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Shawn Porter to meet Adrian Granados in Nov. 4 co-feature to Wilder-Ortiz


Shawn Porter lobbied hard for a fight with Danny Garcia, but instead, he’ll have to settle for what figures to be an absolute barnburner.

Porter will meet fellow pressure-fighter Adrian Granados in the Showtime co-feature to the heavyweight title tilt between Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz on November 4, the network announced Thursday.

Besides the 10-round welterweight contest, Showtime will also televise a junior welterweight title fight pitting Sergey Lipinets against Akihiro Kondo. Bermane Stiverne will face Dominic Breazeale in a heavyweight bout streamed live on Showtime’s social media channels.

“Against Granados I’m getting into the ring with someone who is very established as an amateur and a professional, has great skills and isn’t going to go in there and lay down,” said Porter, 29. “That’s always going to bring out the best in me, and that’s always going to create a very exciting matchup. I know that when I do what I’m planning to do, it’s going to be exciting, entertaining and fill the seats.”

Porter (27-2-1, 17 knockouts) broke down Andre Berto in an April slugfest using his trademark smothering style and array of body blows. Now, he’ll have to deal with a fighter who will match him in terms of energy, even if he is smaller.

Granados (18-5-2, 12 KOs) earned this opportunity against the former champion with a hard-fought split-decision loss to Adrien Broner in February. Many observers felt the Mexico native deserved the nod, but he has a chance to prove he belongs now.

And don’t be fooled by his record. Granados always brings it and is a tough out for anyone in the business. Just ask Broner. He forced the natural 140-pounder to meet him at 147 and changed the weight limit just a month out. Or ask Amir Imam, a former top prospect who was upset by Granados in a stoppage defeat in 2015.

“I’m very excited to be fighting one of the best welterweights in the world in Shawn Porter,” said Granados, 28. “With our styles it’s going to be fireworks from the opening bell. I was getting ready for a fight in October but when this opportunity arose I jumped at it.

“It’s a tremendous card to be fighting on with the whole world watching and I’m looking to put on a great performance.”

Also looking to make his mark: Lipinets, a hard-punching Russian who will fight for his first title in just his 13th pro fight.

He was an accomplished kickboxer in Eastern Europe and found boxing late in life. Lipinets (12-0, 10 KOs) knocked out Lenny Zappavigna in an eliminator in December to earn the shot. When Terence Crawford vacated the IBF title, it was on to Kondo (29-6-1, 16 KOs), a Japanese journeyman who will make his U.S. debut.

“I feel very privileged to be in the position to fight for this world title,” said Lipinets, 28. “I will prepare to face the best possible fighter on that night and I promise that I will not disappoint. The lights will be bright but I have trained too hard not to leave the ring as a world champion.”

Stiverne, who was mandated by the WBC to face Wilder in a rematch, stepped aside after receiving a six-figure payday, and was promised a slot on the undercard. If he beats Breazeale, he’ll have his chance to regain the WBC title he lost to Wilder.

Or the title opportunity could be earned by Breazeale, the former high school quarterback who has proven himself as an all-action big man. He already one shot, but was knocked out by Anthony Joshua in June 2016.

  • wrecksracer

    I’m glad Porter is staying busy…..but Granados and even Berto were really just “Stay Busy” type fights. Garcia should have stepped up.


      He scared.

    • Stephen M

      I don’t know who to feel more sorry for: Porter for being avoided; or Granados, for always being the b side in really tough fights.

    • left hook

      I don’t think Berto and Granados are stay busy fights. Garcia really should have stepped up.

      • wrecksracer

        I don’t know….Berto was pretty washed up. Nobody was really giving him a shot to win. Granados is a career Jr Welterweight. He complained about having to fight as a Welterweight against Broner. It could be a good fight, but I still don’t see him winning. Porter has been pretty vocal about his desire to stay busy. It’s a shame he has to beg for fights. Meanwhile, Garcia seems to be content waiting for the next Rod Salka.

        • Mauro Hermida

          Its not like Granados is going to stick and move, he likes to mix it up, which will make for an exciting fight, but could be a death sentence for him against Porter.

          • wrecksracer

            Especially since Granados is the smaller guy. Well, as you said, it should be interesting while it lasts

        • left hook

          Garcia’s resume is strong u know…take Rod Salka out it..its a very good resume.

          • wrecksracer

            Yeah, beating Porter would put him right back in the mix. Wasn’t that fight for a mandatory shot against Thurman? Well…..it’s his career. Yeah, he has a solid resume. I just wish he would dare to be great. If not Porter, who?

  • philoe bedoe

    This is looking like a good card.
    Looking forward to it……….

    • ceylon mooney

      curious if stiverne has anything left. hasnt looked good since he wasted arreola. overmatched and had no workable plan for wilder, but he didnt look bad.

      • philoe bedoe

        He could be made to look good against Breazeale.
        Who as a good chin and a lot of heart, but lacks a good defence.
        Could be a decent fight……..

        • left hook

          Breazeale has power too.

          • philoe bedoe

            He does……

      • left hook

        Am really curious too. I think his only fought once or twice since his loss.

  • ceylon mooney

    ANOTHER great card?

    2017 is makin me forget 2015, 2016

  • Arjay Cee

    Seriously? Garcia looking to go back to easy street after the Thurman loss?

    As for Shawn, too bad. Granados is a real step down from Berto, who was a step down from Thurman. Porter deserves better.

  • J rock

    This isn’t easy work for Porter. Granados is gonna be there till the end I believe.

  • tom lloyd

    Does Stiverne still get step aside money now that King Kong failed his drug test ?

  • Luca Blight

    Danny Garcia isn’t stepping up anytime soon. He still crying over that loss from Thurman.