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“King” Carlos Molina Fight Date Changed; Also, Fightnight Live Making Moves

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The new normal hasn’t come close to solidifying itself as yet. Because the coronavirus is still a mysterious pathogen, everyone, really, is still adapting to it.

This makes planning for events, like, say, a boxing promotion, a severe challenge.

But a fighter is used to surmounting hurdles, right? “King” Carlos Molina thought he’d be putting together a fight card in Mexico May 23, and he still is, but the date has shifted.

King Carlos Promotions has moved their comeback card to May 30, from May 23.

May 30 is the new target, he told RING. What other facets are comig together, or still to be slotted?

For one thing, no, this isn’t a co-promotion with Roy Jones Jr’s promotional entity, which Keith Veltre runs on a day to day basis.

“Roy is bringing some fighters that he trains out of his Florida gym,” Veltre informed us. “We won’t be promoting any fights until I determine it is safe to do so.”

Molina is comfortable that everyone involved will be treated with the utmost respect regarding to health and wellness, as uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 doesn’t cease.

“I’m still working on TV for the event,” said Molina, who still plans on doing double duty, fighting in the main event while overseeing the manufacturing of the slate.

Middleweight Shady Gamhour (12-0), Molina stated, is not on the dance card, while welterweight Alejandro Davila 19-1-2; from Mexico) is now in the mix, versus TBA.

The thaw is intensifying; today, Linacre Media’s Mark Fratto sent out word, if I’m correctly reading in between the lines, that Facebook Fightnight Live has the go ahead to do shows.

Facebook Fightnight Live it looks like will be able to do pay pay views, which will help promoters who want their fighters to get work, but won’t be allowed to sell tickets to patrons.

I think I’m not wrong, I do work for and with Fratto on “FNL.”