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Jermall Charlo to make middleweight debut vs. Jorge Heiland

Jermall Charlo (right) with twin brother Jermell. (Photo by Naoki Fukuda)

Jermall Charlo is one win away from a middleweight title shot after an impressive string of title defenses one division south.

Charlo (25-0, 19 knockouts) will make his 160-pound debut against Jorge Heiland on July 29 in the Showtime co-feature to Adrien Broner-Mikey Garcia, a source told The WBC eliminator was officially announced on Tuesday.

The 30-year-old Charlo — whose twin brother Jermell holds a junior middleweight title — made three successful defenses of the IBF 154-pound title he vacated earlier this year to move up in weight. He scored a close decision win over Austin Trout in May 2016, and then scored a sensational knockout of Julian Williams in December.

“I’ve been training since end of January to prepare myself for the move up to middleweight,” said Charlo. “I’m feeling stronger, I’m feeling smarter and overall, I’m feeling better. Heiland is a tough fighter and I know he plans on bringing his A-game on July 29. He’s just as hungry as me.

“We both want to be in a place to fight the best in the division, but I never overlook the opponent in front of me. It’s been a great camp so far and I’m ready for this fight. It’s time to make my mark so I can become a two-division world champion. I plan to take care of business at 160 just like I did at 154.”

Heiland (29-4-2, 16 KOs) scored the lone notable victory of his career in 2014, a 10th-round stoppage of Matthew Macklin. The 30-year-old Argentine’s competition otherwise is nondescript, and the Charlo matchup will mark Heiland’s U.S. television debut.

“I’m thrilled to be facing a great fighter like Jermall Charlo,” said Heiland. “I’ve waited a long time for a chance like this, so I will give it my all. I am fearless and I promise that this bout will be an all-out war because my career and livelihood are on the line.”

The winner will be in line for a title shot against the winner of the Canelo Alvarez-Gennady Golovkin superfight.

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  • kiowhatta

    Either way, a Charlo v Canelo or GGG fight would be a big deal.

    • Harry

      It would, but GGG has a contract with HBO so Cahrlo vs GGG would not be so easy to negotiate.

  • hitemhard214

    Lara has been calling out Canelo and GGG for the longest without fighting anyone to deserve a shot. The Charlo brothers have been doing the same thing. Who the F in Heinland? If both Lara and Charlo, who fight under the PBC banner want the winner of Canelo/GGG, why don’t they build their own fan base and demand to make this fight. Its the way of the PBC. They never fight against opposition that can derail their plans.

    • Fist_ti_cuffs

      Instead of questioning Charlo for the fight getting this shot you should be questioning the sanctioning bodies. He is coming into his own and deserves this shot just like anyone else. Besides, Lomo got a title shot in his 2nd pro fight and I don’t think you complained about that. Oh, and who did ginger fight to get a shot at the Lineal MW Champ? Smith, Chavez…….Kahn?

      • wrecksracer

        Yeah, I don’t mind a champion from a lower weight class fighting an eliminator to get a shot at the champ. I’d rather it be against better opposition, but like you said, that’s up to the sanctioning body. Assuming Charlo wins, I think a GGG-Charlo fight would be great. Shouldn’t a champion moving up get fast-tracked to a title shot? The size of a fighter’s fan base shouldn’t be the main determination for getting a title shot. I understand the economics of the situation, but GGG should welcome the challenge. It’s the promoter’s job to sell it. Personally, I think it would be an easy sell.

  • Charlie U.

    It’s his career and he has to do what’s best for him, but I feel like this guy missed a big opportunity by not fighting soon after the devasting J Rock knockout. He could have capitalized on that big win, gotten his name out there more, and perhaps even put himself in position to take on the winner of the GGG-Canelo fight.

    • Stephen M

      We might actually know which brother is which…

    • Emeka Nnaji Jr.

      Lol he is in position to get the winner of the GGG vs Canelo fight, the article just said it.

      • Charlie U.

        Why would either one fight a guy with zero mainstream name recognition and no belt? High risk, low reward. There’s no chance either one fights Charlo next.

        • Fist_ti_cuffs

          Because they want to keep their belts. Besides we know that ginger and baby g wouldn’t actually duck a fight…..would they?

    • The Imp

      They (pbc) fight once a year cause they need the time to cycle on and off. Why was there no vada testing in jrock fight…….

  • Dan James

    Charlo beats Canelo, not sure if he survives GGG. Canelo does not have the kind of power to fully discourage Charlo. Though Canelo has edge in skills, but i think Charlo will land the harder punches and do a JRock on him. Remember JRock was outboxing Charlo.

    With GGG,it is a toss-up!

    • JL

      If anyone has a chance to beat Golovkin at this point, it would be Charlo.

      • Emeka Nnaji Jr.

        Agreed by the time they fight Golovkin will be 36 and father time catches everyone.

        • Charlie U.

          Never heard that before. Did you make it up?

          • Emeka Nnaji Jr.

            Way to be an ass lol

          • Charlie U.

            Sorry, dude. Couldn’t resist. Haha

          • Emeka Nnaji Jr.

            Lol I feel you

    • Giuseppe

      In a couple of years, age will dictate the victor of that match up. but as of now, I give Charlo a 23% chance of beating GGG.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      I don’t think GGG is a “more natural middleweight”, he’s just been fighting at a more natural weight. GGG would have made 154 in his 20’s if a fight came up that dramatically changed his earnings from what they were at 160. Charlo will probably weigh more than Golovkin if they fight in 2018.

  • PrinceGian

    GGG will have a much tougher fight with Charlo than he will with Canelo.

  • De’Ron Wright

    Should fill in for Saunders opponent.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      Considering Saunders’ last performance and the condition he was last seen in, you’d think Charlo would have lobbied hard for the opportunity.

      • Fist_ti_cuffs

        He could lobby until his face was blue, but Saunders people would never accept that fight. They are looking for an easy win.

  • Dee Money

    I have a feeling this dude is gonna be a stud at MW. Between Charlo, Canelo, Jacobs, Lemieux, and Saunders there is some good talent at MW that is 30 years of age and younger.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      Saunders will have to reastablish his commitment before being in that bracket.

  • Emeka Nnaji Jr.

    Charlo is not 30, but potentially getting in with GGG may be a little premature for him not to mention he doesn’t deserve it yet. I think he shouldn’t be hasty because he is a fighter who could potentially give GGG big problems.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      Taking on Lemieux would certainly have been more of statement. Or at least stepping in to fight Saunders in place of Khurtsidze. I agree he doesn’t deserve an immediate shot based only on Heiland.

      • Fist_ti_cuffs

        Lomo didn’t deserve a title fight in only his 2nd fight, but he got one and I don’t remember any of you guys arguing that he didn’t deserve a shot.

        • The Imp

          Cuz he’s white, duh.

          • Fist_ti_cuffs

            Nope, because it was his 2nd fight. I’m sure even a casual like yourself would agree with that. -_-

          • The Imp

            No I was explaining why noone argued with him getting that shot in his second fight.

          • Fist_ti_cuffs

            My bad!

  • Rude Boy

    Lemieux gonna flatten him. Hope they meet in the future.

  • Ten Count Toronto

    Mildly disappointing Middleweight debut. It’s Ok but not exactly crashing the division like a special fighter should. No way a win over Heiland should prioritize Charlo over a Golovkin-Jacobs rematch.

  • RStech

    Charlo can rule 160 if he gets his career
    In high gear. Enough journeymen, next fight needs to be a big step up, preferably Jacobs or Lemieaux.