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Dougie’s FAT Friday Mailbag

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Heya Dougie,
Real quick question, do you know who the ref is going to be for the Pacquiao/Hatton fight? I think Manny Pacquiao’s feet are too quick for Ricky Hatton to successfully clinch and hit, but just in case, I wonder if the referee is the type that will quickly break or maybe even take away a point (gasp!) for excessive holding a la Keith Hughes in the Berto-Collazo fight.

STOKED, BUZZED, HYPED UP, EXCITED, damn it, is today only Thursday??? — JL, San Diego

Now it’s Friday. We’re only a day away from the big fight. I hope it’s a good one. I know the referee is a good one. Kenny Bayless got the gig.

Pacquiao’s got quick feet, but Hatton’s feet are not slow. He has a way of getting in close before his opponents know what happened. That’s how he beat Kostya Tszyu. Well, that and a lot of mauling during their clinches.

I don’t think Bayless will allow Hatton to hold and grapple as much as referee Dave Paris did against Tszyu, but I don’t believe he’ll get between Pacquiao and Hatton every time they get close to each other the way Joe Cortez did in the Mayweather fight.


Dougie, what’s good?
I’m enjoying your work on The Ring website. When is the Southern California Notebook gonna make a comeback? Those articles are always top shelf.

Regarding this weekend’s mega-fight, I’m picking Pacquiao. I see his attributes of speed, power, and boxing skill getting the best of Hatton. BUT, is there the slightest chance Manny is distracted heading into Saturday night and thus, take the Hitman’s challenge less seriously?

Ever since this fight was signed and sealed, I’ve read all the media coverage I can find. It’s been noted on several occasions that Freddie Roach has had to get Pacquiao refocused (especially in sparring) on the task at hand. Is it just me, Doug, or could Pacquiao suffer from a huge victory hangover, like Margarito did against Mosley, and take a very live fighter for granted? Hope the family is well. Peace. — Robert, Dallas

Margarito didn’t take Mosley for granted and Pacquiao isn’t taking Hatton for granted. Margarito got KTFO by Mosley because A) Shane is the better fighter, B) Tony had taken too much punishment in the ring and in camp in 2008, and C) his team weighed him on their own scale before the official weighin and thought he was a pound and half over when he wasn’t. He ran the weight off before the real weighin, thought he was at 147 pounds, but was really 145.8.

Is it possible that Pacquiao isn’t as “up” for Hatton as he was for Oscar De La Hoya? Definitely. I think there could be some psychological letdown after that apex he hit in December, but he’s training just as hard for Hatton as he did for De La Hoya. If he’s not as focused Saturday as he was Dec. 6, perhaps Hatton has a chance. We’ll find out soon.

My reports on Pacquiao’s camp were pretty much SCN-style stories. I think as the year progresses, I’ll work in gym notebook at least twice a month.

If you’re interested in following Pacquiao’s camp progression, as I witnessed it, here are the links to those RingTV stories and the dates they were posted on the site:

March 4 (Pacquiao begins training camp)

March 10 (Rumors, news & notes “Pacquiao camp: Week No. 2” – Pacquiao works mitts with Michael Moorer for first time)

March 20 (Pacquiao and Linares wage gym war at Wild Card)

April 1 (Pacquiao continues tough sparring sessions with Antillon)

April 22 (Closed camp policy for Pacquiao's good)


Alright Dougie, I don't want to go to much into the technical advantages for both Hatton and Paquaio, leave that to the armchair geeks. The Pacman's most celebrated punch is probably the straight left while the Hitman's could be his left hook. I think that Ricky's left hook especially to the ribcage is going to give Manny trouble. If Hatton can land the shot, what do you think? They don't call Ricky the white Mexican for nothing. Hatton's really strong and although Manny is faster of hand and foot, the Mad Hatter is no slouch in the footwork department.

This fight is really tough to call. I just feel that this time Manny's going to feel the force of a stronger fighter. I know I'm biased but I think Hatton will stop the Filipino buzzsaw with a devastating hook to the liver, dropping Manny like a sack of spuds. Am I in a dream world? What's your opinion? Or what about Hatton pulling out a Carl Froch at the end of the twelfth round? That would be funny. — Ryan, Manchester, UK

Pacquiao getting tired and fading out in the final round like Jermain Taylor did against Froch is unlikely. However, Hatton hurting Pacquiao with a body shot is very possible. It’s one of the X-factors in Saturday’s fight.

