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Floyd says no deal to face McGregor, remains retired


Floyd Mayweather Jr. seemed as exasperated as those who have been highly critical of his possible match-up with UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor.

Mayweather put the rumors to rest that he and McGregor have finalized a deal to meet in the ring anytime soon, ending speculation, for now, the fight is happening. “Although there has been several rumors circulating thru media suggesting that I will have an upcoming fight, I’d like to set that record straight and state that there has been no deals made on my behalf in regards to a bout with any fighter at this time,” Mayweather posted to his various social media accounts. “I am happily retired and enjoying my life! Rest assured that if any changes come about, I will be the first to let the world know!”

Mayweather was referring to a story in the Irish Sun on Tuesday that indicated, citing an anonymous source, that a deal had been brokered for him to fight McGregor. Multiple sources told on Tuesday that Mayweather had in fact not made a deal and the story in the Irish Sun could have been an attempt by McGregor’s side to put pressure on the UFC to allow him to face Mayweather in a boxing match. Added Mayweather on social media, “Listen, Conor McGregor, if you really want to get this fight done… take care of your business with the UFC and then have your people get in touch with my people.”

  • Michel Desgrottes

    dana talking like he gonna lock conor in

  • Shawn

    If this fight happens – on the fan side, it’s only entertainment – on the fighter sides, it’s bussiness/cash. Mayweather fighting McGregor is similar to Floyd wresting the Big Show or whatever his name is.

  • Danny Perez

    Prayers have been answered!

  • Robert Archambault

    Do we really need a half dozen stories on this every damn week? How about a total moratorium on everything to do with Floyd other than fighter signings to his promotional company? Enough of this bullshit.

    • ciobanu catalin


  • WillieSmalls

    No news is good news.

  • Koninbeor

    All this really means is that Mayweather wants to be the first to announce the deal if it’s made.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      When he says McGreggor has to first finish his contract with the UFC it’s because there is no way the UFC will agree to anything close to Mayweather’s idea of the split.

      • Koninbeor

        Dana White offered Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather $25 million each and a PPV cut.

        • Ten Count Toronto

          Yes, and that’s won’t even move the needle in terms of Mayweather’s motivation,

          • Koninbeor

            That’s what I told my friend when he sent me the article. He’d want at least a 75/25 split of that, not $25 million apiece. And that’s more money than anyone in the UFC has ever gotten close to as far as base pay before the split.

    • Barley mcgrew

      IF the fight ever was made (yawn) then the ONLY place it should ever take place is within MMA rules in the octagon – for that’s the only arena where both fighters are permitted the right to do everything in which they excel.

      Indeed, under MMA rules any boxer is positively indulged – for as well as being gifted doing all he does in boxing he is also permitted all that holding and the sly elbows legally denied him in our sport. Not so the MMA fighter in a boxing ring – who would find himself denied so much of what makes him the fully-rounded fighting man he is.

      Now no doubt it was McGregor – first and foremost a striker in MMA – who sounded out the equally brash Mayweather on a contest with ‘Money’ under boxing rules. However we all know the one-sided outcome of any boxing match between these two braggarts – hugely damaging to Conor’s brand as an embarrassing KO loss to another ‘striker’ would be. So why bother ?

      Yet wouldn’t it be fun (and somewhat sadistic) to see Mayweather venture into the octagon to test his skills against another combat sport fighter doing all he does best – and against a fellow, albeit vastly inferior, striker who just happens to hate going to the ground himself ?

      Boxers will train MMA and enjoy tremendous success one day. I am convinced of it. Yet there will undoubtedly be some spills along the way. And who better to pioneer that transition as the first live world-class fighter (the MMA-training averse Toney was shot) to test his undoubtedly superb skills against other combat sports athletes as other combat disciplines do – and to be one of the first to get ‘spilled’ (read humiliated) in the process ? (Last two paragraphs partly in jest) Kudos mate.

      • Koninbeor

        This will never happen, unfortunately. Floyd wouldn’t even engage the most dangerous fighters in boxing, much less step into the Octagon. McGregor would leg kick him into oblivion. That’s all it would take.

        • Barley mcgrew

          So agree there. I guess one can hope. Lol. Kudos.

  • Charlie U.

    I really think they’re overestimating the appeal of this fight. It’ll do business, for sure, but are people really willing to pay $100 for it? Are enough people going to pay for it to satisfy Floyd’s ridiculous quote and McGregor’s increasingly Floyd like ego? I sincerely hope not.

  • Mauro Hermida

    And no one cared.

  • Mauro Hermida

    And no one cared.