let any BS happen on his watch. Having Richardson in his corner on May 1st is a huge advantage for Shane.

Hope you're doing well Doug. — Will Pena, Jersey City

I’m doing just fine, Will.

I agree that Mosley is the best welterweight that Mayweather has faced (arguably his opponent, period) and that Naazim is an advantage for Shane, but it’s not the veteran’s only plus in this fight. He’s got the durability, strength, and power, and his speed might be on par with Floyd’s, which could trouble the defensive wizard as Judah’s quickness did early in their fight.

We’ll see what happens.


Doug, just some quick thoughts on the boxing world:

1. Mayweather wins a decisive but boring decision on Saturday night. I believe his movement and accuracy will be enough to pull it out. I hope it's exciting, but I just believe Mayweather is too smart to let that happen,

2. I may be the only fan to say this, but props to John Ruiz and his admirable career. I hated to watch the man fight, but if every fighter worked as hard and showed as much pride as Ruiz, the sport would be better off. For someone whose only assets in the ring were grit and heart, he did very well for himself.

3. Do you think the Paul Williams-Kermit Cintron fight is flying a bit under the radar? Cintron is a quality fighter, and his only losses were to Sergio Martinez (or at least should have been) and “Hands of Plaster.” I think he gives The Punisher trouble, but Williams pulls out a close decision.

— JY

Thanks for the quick hits, JY. I’ll resond to them inorder:

1. I don’t think Mayweather’s movement and accuracy will be enough to get the job done on the judges scorecards whether the bout is boring or entertaining. Mosley’s aggression, activity, effective (read: harder) punching and ability to match Mayweather’s speed will rule the night.

2. Ruiz only lost top contenders and ultra talents, and some of those bouts (including his first fight with living legend Evander Holyfield) were controversial. His victories over better talented big men like Holyfield, Hasim Rahman and Kirk Johnson are a testament to his will, conditioning and desire.

3. Williams-Cintron has definitely been buried under the Mosley-Mayweather promotion and the aftermath of Kessler-Froch and Arreola-Adamek, but I’m looking forward to this 154-pound scrap. I see it going the same way you do.