It will be interesting to see how Hatton takes Pacquiao’s body punches.


What's up dude? Though I am looking forward to seeing Manny Pacman vs The Hitman I am going on record to say that I am not buying this PPV. This undercard is just as bad as the crap that I had to endure while sitting in the crowd while waiting on Spinks-Latimore to kick off.

Even BEFORE james Kirkland was taken off the card it was a piece of poop. Can't believe that with all the fighters these two promotional giants have in their stables this is the best they could come up with. I paid for De La Hoya-Pacquiao but they ain't getting me this time, Playboy. Hatton W12 Pacquiao. Holla back!

(p.s. Mayweather is going to fight Marquez. Typical bullsh*t from a guy that I thought was going to go down in history as an ATG. I guess Erik Morales wasn't available.) — Fleetwood St. Louis, Mo.

I feel ya on the proposed Mayweather-Marquez bout. If it was set for 140 pounds, I think I would be genuinely excited about it. But at 145.5? What’s the point? Why don’t they just do it at junior middleweight? Geez.

I also feel ya on Saturday’s undercard. Fans and everyone in boxing love to s__t on Don King, but damn, he used to put together some worthy undercards on his pay-per-view shows in the 1990s; even the ones that were headlined by the pre-jail Mike Tyson! I’m thinking about Brown-Blocker on the Tyson-Rudduck I undercard and Nelson-Fenech I on the undercard of the rematch.

It’s not that the undercard fights will be total crap Saturday, I think Jacobs-Walker could be interesting, but they are the kind of bouts that should be on basic cable — not a pay-per-view undercard.

The only explanation I have for the gradual watering down of major PPV undercards is greed, by both the promoters and the star fighters. These days the PPV main event fighters want to be guaranteed so much money that promoters don’t want to shell out anything extra to make for a worthy undercard.

Oh well. You can read about how prospects Danny Jacobs, Matt Korobov, and Erislandy Lara looked in post-fight undercard reports. However, you can watch the non-televised undercard live on the Yahoo! Sports boxing page. There are some decent matchups including Mike Alvarado vs. Juaquin Gallardo, Abner Mares vs. Jonathan Perez, and Bernabe Concepcion vs. Yogli Herrera.


I thought your analysis on each fight was very terse and well written. A slight difference on opinion is that I honestly believe the Hawk would stop Manny, he was really a whirlwind. Your Duran prediction was spot-on, it would be scary to watch that fight as a Manny fan; the Sanchez and Gomez fights would most likely play out the same way as well. I actually believe Arguello could stop Manny as well based on how Marquez was able to hit Manny flush a lot of times in their first bout, but then I have to remind myself that Arguello wasn't that kind of accurate counter-puncher. Anyway great article.

I have a friend that thinks Manny would have beaten Floyd at 130, how do you see that fight playing out?? Better yet how do you see Floyd against Arguello at 130, Duran at 135, and Pryor at 140??

Thanks for your time. — Dexter

If there was a knockout in the mythical matchup between Aaron Pryor and Manny Pacquiao, the Hawk would have scored it. However, the I believe the 140-pound version of Pacquiao is a smart boxer, who picks his shots and utilizes a lot of movement. With his straight punching and faster hands, I think Pacquiao could have competed enough with Pryor to go the distance (at least the 12-round distance).

Of course Arguello could stop Pacquiao. He could stop anyone he nailed clean not named Aaron Pryor. However, don’t forget that my mythical matchup between Arguello and Pacquiao was the 130-pound versions. Arguello wasn’t facing the headstrong 126-pound version of Pac that Marquez fought in their first bout. In my imagination Arguello was fighting the more complete 130-pound version.

I would pick Mayweather to beat Pacquiao in a 130-pound mythical matchup. I would also pick Mayweather to out-point Arguello at 130 pounds. I think Duran flat-out kicks his ass and knocks him out at 135 pounds. (I mean, come on, if you go life-and-freakin’-death with Jose Luis Castillo at lightweight, Hands of Stone is going to own your narrow ass.) Pryor beats Mayweather down at 140. Floyd doesn’t punch enough to get any respect the Hawk.


Can you tell me why David Haye gets a shot at WK? I mean what has he done to earn the right to fight for the title. I think that is a joke. I mean he barley beat Barrett!!! I think that Wlad KO's him quick, just to shut him up!!! Anyway, how do you see the Pac/Hatton fight? I think that Hatton will be a lot better than people think. I am going with the Mad Hatter!!!! Look forward to hearing from you. — Michael from Tampa

I like Pacquiao by late stoppage, ninth or 10th round, but I think Hatton can win three rounds and make it interesting.

