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Joseph Parker’s promoter has ‘pretty much given up’ on Anthony Joshua fight


Joseph Parker’s promoter, David Higgins, has been known to get involved in trash talk and he has started early against Matchroom Boxing boss Eddie Hearn.

A director for New Zealand-based promotional outfit Duco Events, Higgins has gone public regarding what he perceives to be a lowball offer for WBO heavyweight titleholder Joseph Parker to face IBF and WBA counterpart Anthony Joshua.

“I got this weird email from Eddie’s email address, but he must have been hacked,” said Higgins in an interview with Sky Sports in the U.K. “He made the most ridiculously low offer. It could have been the most insulting offer in boxing history.

“I’m not going to reply, because I don’t think it was Eddie Hearn. I reckon someone hacked his account, it was a scam. I reckon Eddie respects boxing and I reckon Anthony Joshua wouldn’t want to insult Joseph Parker.”

Parker, who is rated No. 4 by THE RING at heavyweight, is coming off a lackluster 12-round majority decision victory over Hughie Fury in September.

Joshua wasn’t vintage in his 10th-round stoppage over Carlos Takam last month, but he is unquestionably a bigger star than the New Zealander and he would be a huge favorite to prevail if the fight became a reality.

“I’ll give you a simple answer. They pay us 40 per cent and not a cent less, or they will fight (Deontay) Wilder, who will obviously win and then we’ll fight Wilder 50-50,” said Higgins. “If they want to go fight Wilder, they can, and then we’ll fight Wilder on a 50-50 basis later in the year, once he has all three belts.

“We will come to England and fight AJ, but 40 per cent is the bottom line and I can give my word now, not one per cent less.”

Will Team Joshua bite? The unbeaten Parker (24-0, 18 KOs) has been linked to a bout with Australian heavyweight Lucas Browne. If a unification clash with Joshua does fall through, expect to see that fight, or something of a similar motif, in play for early 2018.

Higgins said, “We have got several fights on the table and I tell you this, we have pretty much given up on Joshua. Assuming someone hacked his email, I apologize to Eddie, and he’s welcome to give me a call. He’s got my number if he wants to actually make a respectable offer.

“Joseph has earned the right. He’s going to put it all on the line and deserves a fair payday. The terms they offered disrespect every kid in the world who wants to become heavyweight world champion and set their family up for life.”

Hearn was unavailable for comment.


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  • Twal

    you get 40% and complain?
    everything above 30% is a success

    • Wade Wilson

      Yet another reason to not care about the sanctioning bodies and their belts. That’s the only leverage they have at all to even mention getting 40%. There’s no way in hell that they’ll get that, much less the 50%, against the winner of Joshua/Wilder!

  • David Lane

    Parker’s last outing he maybe earned 500k if that ! Now he is demanding 10-12 Million surely they can see that is a joke?

  • Mike M.

    If I were Hearn I’d send another email reading “I’ll offer you 20% and nothing more cause Parker sucks”

  • Brad McKain

    If Parker’s promoter has ‘pretty much given up’ on the most lucrative fight available then he needs to find a new promoter.

    • Serving Soldier

      Spot on Brad! Even a 25% split is probably going to be his biggest pay day ever by 3 or 4 times.

    • Leestarky

      Brad, that reason they have given up because it is NOT lucrative. C’mon, Having a world title should mean you get at least 40%. If your getting less than that what is the use of having the title.

      • Raymond Strang

        Leestarky, AJ doesn’t need Parker. Period. Parker barely beat Hughie Fury in a stinker of a fight and if he wants, he can continue to fight chumps for chump-money on the back of his massive following. And by massive, I mean small.
        On the other hand, AJ can squeeze out another couple of Takems if that’s what he wants and sell out football stadiums whilst he does it. Who needs parker?

        • Leestarky

          AJ needs Parker. Parker has a belt and AJ has already stated that he wants to unify the titles. If he doesn’t fight Parker he doesn’t unify. Also, Hughie is not a bad fighter. That was a tough win for Parker but it was A win. They should fight. winner take the belts! Let’s go!

          • Raymond Strang

            Remember leestarkey it is prize fighting we are talking about. Parker’s financial demands will just not be accepted. He either takes his chances at mandatory defences at £500k a pop or earn 10x that for just one fight. It’s AJ who brings all the money to the table and has more belts also.

  • Steve

    50/50 split against the winner of Joshua-Wilder? He’s living in a dream world. Parker will spend his peak years fighting fringe contenders for small purses wishing he’d taken the offer from Hearn when he’d had the chance

  • Guy Grundy

    Higgins is clearly a poor promoter and obviously a hopeless poker player.

    Parker does himself no favors whatsoever by parroting this blustering naive simpleton who needs a drastic reality check.Parker brings nothing to the table accept a lesser belt…and the only reason he has that is because of ludicrous boxing politics and the fact that Fury vacated for well documented reasons.In short, the boy was clearly very fortunate…and to expect anything remotely close to parity is quite, quite absurd.

    Higgins versus Hearn?…a complete mismatch.

