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World premiere of the documentary Bundini: Don’t Believe The Hype

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A film by Patrick Green.

Based on the book “Bundini: Don’t Believe The Hype,” the first biography of Drew “Bundini” Brown, Patrick Green’s documentary provides a snapshot into the life of a cultural icon.

Fifty years after he coined the iconic phrase “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”, Drew “Bundini” Brown remains one of boxing’s most mysterious and misunderstood figures. Cornerman and confidant to two of the greatest fighters ever―Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali―Brown lived an extraordinary American life. Brown’s impact on the sport and the culture at large is undeniable, yet his story has been largely untold… until now.

The first-ever documentary on Bundini, uses archival footage, family photos, and narration by “Bundini” biographer Todd D. Snyder and Brown’s only son, Drew III to paint a poetic profile of the master motivator whose spiritual philosophies on race and religion are as relevant today as ever.


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