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George Groves knocks out Jamie Cox in four rounds, faces Chris Eubank Jr. next


Too big, too experienced and too good.

Heavy pre-fight favorite George Groves retained his WBA super middleweight title with a fourth-round knockout of Jamie Cox at the Wembley Arena in London on Saturday and now looks forward to a World Boxing Super Series semi-final against Chris Eubank Jr.

Groves, who is rated No. 3 by THE RING at 168 pounds, ended the fight with a catch and shoot counter punch. Cox, a southpaw, led with a right hook which Groves deflected off the gloves before unleashing a sickening right uppercut to the solar plexus. Referee Steve Gray counted Cox out and the official time was 1:42.

“I didn’t want an easy fight and I knew Jamie was tough,” said Groves in his post-fight interview with ITV Box Office. “I was landing big body shots and you can’t keep giving me a target to the body because I might get you down and you might not get up.”

It was an entertaining fight while it lasted. Groves was controlling the opening session with quick shots from the outside when a sharp left hand from Cox landed flush. The pair slugged it out for the remainder of the session and Cox had displayed serious intent.

The challenger trapped Groves against the ropes in the second and released a series of rapid-fire combinations. Not all of them were landing, but Groves was under pressure and looked eager to establish time and distance.

In the third, Groves succeeded in slowing the pace and when Cox attempted to go through the gears again in the fourth, the air was sucked from his lungs with a superb punch.

The 29-year-old Groves (27-3, 20 KOs) won the vacant title in May at the expense of former titleholder Fedor Chudinov. It was his fourth attempt at world honors and a poignant moment for the Englishman and his team at Bramall Lane soccer stadium in Sheffield.

Chris Eubank Jr. confirmed his place in the WBSS semi-final by blasting out the previously unbeaten Avni Yildirim in three rounds last week. It was arguably a career-best performance by the enigmatic Eubank and a matchup with Groves promises to be a thunderous collision. They will face off in early 2018.

“Eubank has been a sparring partner of mine in the past,” said Groves when Eubank confronted his countryman in the ring. “A lot was made of the size difference in this fight and I knew Jamie couldn’t beat me. The same goes for Eubank Jr., he’s not big enough.”

This was Cox’s first defeat. At 31 years of age, he can come again.


Tom Gray is a UK Correspondent/ Editor for RingTV.com and a member of THE RING ratings panel. Follow him on Twitter: @Tom_Gray_Boxing


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  • Ten Count Toronto

    I don;t know what all the suspense was about, to be honest this tournament didn’t really need Cox or Yildrim, it could just as easily have skipped right to Groves-Eubank Jr. I’m not sure it needed Smith & Skoglund either but t least that was a fair & competitive fight.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m glad the tournament is taking place, if that’s what it takes to make the tournament than it’s worth it. Just wonder if the money for the lesser fights could have been better spent topping off the purses for the top guys in exchange for more of a round-robin tournament without the exhibition fights.

    • Guy Grundy

      For a “lesser” fighter,Cox certainly appeared to do quite a bit of damage to George’s face in little more than three rounds.

      • Ten Count Toronto

        Not meaning to disrespect Cox who definitely came to fight, just from a matchmaking point of view, they could have cut to the chase.

        In part because Groves has been on borrowed time at 168 for many years and every training camp will take something out of him so in that way this format definitely disadvantages Groves.

        • Arjay Cee

          Who do you like in Groves-Eubank Jr., TCT?

          Leaning toward Eubank Jr., despite his inferior inexperience and skill set. Groves is no Yldirim or faded Abraham, but he has always been hittable and has the greater rust by far. I could see Groves outboxing Eubank Jr. in the early going until attrition takes its toll.

          • Ten Count Toronto

            If Eubank Jr has good chin he will win . I don’t see groves having 12 rounds in him at the pace & energy it would take to avoid a crisis. Even against Murray when he cruised through 9 rounds he stalled in the 10th & almost fell apart in the 11th, and getting down to 168 isn’t getting any easier. In fact he’s now starting to get in trouble early in fights too.

            But Groves does have a better arsenal than anything Eubank has dealt with, so there is some hope for Groves, but even then, he’ll have to avoid the early drama he had with Chudinov & Cox while still starting promptly enough to make a run at stopping Eubank in the first half of the bout.

      • Left Hook2

        Yes he did. Was a good scrap. Cox wasn’t the victim of a beatdown or looking out of his league–he was the victim of a great, well-timed punch.

  • ciobanu catalin

    The weakest division

    • Martin Hall

      I would consider that a problem for Groves if Eubank Jr had the sort of pop in his punch his father had, he doesn’t in my opinion.

      So his chin only really enters into it if Eubanks savvy enough to get his work done. George is no bum, he’s not going to be walking onto shots like Yilidrim. We’ve seen what happens when Eubank comes up against a technical boxer, it took him a long time to adjust and be effective.

      It’s going to be an interesting fight for sure though. I guess a lot depends on just how much Jr has really developed since his loss to Billy Joe.

    • Kudos

      You’re vastly overratting Eubank

      • ciobanu catalin

        Nope. They are both overrated gatekeepers that can punch and have skills, but the difference is that one has chin and the other not

        • Kudos

          Top 10 fighters aren’t gatekeepers.

  • Colnef

    Groves vs Eubank is a fight not to be missed. I may treat myself and go.

  • philoe bedoe

    The pick is for Eubank to be to rugged for Groves and get a stoppage.
    I can also see Groves giving him a boxing lesson before that happens.
    The only time he’s faced an elusive boxer he lost to Saunders, and Groves can be elusive and he has good power……….

  • ozzy

    Good article from Tom Gray describing last night’s big fight on the UK side of the pond. The punch Groves finished the very aggressive Cox off with was a thing of absolute beauty only fully appreciated in slow motion. I know Eubank Jr is getting a lot of praise for what he did last week and rightly so, but Groves should also be praised for what he has achieved since the Badou Jack loss, winning 6 of 6, 4 by KO/TKO, against far superior opponents to those Eubank Jr has faced and becoming WBA Super Champion. IMHO it will take a helluva performance by Eubank Jr, or a very lucky punch, to beat the vastly more experienced Groves, who is a world class boxer and puncher.

  • Charlie U.

    Bigger than Froch-Groves 2?

  • Colin Mc Flurry.

    2018 off to a great start.
    Groves vs Eubank, potentially a classic.