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Q&A: Murray’s ready for the big stage, Rios


alt What are your concerns about him and what should he be concerned about with you?

JM: I think that he has great punching power. He’s stopped like nine of his last 10 opponents. Also, he’s undefeated, which, I know, in itself is a factor because he’s very confident.

But I also think that he can be very reckless in there. He’s got a shaky defense and he takes too many shots, and I plan to expose that. What did you take away from your loss to Mitchell and what have you learned?

JM: I think that I was very much in the same place that Brandon Rios is right now. I was reckless with my defense, and I think that I thought I just had to turn up to win.

I think that he’s in the same way, that he just needs to turn up to win and that it’s going to be a formality. But I’m not here to be another win for Rios, I’m here to win this world title. Do you believe that Rios is looking past you?

JM: I think that he thinks he believes that he’s a level above me. I think that he’s overlooking me. We’ve been reading some of his interviews throughout my training camp.

He’s already talking about the next fight with the next person that he’s fighting, so I think that he’s sort of taken his eyes off the ball with us a little bit. But I’ve been very focused on Rios for the entire 12 weeks of my camp.

My mind has been really been on Brandon Rios the whole time, and I’m really focused and I’m really ready to do the job.

Photos by Chris Farina, Top Rank Inc.

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