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Golovkin-Lemieux a flop? Hardly

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Gennady Golovkin vs David Lemieux fukuda

Photo credit: Naoki Fukuda

People in this day and age are quicker than ever to point the finger and hate the player and the game, as it is a quick and easy boost to one’s ego to lift oneself up by tearing another down.
This is a new age of narcissism, wherein our images are sacred to us, including how we present ourselves publicly, on social media and the like, so people are now that much busier on presenting their desired image outward. And often, that includes diminishing the deeds of others because that gives the destroyer a boost of esteem, offers them a salve against the deeply buried knowledge that they themselves aren’t producing at a high level. I write this in the context of the hating I’m seeing on IBF/WBA middleweight titlist Gennady Golovkin and his team.
People are using the “F” word when talking about his Oct. 17 tangle with David Lemieux, which ran on HBO Pay-Per-View.


The card, featuring two top-of-the-event boxers who’ve never been on PPV, amassed more than 150,000 buys.

The event sold out Madison Square Garden, becoming the top boxing seller since the Miguel Cotto-Antonio Margarito rematch in 2011; the show did a gate of over $2 million; the sponsorship moolah was more than ever before for Team 3G and the international rights fees weren’t chicken feed.

“It was a coming-out party for Gennady,” said K2 Promotions Managing Director Tom Loeffler, before reminding me that the K2 momentum will keep on chugging, with RING heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko to waltz with Tyson Fury in a 50,000-seat soccer stadium in Germany next month. “He was finally able to get another champion to fight him in a sold-out arena. The energy from the crowd was was amazing. As for a small number of people saying it was a flop, that PPV number was what we went over when we talked about it with HBO. Based on ticket sales and media response, we thought we had a chance to go over than what we got. But listen: Gennady has never been fixated on money; for his fights, he wants to get the best opponent, even if we have to overpay.”

Some people have done back-of-the-envelope math and think, with the PPV take and the gate, minus the payouts to Lemieux (about $1.5 million) and RING flyweight champion Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez and company, that would leave Golovkin with nothing…Loeffler wasn’t going to go into an accounting session. But I have to think, based on my poking and such, that Golovkin grosses more than $2 million himself when he gets some extra off the PPVs. Yeah, not a flop of a night, friends. He makes a tidy sum; Lemieux and Chocolatito also make career-best purses.

Some people say that anyone pointing out that the Mets and Cubs playing is sour grape-ing…but the fact remains: You did get a drain from two major markets with that marquee vs. marquee MLB matchup. “Bottom line, even if we lost money, which, by no means, did we, this is a success. We’re in the Triple G business long-term,” said Loeffler, “and he’s one step closer to fulfilling his desire to unify the division.”

Know what’s not a flop? Michael Woods’ Twitter feed. Why, you’re lucky it’s not a pay-per-follow (so not true, friends)!