Haye has done nothing in the ring to earn a shot at Klitschko. His brash and bombastic personality, exciting style and popularity (in the UK) is what “earned” him this fight.


Just wanted to say a massive thank you for an article (PacMan vs. the greats) that commented on the Pacquiao/Hatton fight without writing Hatton off.

As a Brit, it was hugely refreshing to read a North American give Hatton the credit he so rightly deserves. He is the biggest, strongest and easily the best junior welterweight fighting today…..and Manny will certainly have his hands full!

For the record, I'm going for a Hatton win by stoppage in round 10/11. I noticed you neglected to give us your prediction….

Thanks again!

(P.S. Aaron Pryor – Doesn't come up enough in 'fantasy fight' conversations. He was truly incredible!) — Arron

Yes he was. I watched a lot of tape of The Hawk in research for that piece and, man, he was fun!

I think Hatton is the most competitive fighter Pacquiao has taken on since his rematch with Marquez, which we all know was a very close fight. Before and after the Marquez rematch, Pacquiao really wasn’t being challenged in the ring. That won’t be the case Saturday.


Great article. But I think you're being generous. Even against Arguello, he would have more difficulty than you mention. I mean, who has Pacman fought with Arguello's power? Morales, Barrera, Larios were all past their prime when Pacqiuiao finally got to them. The fact is that Pacquiao came in to the spotlight by defeating worn down fighters. How many wars had Barrera had before he fought the Pacman? How many wars had Morales had by the time he faced Pacquiao? Even when Pacquiao came up to 135 pounds, he wouldn't fight Casamayor. He elected to make a fight with a heavy footed and seriously overrated Diaz. And the only reason Diaz even made a name for himself is because he too defeated an old Morales.

The best fighter he's faced is Marquez. And many believe Marquez won both fights. And the entire De La Hoya situation is ridiculous. For anyone to even think Pacquiao would have lasted three rounds with a De La Hoya in his prime is nuts! De La Hoya fought the best of the best in their prime. Quartey, Trinidad, Vargas, Mayweather, Hopkins, Mosley, etc… What a resume. He won some and he lost some. But with the exception of the Hopkins fight, all his fights were extremely competitive and close calls. And all the guys in De La Hoya's resume had much more power than Pacquiao. Again, who has Pacquiao fought in their prime? If Pacquiao is really as great as everyone thinks he is at 147, then I'd like to see him fight against someone like Cotto. That would be a real gage at how great he is at that weight.

I also criticized De La Hoya when he fought the old versions of Chavez and Whitaker. So this is not a knock on Pacquiao, just a reality check.

And as for Pacquiao fighting Chavez, Whitaker, or Mayweather in their prime; please! — J. Carlos

Pacquiao fought Marquez in his prime (2004). Whether you think he won that first bout or not (or felt that the draw was the right call as I did), you have to give him credit for taking on a badass like that immediately after beating Barrera, who most rated as a top 5 pound-for-pound player at the time (2003). And you have to give Pac credit for facing Morales in his first fight at 130 pounds. No, Morales wasn’t in his prime, but he wasn’t over the hill either. Don’t forget, Morales has unified two 130-pound titles and given Barrera a hell of a fight in their rubbermatch the year before he fought the PacMan.

Oh, and Pac is fighting Hatton in the Brit’s prime.

I had Pacquiao going 1-4 against my five all-timers. How is that being generous? Pacquiao hasn’t fought anyone with Arguello’s power, but Arguello wasn’t always able to drop that bomb. He usually was, but not always. It’s not inconceivable that an ultra-fast, gutsy, sharp shooter with frenetic feet like Pacquiao could out-speed, outmaneuver and out-hustle the Explosive Thinman.


Nice Pacman mythical matchup article Dougie. No way he beats Sweet Pea IMO. Peace. — Adam

I haven’t really thought about it, but I would probably go with Whitaker in any weight class. However, I don’t think it’s out of the question that the lightweight version of Pacquiao could give Sweet Pea a good fight at 135 pounds. Jorge Paez was able to win rounds against Whitaker at lightweight. So was Poli Diaz and Freddie Pendelton. Pea wasn’t untouchable or unbeatable. I thought the 140- and 147-pound version was better than the lightweight version.

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