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Deontay Wilder keeps guns a blazin’ at Tyson Fury, calls him cheater and coward

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Deontay Wilder has been talkative since Halloween, and we got more words from the Alabama boxer, the ex WBC heavyweight champion, on the Brian Custer podcast, which dropped Tuesday.

Some folks think Deontay should actually stop talking, because he’s been saying some things that come off as kind of loopy, to be honest. But, the 35 year old boxer stands by his Halloween horror show video, because “the truth will set you free.”

That’s what he told the Showtime boxing emcee, yes, he wasn’t backing off, looking to dial things down, he was again wanting to make noise, bang the drums preceding his next war game, against for TBA.

It started off pretty chill on “The Last Stand,” with Wilder (42-1-1) saying he’s feeling good, health wise. He had surgery on his left bicep after the last fight, against Tyson Fury Feb. 22. We all know that night didn’t go his way, but, he maintained, he’s now in a good mental space. “I can’t complain, God’ll slap me if I complain,” he asserted.

Wilder has been training since September, he shared, and so when will the ex titlist glove up? January or early February, the boxer said. He called Fury a “coward,” for not coming to terms for a third fight between the two men. Team Wilder are figuring out who to fight, and his team won’t wait for Fury.

Wilder said he won’t be involving himself in the WBC’s “Bridgerweight” category, he sees that new class as a means to make money for the WBC, and he likes being a heavyweight, in case you were wondering if he’d test those waters.

Wilder said he got “cheated” out of his belt, on Feb. 22, and so he’s continuing the theme of the last couple months. He told Custer that Fury is a “known cheater,” and that Tyson cheated before his Nov. 2015 title challenge versus Wladimir Klitschko. He was referring to Fury testing positive for a PED in Feb. 2015, and then he said that Fury’s gloves were tainted on Feb. 22.

(Many folks probably forget that Fury himself spoke on his fear of being doped, after beating Klitschko in Germany.)

Strangely, he also cited Furys’ nails, and that was why he had a scratch inside his left ear in that second clash with The Gypsy King. No, he didn’t really lay out how the nails would be slicing through the gloved hand.

He backed off one of his initial excuses, that his fight night costume was too heavy. Wilder said he was drugged on Feb. 22, in so many words, that’s why his legs felt iffy, it wasn’t his costume. He then digressed and spoke about mothers and fathers and friends calling each other and announcing that he didn’t look right. He spoke in disturbingly grandiose terms, at times, it could be argued, said his grandma called him a “chosen one.”

Yeah, he was off to the races. The sport is corrupt, and racist, too, he told Custer.

And what about dismissing trainer Mark Breland, and accusing him of spiking his water. (Click here to read a deep dive into that move, to dump Breland from the squad.)  “You don’t really believe that, do you,” Custer said. Wilder, coming off as paranoid, arguably, said that people who are close to you, you have to watch them closely. He insinuated that Breland was part of a plot to bring him down. “The boss,” some entity wanted to have him lose, he hinted.

Breland, you recall, threw in the towel, because, the Brooklyn ex titlist told me, he saw that Wilder looked badly hurt, and he didn’t want him to get hurt worse.

“How can you save a life that don’t wanna be saved,” Wilder protested. That doesn’t make sense to me, but I guess it does to him.

Wilder was asked later about tossing Breland overboard, and said that’s the way it is, people have been telling him to refresh his corner for years, and he gets flak when he actually does it. Man has a point, this world is more than ever a ‘damned if you do and don’t’ place, because opinions and judgement thrive on social media.

Wilder ranted that boxing is full of “crooks, liars, thieves” and manipulators, and that people have been getting away from cheating for too long. He’d pass a lie detector with that contention, zero doubt.

He’s talked about Fury’s gloves maybe being loaded, and the left glove looking floppy…and brought that up again. So, Custer said, why not blame trainer Jay Deas for not examining the gloves properly? He did give Jay the business, he said, but that wasn’t a fireable offense.

Wilder said again that he helped Fury when Tyson was down on his luck. He’s saying that he gave Fury a chance, then another, out of the goodness of his heart, and then also he did the rematch, because “I’m a man of my word.”

Team Fury maintains that the contracted time span to make a third fight ran out, and Wilder disagrees.

“I helped you out, I put millions in your pocket, I made you relevant,” he said, not factoring in that Fury beat Wlad Klitschko and helped make himself relevant, in 2015.

Wilder said no, the Nevada commission didn’t have eyes on Fury’s gloves every available second, and of course officials would say that the gloves were not tainted. Wilder brought up that a camera in Fury’s dressing room was turned off, and he thinks some people get paid off to act in a corrupt fashion. Former champions, he said, have told him the dirty tricks that were used back in the day, and he thinks the ref in the second bout was biased against him. I guess he will continue to hammer the point that he thinks Fury is a cheater as long as he damn well wants, or maybe until a third fight gets hashed out.

Custer asked him if he thinks he’s losing fans, because people think he is making excuses. Nah, he said, because he believes he “brought boxing back.” Yes, more severe grandiosity.

