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Prospect Watch: Apti Davtaev

Photo by Terrell Groggins/ My Art My Rules

The work done by Otto Wallin against Tyson Fury, the credit he earned on scorecards and in the eyes of fight fans, don’t think that didn’t impact other hitters.

The Swede Wallin is promoted by Dmitriy Salita, who also has 30-year-old heavyweight Apti Davtaev (18-0-1, 17 knockouts) in his stable. And, yes, Davtaev did watch Wallin do his thing against the Top Rank Traveler, and he did feel buoyed by the outing.

I recently checked in with the heavyweight prospect to get a sense of where he sees himself. The Russian native has been defeating a certain level of foe; the Richard Carmacks, Pedro Otas’ and Daniel Martzes . . . what has he learned from those outings?

“These three fighters all presented different styles,” Davtaev told me through an interpreter. “I stopped all of them but most important were the training camps in the U.S. I improved and learned a lot.”

So, what are his main improvements in the last year?

“The use of my jab, footwork, finding the right distance to land my power shots,” the beefy pugilist replied.

See his right hand discombobulate the then 32-4-1 Otas in April, below:

And what of step up fights. Will the 6-foot-5, 250-pounder be seeking and taking fights against a higher grade of foe, soon?

“That’s what I would like,” said Davtaev. “I am ready to fight the names in the division, to make myself known to the world.

“We tried to get several rated fighters for my last two matches, but they didn’t want to travel. I am ready to challenge the best in the U.S. I am very comfortable as I have already had several fights and numerous training camps there.” Note: The fighter works out of Detroit, with Sugar Hill, Emanuel Steward’s nephew.

Davtaev (right) with trainer Sugar Hill. Photo by Terrell Groggins/ My Art My Rules

And what did he take away from Wallin’s effort? Did his stablemate’s performance influence him?

“It just shows you that overnight you can become a force in the heavyweight division,” Davtaev noted.

“I have seen Apti develop in the gym and in fights over the last two years,” Salita informed The Ring of the hitter who has fought three times in the U.S. “He has shown great improvement. I’ve seen him dominate champions and top contenders in sparring and those skills transferred to his fights. He is ready to get into the mix with the big boys!”

Any particular improvements he’s made in the last year or so? “He is a very dedicated fighter who loves to learn and put in the hard work to get the results,” Salita said. “His overall skills have raised levels and I feel he is ready to take the next important step in his career.

Did the success of Wallin influence Salita, make him realize that this other heavyweight in his stable can also make waves, like, now?

“Boxing is an individual sport. When I sign fighters it’s based on their individual talent and potential,” Salita said. “I was always confident in Otto’s abilities going into the Fury fight. Apti is his own man; an individual talent. He is big, strong, exciting, a power-puncher, who has the necessary tools to add excitement and be on the top of the division!”



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