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Ask the experts: Who is ‘The One,’ Mayweather or Alvarez?

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Jack Obermayer, Fight Fax Inc.

Canelo Alvarez W 12 Floyd Mayweather Jr.: In as much as Floyd Mayweather is a modern day master, he is aging, and reflexes may suffer here.

He is facing a strong and energetic big man — though the 152 pound limit has me concerned — who I do believe will not be intimidated by the legend.

Nonetheless, with a guy like Mayweather, it is not going to be easy. I look for Canelo Alvarez to capture a close – maybe even controversial – decision.

Record: 9-6 [Arreola KO 4 Mitchell]

Mark Ortega,

Floyd Mayweather Jr. UD 12 Canelo Alvarez: Forty-three different fighters have tried and they’ve all been unsuccessful against Floyd Mayweather. Saul Alvarez has the tools to make it a rough night for Floyd, but he doesn’t yet have the experience. If this were a year to 18 months later than it is, I’d give Canelo a much better chance.

But he’s still only beaten one top ten opponent and Mayweather is coming off a short turnaround for first time in six years, meaning it won’t take him very long to settle into the fight.

I think Canelo will make it interesting for four or five rounds and Mayweather will outbox him to a 116-112 type decision. Canelo will land a good shot or two down the stretch but him not being able to fight three minutes a round will hurt him in the scoring.

Record: 8-1 [Arreola KO 9 Mitchell]

Jeff Powell, London Daily Mail

Floyd Mayweather W 12 Canelo Alvarez: Floyd Mayweather by decision. It’s a tougher fight for him than one or two of the more recent fights. In the end, can Canelo Alvarez knock him out? I doubt that.

Floyd’s performance against Robert Guerrero was picture perfect. Even though Canelo’s more of a problem, Canelo will find it hard to get to Floyd and he’ll wind up getting out-pointed.

Record: 0-0

altLance Pugmire, Los Angeles Times

Floyd Mayweather Jr. W 12 Canelo Alvarez: Floyd Mayweather Jr. is very well facing the strongest fighter he’s ever gone against in Mexico’s Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. But to know Mayweather is to understand he reasons with perhaps the most astute boxing mind in the world.

Whether it be Alvarez’s youth, his recent stamina issues or the fact that Mayweather’s sharpness is enhanced in taking his shortest layoff in more than a decade, believe he knows he’ll win this one, too, likely by decision, and improve the number next to his cherished zero in the loss column to 45.

Record: 0-0

John J. Raspanti, Monthly Magazine/

Floyd Mayweather Jr. W 12 Canelo Alvarez: It’s virtually impossible to pick against Floyd Mayweather, but Canelo Alvarez has a solid chance of springing an upset.

Alvarez is younger, stronger, and fights intelligently. His key could be the number of body shots he lands. That being said, I still have to go with Mayweather. He can be a magician in the ring, with a seemingly bottomless bag of tricks.

Mayweather will find a way to pepper Alvarez with combinations while using his defensive prowess to stay out of danger and win via a 12-round decision.

Record: 2-1 [Arreola TK 6 Mitchell]

Rick Reeno, Editor

Floyd Mayweather Jr. UD 12 Canelo Alvarez: I think that Canelo Alvarez will start strong, but I have a feeling that he might fade halfway down the stretch, stamina-wise. That’s when Floyd Mayweather is going to take over and win a close, but unanimous decision.

Record: 0-0

Matt Richardson,

Floyd Mayweather Jr. W 12 Canelo Alvarez: This really comes down to how much you think Floyd Mayweather has left. If you think it’s a lot, you’re likely to pick Mayweather. If you think it’s not much, you’re probably going with Canelo Alvarez.

But what if it’s somewhere in the middle? That’s what makes this fight so fascinating to me. I’m not sure what Mayweather has left in his arsenal at age 36. The Robert Guerrero fight didn’t really show me a whole lot, but I’m going to assume it’s enough to beat the still relatively green Alvarez down the stretch.

I just can’t see Alvarez having the stamina to do well late. Expect a close and rough fight early on, particularly if Canelo uses his jab.

But I think somewhere in the last third of the fight Alvarez will slow down enough for Mayweather to score points en route to a close and possibly controversial decision victory.

Record: 12-6 [Arreola KO 4 Mitchell]

altChris Robinson,

Floyd Mayweather W 12 Canelo Alvarez: I like Floyd Mayweather in this fight. I just think that he’s the better fighter, and the more versatile fighter, and I think that his movement and his footwork is going to be key.

Canelo Alvarez is a great, young champion, but I think that Floyd is just a little bit too much. Canelo will probably box real smart and be calculated, but I just really give the edge to Floyd. I like him in this fight.

Record: 11-4 [Santa Cruz W 12 Terrazas]

Cliff Rold,

Floyd Mayweather Jr. UD 12 Canelo Alvarez: Floyd Mayweather’s laughable hypocrisy on the catchweight issue gives at least some pause about the danger seen in this opponent.

It’s a short pause. Both guys like to counter, and in those sort of style matches, the man who makes the other lead has the edge. Floyd will make Canelo Alvarez lead and box to a safe, solid points victory.

Record: 12-6 [Arreola KO Mitchell]

Michael Rosenthal, THE RING Magazine

Floyd Mayweather Jr. UD 12 Canelo Alvarez: The biggest fight of the year is also one of the easiest to predict. Canelo Alvarez is young, strong and improving, which should work in his favor when he fights Floyd Mayweather Jr.

However, the Mexican has neither the skills (natural or learned) nor experience to beat a fighter of Mayweather’s ilk. Alvarez will fight hard but leave the ring frustrated and the loser of a one-sided, unanimous decision.

Record: 8-5 [Arreola KO 8 Mitchell]

Abel Sanchez, trainer of WBA middleweight titleholder Gennady Golovkin

Floyd Mayweather Jr. W 12 Canelo Alarez: Floyd Mayweather is at the top of the heap right now. Nobody has the heart the style and the skills that he does right now in those weight divisions. Mayweather is the king of the 147-pound division for sure.

I don’t think that Canelo is ready for this step up. He may be one of these days, but right now, I think that he’s a little too you with respect to the experience that it will take to win this fight.

I think that Canelo will be overwhelmed by the situation, and that I see Mayweather winning a decision. Not an easy decision, but he will win a decision.

Record: 0-0

Joseph Santoliquito/THE RING Magazine/ Sports

Floyd Mayweather Jr. W 12 Canelo Alvarez: This is a great joke foisted on the buying boxing public that this can somehow be a fight. The only competitive fight Floyd Mayweather may have is if science can somehow advance the cloning process and Floyd can fight himself.

He’s 36, and still faster, more dynamic and more elusive than any fighter out there today–including the gutsy, determined Alvarez. This will be another virtuoso performance from Floyd.

If you’ve seen one round, you’ve seen them all, as Canelo Alvarez tries crowding Floyd, and each time Floyd sidesteps him and pecks away four, five, six times before Alvarez can find him.

Mayweather is this generations Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard. A truly great one who’s winding down an amazing career by shredding someone nowhere as seasoned, skilled and talented as he is.

Record: 15-4 [Arreola KO 4 Mitchell]


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