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Roy Jones Promotions fighting for small businesses in Nevada

Is it an American bias to think that Roy Jones Jr. was unstoppable at 168 pounds? Not really. He was amazing in his prime. Photo from the Ring/Getty collection
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The CEO of Roy Jones Jr. Boxing Promotions is pressuring Nevada Governor Steve Sisalak to open the state as soon as possible for small businesses that are hurting and close to becoming non-existent due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keith Veltre exclusively informed The Ring on Saturday afternoon that his company was paying a fine for a local business owner who was mulcted for re-opening their shop after Sisolak ordered all non-essential operations to cease.

Reno barber Darreleen (Dee) Goodman was fined $1,000 by the Nevada Barbers’ Health and Sanitation Board for “malpractice.” However, she did not have much of a choice.

Goodman, who has been a barber for the past 40 years, was down to her last $200 in her business account and bills have continued to pour in. One of them was a $34,000 tab after a creditor accidentally charged her for a service. The mistake has yet to be fixed.

Veltre decided it was time to step in and provide relief.

“Small business is in trouble in this state, and people need to see that,” Veltre said. “This lady was about to lose everything, so she had no choice but to re-open.”

Goodman has also yet to receive her stimulus check. The CARES Act, which established a $349 billion Payment Protection Program meant to keep small businesses afloat during the pandemic, ran out of money.

The 74-year-old stresses she is not accepting new clients at this time but is requiring that everyone wear a facemask inside her establishment. Moreover, Goodman has sanitized the shop.

Veltre will continue to push Gov. Sisolak to ease restrictions.

“Small businesses are in a fight for their existence, and Roy Jones Jr. (former boxer-turned lawyer) Joey Gilbert, and myself love supporting the underdog,” he continued. “We are witnessing the devastation of the American Dream, and we will do everything in power to support these people and bring the fight to Governor Sisolak.

“Small business is the lifeline of the American Dream, and I won’t let Sisolak bully them because they don’t have the funds to stand up for themselves.”



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