From The Telegraph: Chris Eubank Q&A


Undefeated middleweight prospect Chris Eubank Jr., the 23-year-old son of the former middleweight and super middleweight titleholder, spoke to The Daily Telegraph boxing correspondent Gareth A Davies about school sports and following his father into the ring.

When did boxing begin for you?

“Dad [Chris Eubank, the former two-weight world champion] had his own gym next to our house and there was a boxing ring in there. I started at 15 years old, just trained, sparred a lot and then my father saw how seriously I had taken the sport and how I cut out all the other sports I’d been doing for years.
Originally, he was against it. Then we had an agreement that if I could make it out in the States, then I could make it anywhere. I won the Nevada State Golden Gloves, then the Western Regional Golden Glove tournament representing Nevada against the best guys from Arizona, Oregon and Washington. That’s when I started realising that I wasn’t too bad at it.”

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