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Floyd Mayweather Jr. explains why he’s been so silent

Photo by Naoki Fukuda

Photo by Naoki Fukuda

Perhaps the most surprising element of the build towards the May 2 mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao is the lack of trash talk coming out of the mouth of Mayweather. For a man who has been known to deploy some rather abrasive verbal jabs at his opponent, the unbeaten fighter has said very little to discredit Pacquiao. This is a far cry from the man that verbally tormented Oscar De La Hoya all the way up to the point when they were standing across from each other in the ring.

For Mayweather, his lack of trash talk can be considered uncharacteristic but it appears that he realizes that there’s nothing else he needs to do in order to sell this fight. The buzz for the fight reached an inaudible roar the moment the fight was agreed upon and there’s no need for the “Money” persona to make an appearance.

However, Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, has continued to poke at Team Mayweather. Whether it is chiding the 38 year old for his domestic disputes or attempting to shame him for being tardy for his media workout, Roach has been consistent when it comes to berating Mayweather to the press. When asked by why he has been so silent, the five-division champion dismissed the need to engage in a war of words with Team Pacquiao.

“I did all of that loud talking to get to a certain point in my career and it was a brilliant game plan,” Mayweather said regarding his “Money” persona on Wednesday’s international media conference call. “But I’m not going to speak negatively about Freddie Roach. I just don’t have to do that at all.”

No matter what Roach says, Mayweather has made it a point to take the high road.

“If I say something about him they’ll say Floyd is picking on someone who’s not 100-percent healthy,” Mayweather continued, alluding to Roach suffering from Parkinson’s disease. “He’s trying to make this a God vs. Devil type of fight and the best way for me to handle this situation is not to say anything at all.”

Mayweather was quick to also point out that Roach’s barbs are irrelevant because Pacquiao has yet to speak out against Mayweather in a similar manner. “He’s entitled to say what he wants to say but his fighter isn’t speaking like that.”

With just over a week left to go, Mayweather maintains that May 2 will just be another day at the office. Even though the entire world will be watching and a who’s who of celebrities will be tripping over themselves in order to be inside of the MGM, Mayweather says that it is pointless for him to get caught up in the hype.

“I don’t really go crazy about it because it’s just a fight to me,” Mayweather said when asked if there has been any excitement as the date for the long awaited showdown approaches. “I know it’s the biggest fight in boxing history but I can’t approach it like that because I’m not going to put any unnecessary pressure on myself.

“I’m just going to be the best Floyd Mayweather I can be on May 2.”