“My ears can still hear, and my eyes can still see,” Wilder said, sounding like a madman to some of us. He told Custer that he doesn’t do drugs, and doesn’t cheat, but Fury has a track record of it.

He noted that people have it held against them for having done time, but none of that scrutiny got heaped on Fury. He said that some folks have a problem because he speaks up for “his people.” I think he was referring to being a Black American.

He said he has money, great kids and feels at peace. Nope, he’s not at all “miserable,” he is just speaking up about what he sees was injustice. Wilder was trying to say that he wasn’t crying over spilled milk, he was just speaking up for fairness. “Don’t cheat me…You gotta cheat me to beat me,” he continued.

Wilder was in motormouth mode, and Custer just listened for a few minutes as he monologued.

Deontay Wilder spoke to Brian Custer for The Last Stand podcast and said that he thinks Tyson Fury is a cheater and a coward.

“I was under the influence of something,” Wilder said, so he was thinking on Feb. 22 more of how he was feeling than what Fury was doing. “He coulda blowed on me that night, I would fell!”

He’s never felt like that, he said, he’d always feel stronger than his foe, even when out-weighed. Nope, he didn’t allow that just maybe he’s getting older, and so that “off night” is more likely to show up and ruin the night.

Wilder said he could have quit, but no, he showed a warrior spirit. “Lemme give the fans what they came for,” he said. He told the host that he’s talked about killing someone in the ring, and thus, it’s only fair for him to be ready to be on the other side of it. He said you came to the fight, with your wife, your girl friend, or “your side chick,” and you deserve to get max action.

Custer then got a word in. He said that Fury has told press that Wilder has lost his marbles. He said Wilder will never get another fight with him, for talking all that smack on him. That’s his payback, instead of a lawsuit, he’s made clear. “We got proof, we gonna go to court regardless,” Wilder told Custer. He didn’t say what his proof is.

Wilder said that Fury and company didn’t want a third fight not because revenue wouldn’t be there because of COVID, but because Wilder has now alerted everyone that Fury cheats to win. He kept at it, saying that English people just follow blindly behind Fury.

OK, what about new blood in the corner, Floyd Mayweather, George Foreman, Derrick James, maybe? Yes, he said, he’s open to that. “We are looking to work with another trainer,” he said, and he likes Derrick, and he’s talked plenty for Foreman. Floyd, no, he doesn’t think Floyd likes him. He says Floyd has been against him from the start, and he just brings up the subject to get attention for himself. Wilder says that, to be honest, people talk poorly of Floyd behind his back. “I don’t feel like he’s doing it in my best interest,” Wilder said. He isn’t ready to share who he will bring into the mix. It might be two people, in fact.

Wilder said that he could have fought Anthony Joshua, but they didn’t, because AJ ran from it. Then he said he heard Edddie Hearn say he was too dangerous, that’s why no fight with AJ took place. AJ is just wanting to “save face,” he declared.

So, who would he like to fight next? How about Dillian Whyte? Whyte is obsessed with him, like they dated and had a bad breakup. “Maybe I have some good pussy or somethin, I don’t know…No homo,” he said, laughing. I think that remark wins the medal for most cringe-y remark made during the pod-chat.

Andy Ruiz, he’s on the short list, Robert Helenius, he’s nice and tall, maybe Joseph Parker, or Oleksandr Usyk. “When that phone ring, just accept the offer,” he told the short listers.

“I’m must see TV,” he told Custer. Maybe that means on PPV, or off PPV, he likes to mix it up.

He spoke some unvarnished truth, real deal wisdom, when he said that earning lump sums means you must set a pile aside for Uncle Sam, and that is a non negotiable.

And then he said he wants “his people” to all do well, because they deserve it. “What other race goes through what we go through still today,” he shouted.

Then, the grandiosity re-appeared, when he said that anyone that’s done him wrong will get theirs.

He thinks he has six years left, and thinks that he is “respected by all.”

He told people to watch the Dec. 5 Errol Spence v Danny Garcia PPV, even if you are near broke, just make sure you seek input from God before you press “Purchase.”

Wilder was asked to respond to what Teofimo Lopez said about him, that he should dial back on the loopy excuses. He said people say lots of things on the internet but don’t have the same energy when they meet him.

To the home stretch, Wilder repeated that Fury is a cheater and goes back on his word, and that AJ is a ducker, and the best fighter other than him, he couldn’t find one if not allowed to name himself, and that he is STILL the baddest man on the planet. “They gotta cheat me to beat me,” he re-asserted.

“To this day,” that’s his best known phrase, it went viral, and it has social import, he said, a notch higher than “Bomb Squaaaaaaad.”

MY THREE CENTS: Yes, this was quite a mix of topics and mood and heavy and light and sane and…less so. If it’s a put on from Wilder,  it is what it is, but if he really think some of this stuff, then, to me, it is perhaps grounds for worry. If I were forced to decide, I’d say that a Wilder knows that to cut through the clutter, your message has to be spicier and louder than it was five, or even two years ago. So, he’s saying what needs to be said to get attention.


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