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Garcia decisions Matthysse by UD live round-by-round updates



LAS VEGAS — RingTV.com has live, round-by-round updates on this page for Saturday night’s unanimous decision victory by RING, WBA and WBC junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia over No. 1-rated 140-pounder Lucas Matthysse, who fought on Showtime Pay Per View from the MGM Grand.

Garcia (27-0, 16 knockouts) scored an 11th-round knockdown against the hard-hittting Matthysse (34-3 32 KOs), closing the loser’s right eye nearly shut as part of a broadcast that includes Floyd Mayweather Jr. against Canelo Alvarez in the main event.

The Showtime broadcast begins at 9 p.m. ET/ 6 p.m. PT.

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Garcia vs. Matthysse live blog

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Referee: Tony Weeks

Judges: Robert Hoyle and Juergen Langos each had it 114-112 for Garcia, and Glenn Trowbridge had it for Garcia, 115-112



Fighters are in the ring, introduced. Matthysse receives loud cheers; Garcia, a smattering of boos, but cheers as well.

Round 1:. Garcia circles and Matthysse fires a jab. Two jabs by Garcia. Soft hook by Garcia. Nothing significant yet. Matthysse fires a left to the body. Garcia takes a right after a left to the body. Garcia maintaining his distance. Jab to the chest by Garcia and a short hook. Right by Matthysse. Short hook by Garcia, right by Matthysse. Hook at the bell by Garcia. Matthysse, 10-9.

Round 2:.Garcia still is retreating. Decent right by Matthysse. Left hook by Matthysse. Matthysse’s trying to close. Four body shots by Matthysse. Another right to the body and to the head by Matthysse. Right and a left by Matthysse. Right, left and right by Matthysse. Right and a left by Matthysse just prior to the bell. Matthysse, 10-9; Matthysse, 20-18.

Round 3:.Matthysse closed the distance at the end of the second, and lands a left early in the third. Right to the head by Matthysse. Hook by Garcia. Jab by Matthysse. Right by Garcia, left by Matthysse. Right to the body by Matthysse is dictating the action. Short right by Matthysse. Double-jab by Garcia is short. Matthysse, 10-9; Matthysse, 30-27.

Round 4:.Garcia’s trying to use his jab more. Doubles up early. Matthysse warned for rabbit punching. Garcia digs a left-right and left to the body. Good right by Garcia, and more shots to the body. Right by Garcia to the head and one to the body. Hook by Matthysse and right to the body by Garcia. Decent jab by Garcia, who is warming up. Five-punch combination by Garcia to close the round, firing equally to the head and body. Garcia, 10-9; Matthysse, 39-37.

Round 5:. Left hook by Matthysse. Double-hook to the head and body by Garcia. Clash of heads. Garcia’s right to the body prior to that. Left hook by Matthysse. Right-left to the body by Garcia, and a left by Matthysse. Garcia’s boxing well, but takes a left to the body and a right uppercut. Right to the body by Matthysse, triple-jab by Garcia. Garcia goes low and is warned by Tony Weeks. Decent jabs by Garcia. Matthysse drives home a long right and two lefts just prior to the bell. Garcia, 10-9; Matthysse, 48-47.

Round 6:.Solid left to the head by Matthysse, followed by Matthysse’s four-punch combination. Jab, jab and left to the body by Matthysse. Left hook by Garcia. Double-jab by Garcia, and a right-left by Matthysse. Decent jabs by Matthysse, who follows up with two solid rights. Right to the head by Garcia. Double-left hook by Garcia, then a right. Hard right by Matthysse. Matthysse, 10-9; Matthysse, 58-56.

Round 7:. Two hard rights early by Matthysse, who has had Garcia in retreat throughout much of the night. Right by Garcia. Hook by Matthysse, whose right eye appears to be swelling beneath. Garcia shakes from a right. Mattthysse’s EYE IS CLOSING FAST ON THE RIGHT SIDE. Hook by Garcia. Right by Matthysse. Mattthysse still is dictating the pace, but takes a left, right, left combination at the bell. Garcia, 10-9; Matthysse, 67-66.

Round 8:.Matthysse’s right eye is GROTESQUE. Garcia’s targeting it and nails Matthysse with a left hook. Anotther left hook by Garcia. Hard to know if Matthysse can see out of the eye. Lead right by Garcia. Garcia’s boxing behind the jab. Double-jab by Garcia. Three-punch combination by Garcia, then two, left hooks to close the round. Garcia, 10-9; Even, 76-76.

Round 9:.Garcia seems content to maintain distance. Double-jab by Garcia. Matthysse’ backing up for the first time. Right to the body, left to the head, right to the body by Garcia. Double-left hook by Garcia. Left and hard right by Garcia swivel’s the head of Matthysse. Left hook by Garcia. Hard right by Garcia, and a left to the body. Garcia’s taken control, it appears. Garcia, 10-9; Garcia, 86-85.

Round 10:. Garcia hooks to the body to start, then jabs. Thudding left hook by Garcia. Matthysse’s RIGHT EYE IS A SLIT. Right hand by Garcia, who continues to box and move well. Double-jab on the eye by Garcia and a left uppercut. Right to the body by Garcia. Matthysse has no answer. Right, left and right by Garcia. Garcia drives a right to the body. Matthysse gets in two shots along the ropes, but, later, Garcia closes with a nice, right, left, right combination. Garcia, 10-9; Garcia, 96-94.

Round 11:.Right hand knocks out Garcia’s mouthpiece to start the round. Referee Tony Weeks calls time to replace it. Matthysse blasts Garcia with rights and lefts over the next 30 seconds. Garcia clinches. Good action. Low blow by Garcia. Good left to the body by Matthysse. Four-punch combination by Matthysse. GARCIA DROPS MATTHYSSE THROUGH THE ROPES WITH A RIGHT, FOLLOWED BY A LEFT HOOK. HE RISES quickly. Fighters close with a nice exchange. Garcia, 10-8; Garcia, 106-102.

Round 12:.It appears that Matthysse needs a knockout to win. He’s going for it. Garcia fires the first significant blows with a five-punch combination off the ropes. Matthysse takes a three-punch volley, but comes back with a right, left, right combination of his own. LOW BLOW BY GARCIA, THIS TIME, TONY WEEKS TAKES A POINT. THE BLOW WAS RIGHT ON THE CUP. Garcia nails Matthysse with two right hands and a left. Great exchange at the bell, left hooks and right hands from both fighters, with Matthysse perhaps getting the better!!!!!!. Matthysse, 10-8; Garcia, 114-112.


Photo by Tom Hogan, Hogan Photos, Golden Boy Promotions

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