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Dougie’s FAT Friday Mailbag

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I am excited about this fight. Sure, it would have been nice had Roy Jones Jr. not been coming off of the KO loss, but it is what it is. I really think Bernard Hopkins wants ass and I get the feeling (I promise even before B-HOP started saying it) that Alton Merkerson is going to stop the fight. Merkerson said in their conference call “the reason I’m still with Roy is because I’m not afraid to stop a fight” and “it’s about time we do something else”. B-HOP doesn’t have KO power. De La Hoya was the last guy he stopped, a welterweight and that was how many years ago? What that means is that RJJ could take a Joppy-like beating without being stopped. The problem is, RJJ has a LOT more miles on him then Joppy did back then. Like the Jones fight, B-HOP had a KO bet with Joppy and nobody wanted to cost Joppy the extra money and he took a brutal beating and he looked like Martin (Lawrence) when he had to box Tommy Hearns on his show. I think B-HOP will put a beating on Roy and Merkerson, knowing that Roy doesn’t have anything left and this is the last big fight he is going to get, will pull the plug! — JB

That’s one scenario that could come to pass in Saturday’s old-timers’ showdown, and I don’t think that outcome would shock anybody (although you have to admit that it would be kind of sad). However, I think a motivated Jones is going to have enough left to razzle-dazzle his way to winning a few rounds and gaining enough respect from Nard to go the 12 and lose a decisive but respectable unanimous decision.

By the way, I remember that episode of Martin and I think Joppy’s head was actually more lumped up after the 12-round beating B-Hop gave him than the grotesquely silly mask Lawrence wore in that TV show.


I know that Jones v. Hopkins is a fight that is a joke on a few levels. The problem I have is that I am going to be in Las Vegas anyway since my girl friend bought me a belated 30th birthday present. I have to be honest, when I get to town it may be tough to not find a couple tickets and go. I have other things planned BUT these are probably the two fighters the average 30 year old has seen fight most. I remember Jones being robbed in the Olympics when I was 8 & then followed him ever since. I'm from the Philadelphia area, and used to see Hopkins train all the time with my cousins from the city. These two (along with James Toney & Pernell Whitaker) are the guys who formed the type of fan I am today. Am I a fraud fan for going to a fight I don't think should be happening? — Tyrone

Dude, go to the freakin’ fight if you got the money and the time. Who cares what a bunch of crusty old boxing writers and jaded message board fight fans think? If you are as connected to Jones and Hopkins as you say you are the fight will have meaning for you. That’s all that counts.

If you haven’t been to many live boxing events just being in the Mandalay Bay’s Event Center will an experience to remember. The Mandalay Bay is by far my favorite Vegas casino and it’s a great place to hang out and shoot the breeze with fellow fans and boxing industry folks the night before the fight and after the event. Holla at me if you decide to go and see me there.


Isn't Bernard Hopkins being a tad bit ridiculous with his reasoning for never wanting to fight Chad Dawson? Let's ignore for a moment the fact that he told everyone he would fight the Dawson-Johnson II winner and has now instead chosen to mix it up with his eternal enemy RJJ (coming off a fight against Danny Green where he was looking mighty impressive til he got KTFO less than a round into the bout), but he claims it’s all Dawson's fault because he “never has been able to draw or headline a PPV.” I can't disagree with him there, but have I missed the times B-HOP has been the A-Side of a major PPV event? His two biggest PPV fights were against De La Hoya and Trindad, who despite getting their asses kicked against him, were the ones who drew all the money.

Even his great performance against Kelly Pavlik was in front of a largely stunned Pavlik crowd who trekked from Ohio to see 'The Ghost' get exorcised. His old school nuances and subtle tricks are a lost art and there probably will never be another fighter quite like him when he's finally gone. But his fights are boring and ugly affairs to watch. Actually, now that I think of it maybe its a good thing he doesn't want to get into the ring with Dawson (no Tommy Hearns himself). it would be a dreary and dreadful snoozefest. — Tom G.

If Hopkins decides to fight beyond Saturday’s matchup (and, personally, I’d like to see him hang up the gloves and focus more on his broadcast career and developing a fight series on the East Coast for GBP) I want to see him take on an aggressive, come-forward type like Danny Green, not a stick-and-move specialist like Chad Dawson, who I consider to be the top dog in the 175-pound division.

I’m looking forward to watching Dawson take on a fellow talented young gun in Jean Pascal on August 14. I don’t care to watch Dawson fight another 40-something former champ. Two years of this guy’s pro career has been spent in back-to-back 12 rounders with Glen Johnson and Antonio Tarver. Do we REALLY need to see Dawson go another 12 with an old veteran? Does Hopkins-Dawson REALLY mean that much to you (or anyone)?

