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Ask the experts: Who is ‘The One,’ Mayweather or Alvarez?

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Tom Gray,

Floyd Mayweather Jr. UD 12 Canelo Alvarez: There are a few factors to consider when looking at this mega match-up because it’s far from black and white. Firstly, the 152 pound catchweight will force Canelo to rehydrate even more than he normally does, and the Mexican warrior is likely to be almost 170 pounds come fight night.

If that works for him then great but if not, and he’s sluggish as a result of the weight increase, then Mayweather’s quickness will give him a nightmare. Secondly, although Canelo is far from flat-footed, he is not exceptionally fast at closing the gap and could find himself chasing shadows.

Mayweather is the finest defensive fighter on the planet, and cornering him is no mean feat, which will be one of several problems confronting Alvarez. For me, Floyd has made a smart move taking on Canelo while the youngster continues to develop, and I see him turning in another master class via wide unanimous decision.

Record: 5-3 [Arreola TKO 4 Mitchell]

David Greisman,

Floyd Mayweather Jr. UD 12 Canelo Alvarez: If this ends up as a split decision instead, it will be because of judges grading Canelo on a curve. Floyd Mayweather remains head and shoulders better ÔÇö faster, smarter, a complete fighter ÔÇö than his younger and bigger foe.

Unless age somehow catches up to him or Mayweather’s history of hand injuries betrays him, this will be another virtuoso boxing performance. It won’t be as one-sided as Mayweather-Gatti, though a late stoppage remains possible.

Record: 0-0

Lee Groves,

Floyd Mayweather Jr. W 12 Canelo Alvarez: While many think Floyd Mayweather is taking a big risk by fighting Canelo Alvarez, he actually is making a calculated business decision. Many expected Mayweather to delay fighting Alvarez until near the end of his six-fight deal.

But if he did so, he would have been a 38-year-old fighting a 25-year-old Alvarez who is even closer to his physical peak — not exactly an equation favoring Floyd because he’ll be two years older fighting a still-younger and more experienced opponent.

Floyd is many things, and smart is at the top of the list. The great ones muster up their greatest efforts when it really counts — and it counts here. Alvarez will make a run early, but Floyd will find a way to adjust and pull away in the second half.

Record: 10-6 [Arreola KO 8 Mitchell]

altRobert Guerrero, welterweight contender

Floyd Mayweather Jr. UD 12 Canelo Alvarez: Floyd Mayweather will be too fast for Canelo Alvarez. If Canelo is able to impose his size on Floyd, then it could be interesting.

Floyd’s fleet-footed style and ring intelligence will be the key factors in a Mayweather unanimous decision victory.

Record: 1-3 [Kessler UD 12 Froch]

Keith Idec, The Record/

Floyd Mayweather Jr. UD12 over Canelo Alvarez: Facing a younger, legitimate junior middleweight with power, Floyd Mayweather must stay off the ropes, keep a much slower Canelo Alvarez moving, and use his legs the way he did to dominate Robert Guerrero.

If he does those things, Mayweather is too smart, too skilled and too effective defensively to lose this fight and improved Alvarez.

Record: 9-3 [Arreola TKO 5 Mitchell]

Kevin Iole, Yahoo!Sports

Floyd Mayweather Jr. TKO 11 Canelo Alvarez: The logical pick is Floyd Mayweather by decision, but I think Canelo Alvarez’s aggressiveness will work against him.

As Floyd builds up a big lead, Canelo will go hard for the KO and I think Floyd takes advantage and stops him with a good combination/flurry.

Record: 0-0

Julian Johnson, guest/fan, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Floyd Mayweather Jr. UD 12 Canelo Alvarez: While Canelo Alvarez is still spoken of in terms of prospect and up-and-coming fighter, he is in his 44th fight, and from my vantage point, is just a limited fighter and not even the class of the 154 pound crew.

Floyd Mayweather wins every round during which he puts forth enough effort. Floyd by lop-sided unanimous decision or mercy stoppage late with Alvarez having little chance and just not landing anything of substance.

Record: 0-0

Chis Mannix, Sports

Floyd Mayweather Jr. UD 12 Canelo Alvarez: I like Floyd Mayweather by a lopsided decision. We in the media love to create superstars.

