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Deontay Wilder to Luis Ortiz: I’m your nightmare and you’re getting knocked out




Heavyweight titleholder Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder told RingTV’s Cynthia Conte that Luis Ortiz can expect a lot of pain before he knocks the Cuban contender out in the seventh defense of his WBC belt on March 3 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and also televised on Showtime.

  • Rolly Arellano

    Joshua vs Wilder next after both dispose of their upcoming opponents. No other fight in the heavyweight class interests me, except this.

    • Serving Soldier

      No other fight in the heavyweight class interests me, except this?

      Slightly short sighted there Rolly imo. There are plenty of good match ups out there at the moment.

      Personally I think the HW division is picking up after a few years in the doldrums. Without even scratching the surface and ignoring the 2 upcoming fights for Wilder & Joshua there are plenty of decent match ups out there. This year I am looking forward to Whyte v Browne, Haye v Bellew, Povetkin v Price,and I’d also tune in to see whoever Tyson Fury, BBM, Breazeale & Kownacki fight next.

      Barring AJ v Klitschiko some of the best heavyweight fights in recent years have been non title fights. Ibeabuchi v Tua, , Whyte v Chisora, Bowe v Golota (1&2) etc. I think there are plenty potential decent scraps and dust ups outside the top 2. The fixation with just following the champs is shortsighted.

      • Barley’s back!!!

        Ibeabuchi- tua and Bowe-Golota were hardly recent though. I’d say mid to late ’90’s definitely qualifies as previous gen.

        Those upcoming match-ups you mention could well produce some decent scraps (although I don’t think Price ever has had the capacity to take a punch), but they aren’t really all that significant.

        I have to share Rolly’s sentiment in demanding full heavyweight unification by late summer and, at least until Fury gets his mojo back (a big ask in my opinion) everything else in the division pales by comparison.

        • Serving Soldier

          Of course we all want a full unification fight…. but to say that no other heavyweight fight matters, is worth watching or interests you? Come on, thats just way off the mark. Some great match ups coming.

  • BobbyPFalcon

    Parker is a live dog against Joshua. Ortiz is a live dog against Wilder. The winners will hopefully face each other and we can have a real champion!

  • Floridastorm

    Both AJ and Wilder will win their fights and both by KO’s. Sadly, though, I don’t really feel that they will fight each other. Eddie Hearn has a cash cow in AJ and he wants to milk it for all it’s worth. He knows that Wilder is a dangerous opponent and would most probably KO AJ or at least knock him down a couple of times and thus destroy AJ’s confidence. AJ is not that much different than Frank Bruno. Basically the same type of fighter. Bruno was moving right along until he came up against a murderous puncher in Tyson. I think the same thing would happen to AJ. I hope that AJ doesn’t fight Wilder as I like him and think he’s a very decent follow. Don’t want to see him get hurt.

    • Son Lyme

      The moment you compared Joshua to Bruno you lost all credibility.

      • Markus Roland

        And also kind of comparing Tyson to Wilder, lol. I don’t care how many fighters Wilder has knocked down or out, he has ONE top ten fighter on his resume, and he fought him twice. Mike’s 39th fight was against Alex Stewart–2 fights after he got out of prison, had already been unified HW Champ, had already demolished all the top contenders, was WORLD renowned AND had a pet lion. Wilder bugs the crap outta me.

  • Son Lyme

    Pre-fight shit talk. Both HW contests can go either way which means they are good matches. Ortiz may prove to be the nightmare in the first, and Parker has a shot in the second. Everything else is shit talk and best left to fanboys.

  • Colnef

    Wilder must be careful in this fight because one way I can see Ortiz winning is countering a lazy Wilder right that finds him exposed on the inside. If Ortiz had stayed busy and taken on a few more world-rated fighters over the past few years he would be a real threat in this one. Nonetheless, Wilder should prevail.