Let it go, Tom. Who cares what Nard’s reasoning is for not wanting to fight Dawson? Hasn’t he fought enough undefeated studs in his hall-of-fame career to have earned the right to fight whoever he wants now that he is 45-freakin-years old?


Hey Dougie,
Always been a big fan of your materials, so keep up the good work.

So I was watching the 30-minute build up for the RJJR vs B-HOP rematch On Demand and I was quite impressed. On paper, I was like, this is robbing the fans, but when I saw that promotion, I felt like I wanted to watch the fight. Also I saw you on there, so that was pretty cool to get your analysis, even though I know them already because I read it. But this promotion thingy is really getting me. I know they're old as hell and they aren't going to be as good as they once were, but the build up is pretty cool. However, I will just pass on this fight and get your analysis the next day.

But here's my question, do you think it would be one of the biggest upsets if Roy Jones Jr., who was knocked out by Allan Green in the first round, beat Bernard Hopkins by TKO or KO? I would be so impressed with that and I would consider that as one of the greatest upsets because Bernard has never been knocked out before.

Now another thing I wanted to ask you, I know it's early, but are you going to be at the Vasquez vs. Marquez IV fight. Me and a couple of my buddies are actually going to go watch that fight live (for the first time ever) in LA and I would love to meet you. Sorry I can't buy you a beer or anything, I'm not 21 yet, only 20. It would be cool to see you and get a picture. I wish I could've gone to a Pacquiao fight, but I'm happy enough with a Mexican brawl. Now I know that Vasquez has won 2 out of 3 times, but do you even give Marquez any chance of winning the 4th time around or will he be like Morales, who just can't handle Pacquiao, and quit? Well I'm really looking forward to this fight and I hope you are too. Keep it up. — Suchi Thao

I’ll definitely be at Staples Center on May 22. Holla at me if you see me. I think Perez-Mares might steal the show, but I still expect Vazquez and Marquez to deliver as they always have. I give Marquez (who I picked to win all three bouts of their trilogy) a good shot at beating Vazquez. I think he’s got a little more left in the tank than ‘El Magnifico’, who just happens to be the classiest ring warrior on the planet.

If Jones knocked out Hopkins I would be shocked, and yeah, I would consider that to be a big upset. Probably upset of the year so far (but 2010 is still young). By the way, it was Danny Green who KO’d Roy, not Allan Green. Let’s be clear about that. Allan’s head is big enough without young fans giving him credit for s__t he didn’t do. LOL.


Dear Mr. Fischer,
In the wake of Dirrell-Abraham I'm a little amazed at how many people have said Dirrell was “acting.” Even if Dirrell had sprung right up after that illegal blow, the fight still would have ended with a DQ, right? It's against the rules to hit a man while he's down, especially if the “finishing blow” starts after the recipient is on the ground. So why is it relevant whether or not Dirrell was “acting?”

On a better note, 140-pound division has got to be the best division in boxing right now. The Ring's Top Six rated Jr. Welters are all fun to watch and they all seem willing to fight each other. Add to that mix some of the better 135 guys (Juan Diaz, Juanma Marquez, Wolvalero) and this is the division to see!

Now that Celestino Caballero's moving up to Featherweight, who do you want to see him fight first: Juanma Lopez or Yuriorkis Gamboa? Who gets to fight Chris John afterwards? As always, thanks for your time. — Enrique Fern├índez Roberts, Washington, DC

I don’t have a preference who Caballero fights at featherweight as long as the 126 pounder is world-class and the fight is televised (which the proposed showdown with Gamboa is supposed to be).

Junior welterweight is by far my favorite division thanks to the primetime trio of Bradley, Maidana, and Alexander. The Khan-Malignaggi winner, Valero (if he can get his s__t together), and Ortiz (if he can by Campbell) make for an interesting supporting cast.

I agree with your take on Abraham-Dirrell. King Arty gave Dirrell the opportunity to “act” (and I don’t believe he was) by taking that shot when he was down. End of debate.


Hey Doug,
Observation, any time Dirrell is in trouble you will always find him crawling around on the floor. He did this multiple times in the Froch fight also. He can’t seem to fight his way out of trouble. Just my opinion. — Harry B, Stratford, Conn.

It’s your opinion and you’re welcome to it, Harry. If you are correct Dirrell will be exposed by the end of the Super Six because there are no soft touches in this tournament.


