Wednesday, March 22, 2023  |


A message to our Disqus users 


We are pleased to announce that will be migrating from Disqus to Insticator Commenting this week. We believe this change will greatly benefit The Ring’s online community thanks to Insticator Commenting’s user-friendly interface and its many features, such as Article Ratings and Reputation Points system.

However, we know that any type of change to any website you visit regularly can have an impact on your routine, and as such, we want to assure you that the transition will be as smooth and seamless as possible.

While our Commenting Policy has not changed and will remain the same, Insticator will be assisting us in comment moderation and ensuring that our community remains one that promotes respectful, civil and active discourse with the safety of our users in mind.

Should you have left previous comments over the last year that you would like to link/map to your new Commenting account, you may do so in the Profile section once logged in.

For any questions on how to use our new commenting platform, or assistance with any issue you encounter, please check out Insticator’s dedicated Help Center:

Thanks and we look forward to continuing the best boxing discussions online after each and every post to