    • Leestarky

      Eddie Hearn is playing the mental game where he is trying to force them into low ball contracts so his guy (Joshua) get all the money. It’s business. Higgins doesn’t have much clout in the game because his fighter doesn’t have a huge fan base. 40% seems fair. Let’s make the fight!

  • Mike, Weymouth

    It’s the same issue as with Wilder, i.e. neither the fighters no promoters seem to realise that if you bring no money to the table yourself then why should you demand a big split of the purse?!

    If either of these clowns, Higgins or Finkel, want the fight and the money so much then why not make an offer to Hearn? It’s simple, “Eddie, we offer AJ £30m for the fight, that’s his career highest purse, and we’ll pay Wilder/Parker £20-25m”. The answer is they bring no money to the table so they should sod off!

    • learnmore

      We will see if Wilder put something on the table because they seem to be pushing for the fight to be in Las Vegas. Finkel claims that they can get a $20m site fee from having it in Las Vegas. If they’re serious Wilder team should be able to put an offer to Joshua, Haymon is the man behind Mayweather’s big paydays at Las Vegas.

      • ozzy

        Money won’t be the only consideration. Vegas has shown itself to be a place that doesn’t give European fighters a fair shake in BIG fights recently (Kov-Ward 1 & Canelo-GGG) . I’m sure AJ & Hearn will have noticed this. So while it’s good that Team Wilder have finally come up with an alternative offer, I doubt that they’ll be able to make an offer so large it would make it worth AJ putting his titles on the line in Vegas in his first US fight.

        • learnmore

          A deal is not going to be done soon too much to negotiate & agree too, enough time to look at what you wrote about Las Vegas. With Ortiz & Parker back in the picture, the WBC believe Ortiz’s story about medication. Ortiz stays high on the WBC ratings, so Wilder v Ortiz could be next has the Wilder’s interim fight. And Parker was on twitter crying to Eddie Hearn why he only offered half of Martin’s purse. Eddie tweeted and said the information is not true & to answer his phone. David Higgins Parker’s promoter could be telling his client lies. So if Eddie gets through & tell him the real numbers Parker maybe interim fight for Joshua. I’m 100% certain Hearn would not be offering Parker $1.5m-$2m, he paid $2m to Takam. IMO it would more like what Martin got $3m-$4m + PPV upsides. Joshua v Wilder will be where they make the most money

        • Andy T

          I agree with you totally but the reason this fight is exciting is I cannot see it getting decided by the judges

        • TNT

          GGG is NOT EUROPEAN!!! Kazakhstan is not in Europe and the Russians do not consider themselves Europeans (GGG is half Slavic and half Korean).

  • PrinceGian

    I think the ploy of pricing oneself out of the market to avoid a fight has been done countless times before. When a fading Larry Holmes was offered a unification fight with Gerrie Coetzee his asking price was about 5 times what he was normally making back then, in other words ‘Not Interested’. I’m sure Parker’s promotional team by now would know his limitations and that a fight with Joshua or Wilder would not end well for their man.

    • Andy T

      Yeh it seems that way Wilder I,m coming to get you one King to another I earn 20% less than you you have 2 belts me only the one lets get it on 50 – 50.

  • learnmore

    Everyone knows that IBF champion Martin rumored $4m purse is true. And we can guess by what Hearn says Top 10 Takam was overpaid & got $2m has a late replacement. On that logic I’m going to guess that Parker been offered around $5m because he’s a champion, if its correct its a reasonable amount for a fighter who cant sell out an 7k capacity arena in his home country New Zealand & a world champion who just had less than 10k people watching him on Youtube PPV. Higgins just being greedy, Higgins claims they turned an offer from Wilder’s camp because it was not enough, then calling the Joshuaoffer insulting. I bet this guy wants nearer to $10m. Hearn just tell him to f**k off

  • ozzy

    Higgins is an idiot – if Wilder ends up holding 3 titles there’s no way he’ll give Parker a 50-50 cut LOL. The same holds for AJ of course. At the moment AJ holds 2 belts, generates more money than any other heavyweight in the world, and so would easily be the A-side for a fight with Parker – or Wilder for that matter. IMO the maximum fair split that Parker can currently expect is 35:65 however I doubt that Eddie Hearn cares about being fair.

  • Dan James

    Parker needs to find a new Manager/Promoter. Who knows Parker?
    If they strike a deal and Parker gets 80% of Australia and NZ PPV, that’s fine, but in the grand scheme of things, AJ can fill up a stadium all day fighting UBER drivers. Take the 80/20 (i think that’s d offer) which will prob net like $5million+ and be happy. Hey if Parker beats Joshua, which is a 5% chance, then he can be the boss for next fight.

    BTW what gives him confidence that Wilder will do 50/50 holding 3-belts to 1 for Parker. Higgins is delusional at best.

  • Crowley

    Hearn is terrible for boxing.

  • Arjay Cee

    The business affairs of overpaid athletes could not interest me less. Get the unification fights made, and soon, before we have to suffer through more dumb sideshows like Parker-Fury, Joshua-Takam and Wilder-Stiverne. This could be a new golden heavyweight era: it’s tinfoil at present.