While there is no question that Canelo Alvarez will be a superstar some day, one win over Austin Trout doth not a superstar make. I think that Mayweather boxes the shorts off of him.

Record: 1-0 [Mayweather KO 10 Guerrero]

Ryan Maquinana, CSNBAYAREA/

Floyd Mayweather Jr. UD 12 Canelo Alvarez: The intrigue with any Floyd Mayweather fight at this stage of his career surrounds whether Father Time will have finally shaved just enough spring from his legs or accuracy from his unforgiving lance of a right hand to make him vulnerable for his first defeat.

But I don’t think that occurs on Saturday night. Canelo Alvarez is at a disadvantage in almost every department except size and power, and it’s debatable whether he conceded those as well by agreeing to the 152-pound catchweight.

Tip your hat to the phenom for accepting the challenge in spite of his inexperience on the big stage. But I just think he’s going to have too tough of a time landing his crushing left hook both to the body and off the counter on a man who, at 36, is still at the top of his game.

Record: 8-6 [Arreola TKO 6 Mitchell]

Gordon Marino, Wall Street Journal

Floyd Mayweather Jr. W 12 Canelo Alvarez: I pick Floyd Mayweather by a decision. I don’t think that Canelo Alvarez will be able to cut the ring off on Mayweather — and that is essential to beating Floyd.

Also, Alvarez telegraphs his right, and Mayweather should have an easy time countering it. Even if Floyd is way ahead, I don’t think he will take a lot of risks and go for the knockout.

Record: 0-0

Rich Marotta, KFI Radio, Los Angeles

Floyd Mayweather UD 12 Canelo Alvaraez: Expecting this to be a pretty good scrap, more like the FloyMayweather–Miguel Cotto fight than the Robert Guerrero bout. I wish Canelo Alvarez had waited another year, because he has been steadily developing and improving. However, no fight that he has fought so far would be enough to beat Mayweather.

That doesn’t mean he still won’t take that quantum leap forward to pull it off. Canelo will need to bring it strong, and unlike Guerrero, I think he will and give his fans plenty to cheer about. Floyd however, is a master professor in this sport. He eventually figures it out.

His last fight in May showed that he still has the reflexes and quickness he depends on. I also believe Floyd can be tough if need be, and that may be a characteristic he needs to call on against this young lion. At the end of the night, in a fight where he will be pushed and goes the distance, Floyd Mayweather Jr will have his arm raised in victory.

Record: 12-5 [Arreola KO 4 Mitchell]


David Mayo, MLive Group

Floyd Mayweather Jr. W 12 Canelo Alvarez: I think that Floyd Mayweather is going to make it really hard on Canelo Alvarez during the second half of the fight. I think that Canelo could have some moments early, but have a difficult time during the championship rounds.

Early on, though, Canelo could land something in the fight and to deter Mayweather and get him into the ropes and get him into that defensive posture, which he doesn’t want to be in.

Canelo could also make Floyd work his hands more, which are probably just a little bit more of a problem still going into this fight, despite anything they might say about it. He’s still been protecting them in camp.

But I think that there is an unconquerable experience and skill level difference, and Mayweather will get the job done over the 12 rounds. He’ll win probably eight rounds, like he did against Miguel Cotto.

Record: 0-0

Kieran Mulvaney,

Floyd Mayweather Jr. UD 12 Canelo Alvarez: The closer we get to this, the more I begin to wonder if maybe, just maybe, Canelo Alvarez has a shot here. But I can’t stop thinking of the relative ease with which Alfonso Gomez of all people tattooed him for several rounds, and the sense that a non-shopworn Shane Mosley would have been able to produce a different result when he and Alvarez met in the ring.

Add to that the fact that Alvarez has always looked best against opponents who come to him and that there are doubts over his stamina, and everything points to an ultimately comfortable Floyd Mayweather points win. Expect Floyd to do what he normally does, and size Alvarez up for a couple of rounds.

Canelo, normally not an explosive starter, really needs to break his usual habit and jump on Floyd early; otherwise, Mayweather will start timing him, and probably firing more combinations from the pocket than he did against Guerrero before sliding out of range. Canelo will start punching air, and gasping for it, as Mayweather dominates the second half.

Record: 1-0 [Mayweather KO 10 Robert Guerrero]


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