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Bob Arum on MayPac 2: “As far as we’re concerned, Floyd is retired”

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Bob Arum immediately put any speculation spurred by Floyd Mayweather’s ringside seat to watch Manny Pacquiao dominate Jessie Vargas to rest.

Mayweather – who had never attended a Manny Pacquiao fight – sent social media into a frenzy when he appeared with his daughter just moments before Pacquiao walked to the ring. The rumor mill churned feverishly as everyone wondered what the retired pound-for-pound king’s plan was. Would he show up after the fight and challenge Manny Pacquiao to a rematch of their 2015 record-breaking event?

We didn’t get any answers as Mayweather immediately left the Thomas & Mack after watching Pacquiao win the WBO welterweight title against a fighter who used to be part of Team Mayweather. And at the post-fight press conference, Arum refused to engage in any conversation regarding a possible rematch and instead suggested other fighters as potential opponents when Pacquiao returns in the spring.

“You’ll have to ask (Floyd),” Arum said when asked why he thought Mayweather was at the fight. “As far as we’re concerned, he’s retired.”

Arum stated that Mayweather surprisingly called his office and politely asked if he could attend the fight. He was given a credential so he could sit ringside with his daughter and was also comped several tickets for his entourage. But, as Arum tells it, there was never any discussion regarding a rematch. And, frankly, the mere thought of it annoys Arum.

“What do you want me to do?” Arum asked when the Mayweather questions kept coming. “You want me to make things up? Floyd is retired, period.”

Even though Pacquiao spotted Mayweather ringside, he refused to call him out by name after he won.

“Whoever the people want me to fight, I will fight,” Pacquiao said.

The part-time politician and pugilist did not attend the post fight press conference, as he needed 16 stitches to close a cut sustained in the final round of his fight with Vargas. Freddie Roach, who has been actively chasing a rematch with Mayweather, said he hoped that the retired superstar was looking for a fight.

But when Arum suggested several other names for Pacquiao’s next fight, none of them were Mayweather.

“Off the cuff, I would say Terence Crawford, Vasyl Lomachenko and maybe Danny Garcia or Keith Thurman,” Arum said.

Surely, if Mayweather wants to fight, that will all change.