Hi Doug:
Interesting article you wrote on Marcos Maidana. He is a real fire carcker! Who do you think wins between him and Valero? They are only a few pounds apart for now. This fight could happen in the near future. — G. Salvador, Manila

Nothing’s gonna happen with Valero until he gets his life in order and then gets his visa and license issues taken care of. I’m hoping he gets the help he needs and does indeed invade the 140-pound division as he planned to after the DeMarco victory.

I can’t think of a more combustible matchup than Maidana-Valero. How could that fight NOT be a fight-of-the-year candidate? Of course, I think Valero would win. He’s just as relentless and hard punching, but he’s got better footwork and speed than Maidana.


Hi Dougie!
Can you think of a more exciting fight than Maidana-Valero at 140 lbs? Please, give me the 5 fights that make you dream the most.

Also, I would like to ask you if you saw the fight between Gamboa and Barros, since it was not on TV here. From the result, I guess the Argentine fighter showed that like I told you some time ago, he is good but in a different league from a beast like Gamboa, but I would really like to know your thoughts.

Finally, Omar Narvaez is moving up to 115 lbs, I can only hope he will fight one of the great ones at this weight, and change his last policy of just keep defending a title.

I will be travelling with two friends to see Mosley-Mayweather in Las Vegas, I will surely look for you to talk about boxing! I wish you a happy Easter with your family. — Nico from Buenos Aires

Look for me at the Mosley-Mayweather event. I’ll be in Vegas all week for that one. It’s going to be one big party for Mosley fans.

If Narvaez is serious about his move to jr. bantamweight I’d like to see him leave Argentina and challenge Nonito Donaire, Vic Darchinyan, Nobuo Nashiro or Hugo Cazares. If he just plans to win the vacant WBO 115-pound belt and take it back home to defend it a hundred times against whoever is willing to travel there I can’t say that I’m really care about his step up in weight. Anyway, if Narvaez is willing to come to the States or travel to Japan or Mexico to take on the top 115 pounders I mentioned, I’d actually give him a shot at beating the likes of Darchinyan and Cazares.

I still haven’t seen Gamboa-Barros so I can’t comment on it.

I cannot think of a more exciting fight than Maidana-Valero at 140 pounds.

My five dream bouts are: Pacquiao-Mosley, Bradley-Valero, Maidana-Valero, Pacquiao-Valero, and Haye-Arreola.


Hey Dougie,
Just read the mail bag and wanted to share some views. Direll would have finished the fight, like you noted and I believe could have put AA down again because AA was getting reckless and tired (did you see him huffing and puffing) and would never catch a moving Direll flush. Also Direll showed me in the championship rounds of the Froch fight, that he is special, i mean special (I am so high on this guy). On the flip side AA is one crafty, powerfull, take no prisoner mofo (but p___y who complains a lot for a hard man), did you see the way he throws the left hook as a distraction and comes back with a monster right hand (Hopkins style), can't wait for AA and Froch. I will pay twice for that one. Direll has to be given credit for his heart in countering AA fast power punches (scary), that is what really won that fight for him, the counters kept AA at bay in the middle round where he normally starts doing damage. I knew Direll learned from the Froch fight (championship rounds tells me all I need to know about a fighter, especially their first tough fights). I was nervous about him showing what he learned in the AA fight, but I am glad he did.

In a related news guess who else learned from a fight? You got it, Money Mayweather in the first Castillo fight where he stayed in the pocket and fought Castillo toe to toe in the championship rounds (that cannot be thought or bought). I been telling you that, that was a learning experience for Money, the 2nd fight with Castillo and the Hatton fights are proof of this. You and Mosley will find out first hand May 1, I said it again.

Oh yeah, I have to give you your props on Fight Night Club. I think you can make a smooth transition from print to screen. Okay, before your head swells, the jury is still out on you, but Abner Mares is the real deal. If Perez or whoever he fights for the title stands in front of Abner, they are going down inside of 10. The guy is the complete package and I will put my money where my mouth is. I win most of the time. — William O.

You are going to lose on May 1, but I think you’re right about Mares. I believe he will get it done vs. Perez and it will be a hell of a fight.

Back to Mosley-Mayweather. The fact that Money struggled with Castillo and that Hatton was in their fight for six rounds tells me he’s in over his head with Mosley, who can match his speed, takes a much better shot than Castillo and Hatton, and hits a hell of a lot harder.

Don’t fret about Floyd getting exposed, though. It looks like you’ve got a new skittish speedster to root for in Dirrell, and the Flint, Mich., native is a much nicer guy.